33rd Annual Conference


Workshops are the formal training part of the conference. Over the years, they have become an increasingly important part of what we do at our annual conference. This year, in response to feedback from past conferences, we have reduced the length of the conference, but have increased the amount of time devoted to workshops. We feel this is important because of the need for all of us to learn as much as we can about existing indexing theory and technology, while at the same time learning and growing as a society in the new dot.com age.

Our workshops do have a new format, however. We are offering the traditional 3-hour half-day workshop, and a shorter, 1.5-hour workshop. We hope this change will increase flexibility and choice for conference attendees as they arrange their scheduling.


General Sessions

In an effort to keep the conference to 3 days, we have shortened the time devoted to General Sessions. Workshops will be held on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday morning. The rest of the day will be devoted to the business of ASI and our general session presentations.


Keynote Luncheon

Sunday, June 3, 12:30 - 1:45
Plan to attend the Keynote lunch, where we will present the Hines and Wilson awards, and hear our Keynote speaker Saul Carliner speak about information pollution. Professor Carliner, Assistant Professor of Information Design at Bentley College, has spoken at several STC conferences.

Networking and Editor's Lunch

Friday June 1, 12:15 - 1:45
Conference attendees always say they want more networking. We are trying to address that need by offering a networking buffet luncheon on Friday. This will be a registered event. For a separate fee conference-goers can attend a buffet luncheon and meet with editors from local publishers to discuss their skills and the importance of indexing to the publishing industry. We expect to have editors from Houghton-Mifflin, Addison-Wesley and members of the Massachusetts Chapter of the Editorial Freelancers Association. They have expressed an interest in meeting and recruiting indexers. They would like also to discuss current issues in indexing and publishing with our members.
Note: There is a separate registration and fee for this event

Welcome Reception

Thursday, May 31, 5:15 - 6:30
Plan to attend the welcome reception Thursday night before the conference begins. We'll have information available about local restaurants and sights as well as transportation and shopping information. Eat some yummy snacks and share a glass of wine or beer with your colleagues. Meet new and continuing board members.

New Conference Attendees Orientation Breakfast

Friday morning, June 1, 7:15 - 8:30
If you've never attended an ASI conference before, come and learn how to get the most out of an ASI conference. We guarantee it will make your conference time more productive.

Chapter Leaders' Breakfast

Saturday morning, June 2, 7:15 - 8:30
This is an annual event, held this year on Saturday morning. It's a great time to find out what ASI can do for Chapters. Learn how to apply for Professional Development Seminar seed money and other chapter activities.

Sunday Morning Business Meeting

Sunday, June 3, 11:45 - 12:30
After attending workshops, come to the ASI business meeting just before our Keynote Lunch. Bring your questions and comments for board members to hear.

Exhibit Hall

Both exhibitors and conference attendees have often wished for more time for visits to the exhibits area. This year we are offering special time set aside at the end of the day for visiting the exhibits. Grab a soda or a glass of wine and browse our exhibit area and see the latest indexing tools and products.

Sightseeing in Boston

There is so much to do in this wonderful city, we decided to let conference attendees form their own plans. We do plan to offer discounts to attendees on the best that Boston has to offer. Watch for details!

Workshops and Conference Events

Workshops take place concurrently all day Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday Morning. General sessions are scheduled for Sunday afternoon after the Keynote luncheon.


Workshop Schedule

Time Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
7:15 - 8:30 am   New Conference Attendees Orientation Breakfast Chapter Leaders' Breakfast

International Affiliates Breakfast with President



8:45am to Noon   Pinpointing the Topic: Analysis of Entries in Book Indexes (8:45-12:00) Web Indexing (8:45-12:00) Cindex for Macintosh (8:15-9:45)
  Basic Indexing 1 (8:45-12:00) Facing the Text: II (8:45-12:00) CINDEX for Windows Workshop (8:15-11:30)
  How I Survived My First Year(s) Indexing and Lived to Talk About (8:45-10:15 Resume and Cover Letter Writing (8:45-12:00) Indexing Cookbooks (8:15-11:30)
  Use of NLMâs new MeSH Browser as a Medical Indexing Tool for Non-MEDLINE Indexers (10:30-12:00) Distance Teaching of Indexing (10:30-12:00) Embedded Indexing: What Is It and How Do I Do It? (8:15-11:30)
The Glory and the Nothing of a Name (8:45-12:00) Scholarly Indexing (8:45-10:15) Case Studies from Lycos.com (8:15-9:45)
Benchmarking Search Engine Performance (8:45-12:00) Journal Indexing (8:45-10:15) Introduction to Macrex for Shoppers (10:00-11:30)
Sustainability and the Environment: Think Act, Publish (8:45-12:00) Bidding and Winning: Writing Successful Proposals (10:30-12:00) Legal Indexing (10:00-11:30)
Basic HTML for Indexers (8:45-12:00) Business Meeting;
Hines and Wilson Awards (11:45-12:30)
12:15 to 1:45 pm   Lunch: Networking and Editorsâ Lunch (Registered and paid attendees only) Youâre on your own.

