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Barbara Niederhoff


3707 S Yampa Way
Aurora, Colorado 80013 USA

(720) 402-8829
Barbara Niederhoff

Barbara Niederhoff

I’m a Berkeley-trained indexer and an active member of the American Society for Indexing. My professional priority is a reader-friendly index delivered on time and to specifications.

Subject background:

Languages and linguistics are a natural for me. My interest began in childhood, and my academic study stretched ten years, from middle school through college. My B.A. in Modern Languages and Literatures comprised a major in French, a minor in Russian, and some additional coursework in linguistics, Spanish, and German. As an academic catalog librarian, I was the go-to person for European language materials.

My science specialty reflects a long-standing and well-nourished interest, both for science’s own sake and for its relevance to some of my experiences and activities:
— I have a particular interest in genetics. It’s fascinating enough on its own, but my knowledge has been greatly enhanced by being involved with people who have Duchenne muscular dystrophy and cystic fibrosis. Every few years I attend a medical conference on DMD, learning and discussing biology, research, and care considerations relating to that disease.
— My family and I enjoy backyard astronomy, with occasional photography of special events such as eclipses and transits. We’re planning to travel for the 2017 solar eclipse.
— Biology and ecology are wonderful supplements to gardening and birdwatching.

Garden and craft knowledge:
— I have a vegetable garden almost every year: tomatoes, beans, and herbs are favorites, and sometimes squash and lettuce. Tomatoes are started indoors under a lamp to get them going while the soil’s still cold in spring. I compost yard clippings and veggie scraps to add to the soil.
— My husband and I xeriscaped a large chunk of our former yard. We left the pinyon pines and lilacs in place, but removed all the turf grass in that area and built raised beds of drought-tolerant plants such as penstemon, Jupiter’s beard, poppy mallow, and one Russian sage that grew to be enormous and is much loved by the local bees. After the plants had settled in well, the garden got by on Colorado’s naturally low precipitation, except in the driest summers when I would supplement just a few times by hose. It was a great improvement over the lawn grass.
— I enjoy crochet, costume creation, and in 2014 I made my first quilt, using my own design. It has a modern motif rendered in a traditional style: DNA strands shaped from hexagons in English paper piecing.

I have been a Girl Scout volunteer in many capacities: troop leader, registrar, service unit manager, and service unit cookie manager, which is my current responsibility. I educate and guide a unit of local troops on how to run their sale safely and effectively.

Indexing Software Specialties:
SKY Index software

Subject Specialties:
Gardening & Horticulture
Linguistics & Language Studies

Type of Materials Specialties:

Updated: March 8, 2017