ASI Conference Discounts


Did you know...

 ...that half of all the avocados grown in the US come from San Diego County? Makes you crave guacamole, doesn't it? Come to the ASI Conference to enjoy top notch Mexican food along Mission Beach. Just one of the perks of this year's conference location.


Speaking of food, have you signed up for Dinner with Someone New? If you are arriving early take advantage of this networking activity. We will make dinner reservations at several local area restaurants previously selected by ASI members via an online vote. The restaurants offer a variety of cuisine and atmospheres to cater to many tastes and moods. To keep the groups manageable, and so you have a chance to meet everyone at your table, each restaurant reservation is for up to 12 people only. Arrangements will be made for separate dinner checks. Just sign up through the ASI website. As reservations fill, ASI will add more locations and times.

It's a great way to meet new people and treat your taste buds at the same time.


Early-bird registration deadline coming fast!


 Just over two weeks until the early-bird registration discount expires. Details and registration are online.We hope you will join us in San Diego!



Perfect pairing of workshops for you

Recently added to the program -- a workshop presented by Enid Zafran, Double Posting and Its Friends, for the afternoon of April 19. Enid will address common mistakes in indexing (including over-indexing which creates extra work for the indexer and under-indexing which creates extra work for the user), as well as show shortcuts for inputting and accuracy in indexing jobs.

But why not make a day of it? Jan Wright and Lucie Haskins are presenting Indexing InDesign in the morning. This special workshop will cover handling files from clients, opening and creating book files, checking for pre-existing indexing, making entries, editing in the Index Palette, and generating your index. You will learn best practices for working with InDesign's indexing features.

Already registered for one? Then add the other to your schedule. They complement each other perfectly for the intermediate indexer.



Conference discount on new publication


Don't be deceived into thinking names are easy to index! They can consume a disproportionate amount of an indexer's time. Now we have a book wholly devoted to the subject. Coverage includes names from classical and medieval times and those belonging to particular ethnicities and nationalities, along with those peculiar to specific genres, especially biography, religion, and the performance and fine arts. Fictional, corporate, and geographical names, and those of royalty and nobility are also discussed. You'll find advice on when and how to index names mentioned in peripheral ways and guidance in avoiding the pitfalls of automated name indexing. Noeline Bridge and her contributing experts have created an essential reference for all indexers working in the English language-and an instant classic within the field.


ASI Members $44 | Nonmembers $55


But for the Conference only it will be available at $35 plus there will be a book signing with Noeline who is one of the Conference presenters.