G/ES Field trip to the Boston Public Gardens

LUNCH and Keynote Speaker (12:30-1:45)
2:00 to 5:15 PM   Pricing Strategies for Freelancers (2:00-5:15) Web Indexing Workshop (2:00-5:15) Professional Standards for Indexers: A Modest Proposal
  Indexing by Moonlight (2:00-3:30) Basic indexing 2 (2:00-5:15) Indexing the Consumerâs Union Web Site
  Professionalism in Indexing (3:45-5:15) Using Macrex (2:00-5:15) How to Make More Money: Negotiating for Fun and Profit
  Facing the Text I: Content Analysis and Entry Selection in Social Sciences and Humanities Indexing (2:00-5:15) Pattern Matching and Boolean Operations in CINDEX (2:00-3:15) Indexing Daily Publications 
SKY Index TM Professional for Beginners and Advanced Users Workshop (2:00-5:15) Efficient Data Entry and Advanced Editing Techniques (3:45-5:15)
Vocabulary Management Software (2:00-5:15) Evaluating Scholarly Book Indexes (2:00-5:15)
Indexing the MPR Sound Archive (2:00-5:15) Benchmarks of a Quality Index (2:00-3:15)
Indexing in the Psychology Field (3:45-5:15)
After 5:00 PM   Reception in Exhibitors Area (5:15-6:30) Reception/Cash bar in Exhibitors Area (5:15-6:30)  

Friday morning, June 1
8:45 - Noon 

Pinpointing the Topic: Analysis of Entries in Book Indexes : Dr. Bella Weinberg (8:45-12:00)
This intensive workshop will focus on analytical subheadings, which are created to represent the specific topics in a consecutive range of pages. This challenging aspect of book indexing will be examined from a variety of perspectives, both theoretical and practical. Level: Intermediate to Advanced

Presenters: Dr. Bella Hass Weinberg is a noted scholar and indexing theorist, as well as a past president and board member of the American Society of Indexers. She is currently a Professor in the Division of Library and Information Science, St. Johnâs University, Jamaica, New York.

Basic Indexing 1 : Joanne Clendenen and Kay Schlembach (8:45-12:00)
This workshop, and its companion held on Saturday, offers newer indexers and folks needing a refresher the opportunity to build, review, and rein- force fundamental skills. It offers a fast-paced introduction to indexing techniques in both back-of-the book and embedded text indexes. The workshop is conducted in two 3-hour sessions, with homework assigned between sessions. A WORD embedded indexing exercise will be included for additional practice at home.

Presenters: Joanne Clendenen is a freelance indexer in Houston, TX. Joanne concentrates on indexing scholarly works. Kay Schlembach is a freelance indexer in Houston, TX. Kay concentrates on textbooks and business publications.

How I Survived My First Year(s) Indexing and Lived to Talk About It : Lucie Haskins (8:45-10:15)
This 90-minute workshop is in the form of a panel discussion. The other panelists are Joan Shapiro, and Michelle Wiseman. The panel is an out- growth of discussion and a KeyWords article that took place after the Albuquerque conference. It is geared to indexing students, who have not yet started getting professional contracts, beginning indexers who are trying to build up their business, and ãnewerä indexers who have begun getting projects, but want to network with other beginners and exchange information.

Presenter: Lucie Haskins is a beginning indexer, who left corporate America after 20 years upon completion of the USDA Basic Indexing Course. She designed this workshop after experiencing her first ASI conference last year.

Use of NLMâs new Mesh Browser as a Medical Indexing Tool for Non-MEDLINE Indexers : Helen Ochej (10:30-12:00)
This 90-minute workshop will provide handouts with a short list of useful NLM URLs and a small brochure of Mesh Browser web pages. A computer demonstration will provide an introduction and orientation to the NLM web page and its links to other browsers. Access and usage of the Mesh Browser will also be demonstrated.

Presenter: Helen Ochej is a technical information specialist at the National Library of Medicine Indexing Section. She has been indexing and revising the MEDLINE database since 1995.

