Panels are conducted concurrently and are included in the conference registration fee.

Indexing Specialties: Law
Peter Kendrick, head of indexing at Matthew Bender, a large legal publisher located in NYC, and Enid Zafran, Director of Indexing Services at The Bureau of National Affairs, moderate a panel on the indexing of legal materials.

International Affiliations 
Lori Lathrop, past president of ASI and liaison to ASI's international affiliates, moderates a panel about ASI's affiliations with other indexing organizations in Canada, Europe, Australia/New Zealand, China, and South Africa.

One-sourced indexes
Karen Bjorkman of Lotus Development Corporation moderates a panel on the special challenges of producing a single index that will serve both print and electronic documentation.

Scholarly Indexing 
Carol Roberts, specialist in indexing academic books in the humanities, especially philosophy, sociology, and art history, moderates a panel on indexing scholarly texts.