May 10th Wednesday lunch
12:00 - 1:45 pm

ASI Strategic Planning:
Diana Witt discusses the ASI strategic plan: What is a strategic plan? Why is ASI doing one? Where are we now? Where are we going with it?
Computer Programming Basics for Indexers
Bill Meyers gives a computer programmer's perspective on what programmers want to see in the indexes of books on computer programming.
The Bigger Picture: Or, How Does This Stuff Get to Me in This Kind Of Shape?!"
Brooke Graves is both a copy editor and an indexer who will share her thoughts on her dual view of the publication process that leads up to the books we index.

Medical Indexing
Carolyn Weaver hosts a discussion on the ins and outs of indexing medical texts.

Professional Development Seminars
Kate Mertes explains ASI's PDS (Professional Development Seminar) program, a means by which local chapters can receive monetary grants from ASI national to subsidize local professional development events.
Publicizing ASI, Chapters, and SIGs
Mary Mortenson, chair of the ASI Publicity Committee, describes what ASI is doing to publicize the national organization, local chapters, and SIGs.
Search Engines
Seth Maislin, a directory manager at Lycos, Inc., talks about using search engines on the Web.
SKY Index Professional
Kamm Schreiner, develop of SKY Index, shares his knowledge of SKY Index Professional.
Dragon Naturally Speaking
Charles Anderson shares his experiences indexing with Dragon Naturally Speaking, a program that converts the spoken word to index entries.Indexing on the Web: working as a legal indexer on the AustLII web site
Madeleine Davis describes the process of developing, expanding and refining the World Law index on the Australasian Legal Information Institute (AustLII) web site.

May 11th Thursday lunch
12:00 - 1:45 pm

Business/finance Record Keeping for Freelancers
Larry Harrison offers advice to new freelancers (and disorganized established freelancers) on orderly keeping of financial records.

Indexing earth and environmental science topics
David Moody shares his experiences as an indexer of earth and environmental science books.
Indexing by moonlight
Carolyn Weaver talks about juggling part-time indexing with a full-time career.
Indexing computer books
Richard Shrout discusses some of the special skills and concerns associated with indexing technical computer books.
Indexing the whole wide Web. Ha!
Seth Maislin, a directory manager at Lycos, Inc., shares his wry view of the prospects for indexing the entire World Wide Web.

Legal indexing
Brooke Graves approaches the indexing of legal material at an introductory level.

Medical indexing
Pilar Wyman, an experienced medical indexer, offers her insights into the special considerations of her craft.
Open/closed indexing
Susan Klement discusses the differences between open-ended indexes (periodicals) and closed indexes (back-of-the-book).
Maria Coughlin discusses issues of educating our clients about indexing as a profession.
Time Management
Do Mi Stauber offers time management tips for busy indexers.
Report from the Front Lines
Dorothy Dirienzi conducts a discussion about how the folks who commission back-of-the-book indexes, print production editors, work.