The Glory and the Nothing of a Name : Noeline Bridge (8:45-12:00)
Canadian indexer Noeline Bridge discusses the problems of name entries in indexes. She has six categories of names she feels are particularly troublesome, such as non-Western names, geographic names, anonymous or very short names, names which change over time and whether foreign names should be indexed in their original form or in an anglicized version. Book and Internet resources offering guidance in making these decisions will be offered.

Presenter: Noeline Bridge is a member of the Indexing and Abstracting Society of Canada. She has been a freelance indexer for 10 years, following her career as a librarian and cataloger.

Benchmarking Search Engine Performance : John Felts and Randy Ralph (8:45-12:00)
Two University of North Carolina/Greensboro Librarians will present their research on the benchmarking of 8 major WWW search engines that purport to be global in nature. Evaluations were based on relevancy, recall, and response, using 25 students from a Library and Information Studies graduate class who submitted 10 subject-specific questions. It is hoped the research will help information architects better understand how search engines index sites and maintain their databases.

Presenters: John Felts and his partner Dr. Randy Ralph conduct research on Internet search engines at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro Library and Information Sciences Department. Randy Ralph teaches at UNC-Greensboro. He has extensive experience in online information retrieval, database design and management, thesaurus construction and search interface design.

Sustainability and the Environment: Think Act, Publish : Pat Rimmer (8:45-12:00)
Part one of this workshop discusses how indexes can mislead readers when they are based on ãoldä knowledge vs. ãnewä practice. The evolution of new term for old concepts, such as ãsustainabilityä for conservation, or ãgreenä for ãorganicä are discussed. Part two will discuss publishing trends in environmental disciplines, with representatives from very large to relatively tiny publishers.

Presenter: Pat Rimmer has been an active member of ASI for two years working on the Contracts and Agreements Committee at the national level and Nominating, By-laws and Publicity committees for the Heartland Society. She indexes a wide variety of subjects with specialties in textbooks and scholarly works.

Friday afternoon, June 1
2:00 - 5:15 PM 

Pricing Strategies for Freelancers: Laurie Lewis (2:00-5:15)
Lewis is the author of What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants This workshop is for new and veteran freelancers. It offers logical approaches to the sometimes daunting task of fee setting. Different types of pricing are discussed. Strategies for effective record- keeping are also stressed.

Presenter: Laurie Lewis is the author of What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers And Consultants. She is a former executive officer of the Editorial Freelancers Association, and has met many indexers over the years.

Indexing by Moonlight : Carolyn Weaver (2:00-3:30)
This workshop explores the feasibility, complications, and rewards of moonlight indexing while employed in a full-time position. Tips on managing the limited time available, how to avoid conflict of interest and moonlighting survival techniques. Finally, Weaver will explore the factors that determine when itâs time to either move to a full-time freelance career or call it quits as a moonlighter.

Presenter: Carolyn Weaver is a former medical librarian who has been freelancing since 1991. She is currently Treasurer for the American Society of Indexers.

Professionalism in Indexing : Maria Coughlin and Alexandra Nickerson (3:45-5:15)
What is a professional indexer, and how does he/she project a professional image? Tips on office supplies (stationery, business cards, web sites), plus guidelines on how to negotiate with publishers regarding schedules and rates. Plus some thoughts on relationships with other professionals, networking at conference, presenting a polished appearance, making meeting presentations, and creating literate, well-written publications and emails. This is a good companion to the cover letter/resume writing workshop.

Presenters: Maria Coughlin is director of Coughlin Indexing Services and a longtime professional indexer. She has run a successful freelancing business for several years and is an active member of ASI. Alexandra Nickerson is a past director and president of ASI, has been indexing since 1965; she has been an instructor for the USDA indexing course and chair of the Heartland Chapter of ASI, of the Wilson Award Committee, and of the Education Committee.

Facing the Text I: Content Analysis and Entry Selection in Social Sciences and Humanities Indexing : Do Mi Stauber(2:00-5:15)
This participatory workshop in 2 parts (see Saturday morning) focuses on the practical aspects of indexing. Participants will interpret texts and index structures, using examples from real books and indexes. Among subjects to be discussed: main topics, indexable topics, subheadings, cross references and wording. The second part of this workshop is offered on Saturday.

Presenter: Do MI Stauber managed the Twin Oaks Indexing Collective for two years, supervising and training a group of indexers. She is an experienced Macrex user as well as the author of Jewels in the Cavern: The Special Challenge of Scholarly Indexing.

