2012 Call for Proposals


Deadline for your proposals is Friday!

We appreciate indexers and the work they produce. Do you have knowledge, a skill, or information to share to help us to further demonstrate the value of our work? Come spread the word! We see appreciation in the sense of increasing the value of our lives and our work. Do you have knowledge, a skill, or information to share with your fellow indexers to help us further increase our value? Come help us appreciate our value! We see appreciation in our delight in the discovery of all the towns named Index, which, this year, will be part of our poster presentations. Would you enjoy researching one of the Index towns for a poster session? Come explore! We marvel at all the places our work takes us. Has your work taken you to a new culture, language, or technology that you can share? Has your work as an indexer led you to a new, or additional field of employment? Come and share!

We wonder where our work goes after we hit Send. Who are our users, how is our work used, how it is appreciated and how can it be improved? Do you know? Please share!

Sessions can be offered as half or full day workshops, as single or two speaker sessions of 45 or 90 minutes, as 90 minute panel discussions, or in any combination that best fits your topic. We also encourage poster presentations, especially from our chapters and SIGs, to be displayed in our public meeting area.

Use the online submission form. All submissions are due by August 19, 2011.

Submissions for Poster Presentations are being accepted until March 16, 2012. Use the separate online poster submission form.

Contact Donna Drialo, 2012 Annual Conference Program Committee Chair, at conference@asindexing.org with questions.

    American Society for Indexing

phone: (303)    463-2887