Our Distinguished Speakers for 2020

ASI 2020 Conference—Speaker Biographies

Nan Badgett
Nan Badgett, dba Wordability, has been providing freelance indexing services to publishers, authors, and corporate clients since 1992. Her work is focused on trade books and textbooks in a wide range of subjects, including health and nutrition, sports training, and education. Nan is the author of The Accidental Indexer and has contributed to several books published for the American Society for Indexing (ASI). She has presented at past ASI conferences and presented at the Indexers Society of Canada conference in 2018. Nan has served ASI at both the chapter and national levels, including as a board member at large.

JoAnne Burek
JoAnne Burek divides her time between freelance indexing and copywriting and loves them both equally. She is currently ISC/SCI’s website administrator and writes promotions for the society's annual conferences.

Amanda Chay
Amanda Chay is the founder of Wonderment, a company that offers a radically different approach for teaching stress reduction and mindfulness through training and retreats. Amanda knows the entrepreneurial and corporate world from the inside out. She has over 15 years of experience running national sales teams and leading campaigns. Having recovered her own ill-health, Amanda is passionate about using the knowledge and tools acquired from this to guide others along this path for self-growth.

Lisa DeBoer
Lisa DeBoer is a freelance book indexer at DeBoerIndexing.com and an associate of Colleen Dunham Indexing. She specializes in scholarly indexing in the humanities and social sciences, and some textbooks and trade books. Her background includes an MA in Women’s History and an MLS in Library and Information Science, and she has worked as a librarian and archivist at the Brooklyn Public Library. Lisa is Chair of the Western New York Chapter of the American Society of Indexing and currently serves on the ASI Board of Directors. She lives in Ithaca, New York.

Roberta Engleman
Roberta Engleman has been a freelance indexer and member of ASI for over thirty years, working mainly in scholarly indexing with university presses. As a professional librarian she spent her career in Rare Books at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, and at Duke University. Her area of specialization is classical civilization, Greek, and Latin, but she has indexed in a wide variety of disciplines over the years. For many years she volunteered as a docent at the North Carolina Museum of Art.

Anne Fifer, D.O., Ph.D.
Anne Fifer, D.O., Ph.D., has been indexing since 2008. She serves on the ASI Board and as Treasurer. She has recorded an online learning presentation on medical indexing, and a webinar on SKY indexing software. She has also served on the Excellence in Indexing committee.

Michelle Guiliano, DPM
Michelle Guiliano, DPM, practiced medicine and managed a two-physician office for ten years before taking a sabbatical to raise her children. She heard about indexing from a neighbor in 2013, and within two years, her indexing business was up and running. While her medical background proved useful for indexing medical and science texts, the experience of managing a busy medical practice was essential to setting up efficient, streamlined business practices. Michelle indexes full-time from her home office in New Hampshire while homeschooling two teenagers and managing a small barn occupied by three dressage ponies, two mini donkeys, and a flock of hens.

Maxine Henry
Maxine Henry currently does freelance indexing when she isn't working for the state government of South Carolina as a proofreader and editor. She has worked in the fields of Marine Science and Library Science, and actively contributes to RPG adventure development. When not dealing with words, Maxine relaxes with fiber/textile arts, and also spends time baking.

Gwen Henson
With more than 20 years of experience in association management and event planning, Gwen Henson has served as the executive director of ASI since 2013. An expert in small press publishing, she edits books, websites, and marketing copy. She has spoken at national publishing conferences, has served as a judge for national book awards, and was awarded the Korwin Award for Visionary Leadership.

Marti Heyman
Marti Heyman has extensive and diverse experience utilizing information science techniques and methodologies to develop effective, sustainable solutions to meet information, content, and knowledge management needs of a broad range of organizations. She earned her MLIS and MBA degrees from Drexel University in Philadelphia, where she has been an adjunct professor teaching courses on content representation and management of information organizations. She is currently Executive Director Metadata Strategy & Operations at OCLC in Dublin Ohio. Marti has been actively involved with NISO for ten years.

Becky Hornyak
Becky Hornyak has a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology and a Master’s degree in Counseling, and worked in the fields of developmental disabilities and mental health. She has been indexing since 1996, first as an in-house indexer, then as a full-time freelance indexer. She is a member of the American Society for Indexing and served as officer for both the Heartland and Mid-Atlantic Chapters. Volunteer activities include docent at an historic property in Virginia and Master Gardener in Tennessee.

Fred Leise
After twenty-five years in arts management, Fred Leise started his indexing career with the University of Chicago Publishing Program’s introduction to indexing course in 1993. Since 1995, he has been indexing nearly continuously (with time out for taxonomy consulting), specializing in scholarly works in international relations, cultural and political history, and landscape studies, among many other topics. His index to Art and Affection: A Life of Virginia Woolf was shortlisted for the ASI/H.W. Wilson Company Indexing Award in 1997, the only time that the award committee has issued a shortlist.
He is a founding member of the Institute of Certified Indexers; an instructor for the University of California, Berkeley Extension Division online indexing course; and has served several terms on ASI’s board of directors, including two terms as president.
Fred regularly presents at both national and chapter events and has written a number of articles on various aspects of indexing for both Key Words and The Indexer. He is especially proud of his article on Sherlock Holmes as indexer, which appeared in the fall 2013 issue of the Baker Street Journal.