SKY Index Professional for Beginners and Advanced Users Workshop : Kamm Schreiner (2:00-5:15)
Kamm Schreiner of SKY Index offers this workshop to new and advanced SKY Index users. SKY Index Professional is designed exclusively for professionals who write indexes for a living. This workshop will cover basic and advanced techniques for using SKY Index. Topics covered will include SKY Index design goals, data entry, editing, index configuration, and tips and techniques for using SKY Index effectively.

Presenter: Kamm Schreiner is the developer of SKY Software, Inc., one of the most popular dedicated indexing software packages ThŽr?se Shere is an experienced indexer and proofreader of cookbooks. She has extensive experience in the food business and has co-owned a gourmet bakery.

Vocabulary Management Software: Karen Spern (2:00-5:15)
This panel will include Vocabulary Management software vendors and users, who will demonstrate and explain thesaurus software by comparison and analysis. After a general presentation, the audience will divide into groups to be able to have individual discussion and demonstration time with each vendor.

Presenter: Karen Spern is Indexing Project Manager for Archive Impact. She is also the Program Coordinator for the New York Chapter of ASI.

Indexing the MPR Sound Archive : Alan Baker (2:00-5:15)
This session will start with a case study of the creation of Minnesota Public Radioâs Digital Audio Archive focusing on issues such as: indexing strategy for digital rich media archives, content description: Archivists, Users, and Automation and metadata models and database interaction. Weâll also conduct a mini workshop on Dublin Core.

Presenter: Alan Baker is director of the Minnesota Public Radio Sound Archive and indexing project.

Saturday morning, June 2
8:45 - Noon

Web Indexing : Bill Meisheid (8:45-12:00)
This was one of our most popular workshops last year. It will cover indexing for the web and intranet web sites, including tools, techniques, and technology. It will look at how things have changed since last year and what the changes mean to indexers. We will look at examples of good and bad web indexing implementations. We will look at what indexers can do to leverage their skills and what they need to learn to move forward in the web world.

Presenter: Bill Meisheid is owner of Sageline Publishing and Software. He was Microsoftâs first MVP (Most Valuable Professional), for Help systems. He is a certified RoboHELP instructor and an active consultant.

Facing the Text: II : Do MI Stauber (8:45-12:00)
See description of Part I on Friday .

Presenter: Do MI Stauber managed the Twin Oaks Indexing Collective for two years, supervising and training a group of indexers. She is an experienced Macrex user as well as the author of Jewels in the Cavern: The Special Challenge of Scholarly Indexing.

Resume and Cover Letter Writing : Susan Danzi Hernandez (8:45-12:00)
This workshop will help indexers prepare an effective cover letter and resume for their marketing efforts. Handouts will involve style and type- face selection, action word lists, and a variety of examples of finished document. The goal will be for every participant to leave with a working draft of an effective cover letter and resume. This is a particularly useful workshop for beginning indexers.

Presenter: Susan Danzi Hernandez is a former mechanical engineer and Air Force officer. She has been indexing Since 1998. She has researched and received instructions in resume and cover letter writing while in graduate school and while marketing her own business.

Distance Teaching of Indexing : Ina Fourie (10:30-12:00)
Ms. Fourie teaches indexing in South Africa to students working in both paper-based and electronic environments. South African students have a wide variety of computer skills, from outright novices, to computer soft- ware designers. Many students live long distances from universities and often have full-time jobs. Print-based vs. web-based instruction will be discussed, as well as innovative possibilities for delivering study materials and providing related links to software and web sites.

Presenter: Ina Fourie is on the faculty of the Department of Information Science at the University of South Africa. She has been teaching various aspects of computerized information retrieval and organization to undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Scholarly Indexing : Carol Roberts (8:45-10:15)
This workshop will survey what scholarly indexing is and what itâs like to work with academic presses. There will be a dialog with audience members who want to share their experiences. Indexing philosophy will be among the topics covered.

Presenter: Carol Roberts has been a full-time indexer for 6 years. She currently manages the Scholarly Indexing SIG, and has taught beginning and intermediate indexing courses.

Journal Indexing : Carolyn Weaver (8:45-10:15)
Journal indexes share characteristics with back-of-the-book and database indexes, but are unique information architectures in their own right. Topics covered include vocabulary control, index design, and creating cumulative indexes.

