Indexing Body of Knowledge

The Credentialing Committee has developed a DRAFT description of an Indexing Body of Knowledge that would form the basis for any credentialing process that might be eventually adopted for ASI. The first step in any credentialing effort is to define the key skills and abilities -- the body of knowledge -- that professionals in a particular industry need. Such a document may have other uses as well: in training, promotional materials, client outreach, etc. This is the Credentialing Committee's first stab at creating such a body of knowledge.

The draft document was distributed to 2006 conference attendees in Toronto and is now being made available to the membership as a whole for comments. Once all comments are received, the document will be revised to reflect member input and will be posted in the public area of the Website. Please send comments to Joanne Sprott at <>. Comments must be received by September 30, 2006 to be incorporated into the final document.

The document may be viewed in either PDF or HTML formats for review.