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The American Society for Indexing, the only professional association for indexers in the United States, is an invaluable resource for connecting you with the right skilled indexer to enhance your book or website. We understand the value of your time, which is why we provide two great ways for you to connect with the best indexer for your project.

The Indexer Locator and the Jobs Hotline provide two complementary ways to find an indexer—through our free online directory or by listing an indexing job.

Indexer Locator

Find an Indexer

To find an indexer by name, subject specialty, software type, language, or keyword, use the online Indexer Locator.

Find an Indexer

The Indexer Locator is not a member directory but a resource for publishers, authors, and businesses who would like to find indexers who are the best match for their book, website, or other indexing project.

The Indexer Locator is free to use. It is the best option for targeting indexers by specific fields and experience.


Jobs Hotline

Post an Indexing Project

Post a Job
The Jobs Hotline enables you to post indexing jobs and projects quickly to many indexers at once.

The Jobs Hotline is a free service to those posting jobs. It is the best option for spreading the word quickly about an indexing job. It is particularly useful if your project is under a tight deadline.


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