Bidding and Winning: Writing Successful Proposals : Janet Perlman (10:30-12:00)
This workshop will offer guidelines for writing proposals for complex indexing jobs, with tips on evaluating time and determining price, and follow-up strategies after the proposal has been submitted. Level: Experienced

Presenter: Janet Perlman runs Southwest Indexing, specializing in scientific, medical, and engineering materials. She also provides indexing services on Spanish-language materials. She is the editor of Running an Indexing Business. (in press)

Basic HTML for Indexer : Jacqueline Radebaugh (8:45-12:00)
This workshop is designed for indexers who do not have formal training in HTML. HTML terminology, tags, and editors, and the structure of an HTML document will be discussed. Other topics include Meta tags, the Dublin Core, web page construction, and emerging technologies such as XML.

Presenter: Jacqueline Radebaugh owns Krauss Information Services. She is currently constructing a web-based index for a computer science textbook.

Saturday afternoon June 2
2:00 - 5:15 PM 

Web Indexing Workshop : Marilyn Rowland/Dave Ream (2:00-5:15)
An introduction to web indexing, including online examples and an evaluation of what makes a good web index. Other issues covered include maintenance problems, HTML and web authoring programs, design issues, and tagging structure and context. A survey of web indexing technologies is included.

Presenters: Dave Ream owns and operates Leverage Technologies, a software company providing design and analysis of database systems, SGML/HTML design and electronic publications. Marilyn Rowland is an experienced indexer and web page designer. She is co-editor, with Diane Brenner, of Beyond Book Indexing, How to Get Started with Web Indexing, Embedded Indexing, and Other Computer-Based Media

Basic Indexing 2 : Joanne Clendenen/Kay Schlembach (2:00-5:15)
See Part 1.

Presenters: Joanne Clendenen is a freelance indexer in Houston, TX. Joanne concentrates on indexing scholarly works. Kay Schlembach is a freelance indexer in Houston, TX. Kay concentrates on textbooks and business publications.

Using Macrex : Gale Rhoades (2:00-5:15)
Gale Rhoades of Macrex will conduct this workshop for experienced MACREX users. Learn techniques to improve your productivity, eliminate repetitive tasks, create multiple indexes in a single pass and create indexes for nonbook materials and book indexes without final folios.

Presenter: Gale Rhoades runs the North American office of Macrex and provides technical support for Macrex

Pattern Matching and Boolean Operations in CINDEX : Maria Sullivan Young (2:00-3:15)
These functions perform identically in both the Windows and Macintosh versions of CINDEX. By using patterns for searching and editing, you increase efficiency and ensure consistency. The syntax of patterns will be explained and practiced, and their usefulness demonstrated. Boolean searching will be explored.

Presenter: Maria Sullivan Young provides technical support for Indexing Research and the Cindex family of products

Efficient Data Entry and Advanced Editing Techniques : Maria Sullivan Young (3:45-5:15)
Techniques to increase your productivity will be explored and demonstrated with particular emphasis on data entry short cuts and working with groups and macros. Importing of data prepared in other applications (e.g., word-processors and speech-recognition software) or on other platforms (e.g., Windows, Macintosh, typesetting systems) will be discussed and strategies for coordinating ãteam-indexingä projects will be explored.

Evaluating Scholarly Book Indexes : Margie Towery (2:00-5:15)
This workshop focuses on scholarly books, primarily in the social sciences and humanities. The workshop will evaluate various components of scholarly indexes, with the goal of creating guidelines for indexers, author- indexers, and editors. The unique features of academic indexes, including run-in indexes, working with jargon, and the characteristics of various academic fields, e.g. , history vs. literary criticism. The workshop is designed as a collaborative effort, with facilitator and attendees working together.

Presenter: Margie Towery has indexed scholarly books for seven years. She is the author of Indexing Specialties: History and is co-manag-er of the Psychology/Sociology SIG

Benchmarks of a Quality Index : Janet Perlman (2:00-3:15)
This workshop will demonstrate how to evaluate and recognize quality (or lack of), in an index. Specific quality indicators will be provided and participants will have the opportunity to evaluate indexes

Indexing in the Psychology Field : Becky Hornyak (3:45-5:15)
This presentation is an outgrowth of the Psych/Sociology SIG. It will offer information about types of knowledge and resources available for indexers of psychology books and other forms of mental health information. Panelists will share their information with the audience and workshop participants are encouraged to contribute. Topics include categorization of mental disorders, typical abbreviations, drugs and side effects, brain structures and resources for the indexer.

Presenter: Becky Hornyak has a Masterâs degree in Counseling and years of experience in the mental health field before becoming an indexer 5 years ago.

