ASI Workshops for Beginners

A perfect set of workshops for beginners!

Crash Course in Book Indexing
Seth Maislin
Thursday, April 19, 9 am - Noon
Hit the gym, and then come here! Well learn as much as possible about indexing in a single heavy-duty morning. Its cramming time: squeeze in a wealth of foundational indexing education before the conference gets started in earnest. Well smack down all the basics: culling the text for what to index, word choice, subheadings, page numbers, cross-refs, format, layout, and indexers tools. Give yourself a conference-long boost with this fun workshop, presented by one of our most enthusiastic speakers.

Getting Started in Indexing
Madge Walls
Thursday, April 19, 1:30 pm - 4:30
Getting Started in Indexing isn't easy. You need a good plan, and some confidence. This workshop has two parts: Getting Ready to Get Busy and Finding that First Job. This workshop has received rave reviews, for example: "The most helpful seminar I attended was undoubtedly Madge Walls's 'Getting Started.' I feel that the materials are invaluable to any indexer, new or accomplished. If you ever have the chance to attend any event hosted by her, I would urge you to seize the opportunity."

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