Frances Lennie
Frances Lennie began indexing with paper index cards which were subsequently replaced by various electronic incarnations before being offered as CINDEX™ in 1986. She has served as treasurer (three terms) and president (twice) of ASI, as well as serving on various committees and proudly representing the Society at overseas indexing meetings. She still indexes!

Shannon Li
Shannon Li is a graduate of the UC Berkeley indexing course, and she started her business, Li Indexing, in early 2018. She holds a PhD in history and indexes primarily in that subject area. She lives in Boston, Massachusetts, with her husband and two dogs.

John Magee
John Magee is the Director of Indexing and Controlled Vocabulary Services for Gale|Cengage. His wide-ranging experience includes 25 years of database indexing, book indexing, vocabulary management, and online product development. He lives with his wife in Wolverine Lake, Michigan. He is an accomplished catch-and-release fisherman … if you consider it an accomplishment that last year’s catch-and-release fishing exploits were buying a fishing license and a container of worms, then just releasing the worms into his compost pile and drinking a beer on his old pontoon boat.

Kendra Millis
Kendra Millis began indexing in 2008, after completing the indexing course offered through UC-Berkeley. She left a career in international education and chose to become a freelancer so she could return to her home state of Maine to raise her daughter. She has served as a Director at large on ASI’s Board of Directors and served as President in 2017–2018/. She is currently one of the instructors for the UC-Berkeley indexing course. Her educational background is in Russian literature and social philosophy. In addition to her indexing work, she owns a small fiber-related business.

Gale Rhoades
Gale Rhoades, in addition to being the North American publisher of the Macrex Indexing Program, is a consultant who specializes in making the use of computers more like toasting bread than rocket science. She developed many of her skills and techniques over the past nearly 40 years and is well known as the teacher who manages to stay just one step ahead of the students. Since 1991 she has been a freelance IT working with individuals, small businesses, and municipalities; her client base now extends around the globe. Indexers often benefit from her freely shared knowledge of PCs. She believes: Try before you buy; Backups are essential; Solve problems quickly or seek assistance; A “dumb” question is the one not asked.

Joan Shapiro, MLS
Joan Shapiro, MLS, started Shapiro Indexing Services in 2000 after working for more than a decade as a video producer in a telecommunications research company. Her indexing covers diverse topics, including communication, business, biographies, history, self-help topics, social sciences, law, and culinary arts. Joan is a current ASI Board director-at-large, chairperson of the ASI Publisher Outreach committee, member of the ASI Membership committee, and a former president of the New England ASI chapter. Joan lives with her husband in Connecticut; they have two grown sons.

Jennifer Spanier, Ph.D., MLIS
Jennifer Spanier, Ph.D., MLIS, has been indexing professionally since 2009 in a wide variety of subject areas. Her educational background is in biology and library and information sciences. Her subject specialties and special interests include life sciences, gardening, nature, environmental science, fitness, and health and wellness. In addition to back-of-the-book indexing, she does some database indexing. She is currently serving ASI as President and is a former co-leader of the New England ASI (NEASI) chapter. In her free time, Jennifer enjoys life on the farm in rural Vermont and is looking forward to getting back in her kayak this summer.

Maria Sullivan
Maria Sullivan started her indexing career in 1988 as an in-house indexer at Lawyer's Cooperative Publishing (now Thomson Reuters West) indexing on paper slips, Wang word processors, and shoulder-high stacks of mainframe printouts. When sampling PC-based dedicated indexing software, she was thankful to discover Cindex. In 1994 she became an independent indexer and began providing support and training for Indexing Research. She continues to this day. Maria is the go-to person for converting existing indexes, in any format, for use with your indexing software (not just Cindex!). Maria and her husband recently moved to Northampton, Massachusetts, from western New York.

Bonnie Taylor
Bonnie Taylor began freelance indexing in 1997. As she and her family moved every couple of years in support of her husband's Army career, she indexed in Hawaii and Germany and numerous places in between. Upon putting down roots in Northern Virginia six years ago, she went in-house at Bloomburg Industry Group as a full-time member of their Taxonomy & Indexing department. She has both a law degree and a library science degree and serves on the board of ASI.

Devon Thomas
Devon Thomas is the Immediate Past President of ASI. She has been indexing over ten years in a variety of areas, including scholarly, trade, embedded, and database indexing. She lives in Michigan.

Carolyn Weaver
Carolyn Weaver is a former academic medical librarian who was a moonlighter for 9 years before becoming a full-time indexer in 2000. She’s now semi-retired, preferring camping trips and visits to grandchildren to worrying about openings in her indexing schedule. She currently accepts jobs with interesting subjects, reasonable schedules, and acceptable page rates, and happily refers projects that don’t meet her criteria to trusted colleagues. She has served both as President and Treasurer of ASI, is a founding member of the Pacific NW Chapter and currently serves as an ASI Co-Webmaster.

Diana Witt
Diana Witt

Pilar Wyman
Pilar Wyman, Chief Indexer, Wyman Indexing, has been writing indexes as a successful freelancer and consultant since 1990. She works in English, Spanish, and French in health, medicine, technology, and other areas of personal interest. She gives presentations and workshops as her time allows.