Sunday morning, June 3

Cindex for Macintosh : Carol Roberts (8:15-9:45)
Apple Computer users can attend this first-time ever workshop for Cindex for Mac. Carol Roberts will demonstrate the differences that exist for Mac users who wish to use Cindex as their indexing tool.

Introduction to Macrex for Shoppers : Do MI Stauber (10:00-11:30)
The best way to choose an indexing software package is to explore each one thoroughly. In this workshop, enthusiastic user Do MI Stauber provides in-depth information about Macrex, including a guided tour and a ãfull-speedä indexing demonstration. A free demo of the program on CD comes with registration.

Presenter: Do MI Stauber managed the Twin Oaks Indexing Collective for two years, supervising and training a group of indexers. She is an experienced Macrex user as well as the author of Jewels in the Cavern: The Special Challenge of Scholarly Indexing.

CINDEX for Windows Workshop : Maria Sullivan Young (8:15-11:30)
A comprehensive review of program features used in the indexing process from start to finish. This workshop is for indexers new to CINDEX as well as longtime CINDEX users who are moving from the DOS environment to Windows. Working with multiple open indexes, moving material between applications, and embedding of index entries from CINDEX into word- processing documents will be demonstrated.

Indexing Cookbooks : ThŽr?se Shere (8:15-11:30)
Cookbooks are a special kind of technical/reference book. This workshop will investigate how they differ from other texts indexers encounter, basics of cookbook indexing, special issues and how to handle them, and cook- book index styles and formats.

Embedded Indexing: What Is It and How Do I Do It? : Peg Mauer (8:15-11:30)
This workshop is for beginner, intermediate, and advanced indexers who want to learn what embedded indexing is and how to created embedded indexes. Some familiarity with Word or FrameMaker is expected. Demonstrations using both Word and FrameMaker are included.

Presenter: Peg Mauer has served on the board of ASI, and is manager of the Society for Technical Communications (STC) Indexing SIG. She has received numerous awards from STC for technical manuals and her web site.

Case Studies from Lycos.com : Seth Maislin (8:15-9:45) Explore real-life information structure challenges from the Internet world. Wrap your brain around two large projects, from the behind-the-scenes hierarchy and editorial infrastructure to user interface layout. Maislin will present the project definition, mediate a brainstorming and problem- solving discussion, and then demonstrate the most current product solution. No experience required.

Presenter: Seth Maislin is an active ASI member who is currently on the Board of Directors. He is currently employed by Lycos.com, doing content analysis and search engine assessment.

Legal Indexing : Enid Zafran (10:00-11:30)
Enid Zafran and her panel of experienced legal indexers will discuss current issues in legal indexing including changes in terminology, electronic delivery of documents, and large legal indexing projects.

Presenter: Enid Zafran is a longtime ASI member active on many committees. She is an experienced legal indexer with BNA and with Indexing Partners.

Sunday afternoon, June 3

Professional Standards for Indexers: A Modest Proposal :Kate Mertes 
Certification and standardization of indexing is something ASI has discussed off and on for a long time. The litigatory and administrative problems are enormous, but many of us view ourselves as professionals. What does that mean if we have no objective professional standards? Come join Kate Mertes in a discussion of this always controversial topic.

Presenter: Kate Mertes has been indexing for over twenty years. She is an active ASI member who has served as a Wilson Award judge, board member and committee chair

Indexing the Consumerâs Union Web Site : Robert Huerster
Consumerâs Union is one of the largest consumer research and protection organizations in the United States. Robert Huerster will demonstrate the index constructed for the CU web site using HTML Indexer.

Presenter: Robert Huerster is Research Librarian, Indexer, and Thesaurus Editor at Consumer Reports. He is currently working on the redesign of the Consumer Reports web site, www.ConsumerReports.org

How to Make More Money: Negotiating for Fun and Profit : Susan Holbert 
Many indexers find negotiating fees distasteful, mystifying, or downright scary. If you find it hard to turn down low-paying jobs or raise rates on a regular basis, this talk is for you. Learning good negotiating skills increases your clientsâ respect for you, enhances your self-image, and improves your overall professionalism.

Presenter: Susan Holbert has produced both a software program and a video on indexing. She has been a popular presenter at local chapter meetings and other indexing venues.

Indexing Daily Publications : Kelley Summers 
The techniques used at BNA for indexing daily publications will be discussed.

Presenter: Kelley Summers has been a full time professional indexer since 1980. She is now a manager in the indexing services department at BNA, specializing in indexing of the environment and occupational safety-related publications.