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This index was prepared and edited by Pilar Wyman, Editor, Key Words.


  • (conf rpt)—report of a professional meeting
  • (letter)—letter to the editor
  • (rvw)—review of a publication or product
  • (rvwr)—person listed as main entry reviewed the publication or product

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Vancouver, British Columbia

"Joint Annual Conference: American Society of Indexers (ASI) and Indexing and

Abstracting Society of Canada / Société canadienne pour l'analyse de

documents (IASC/SCAD) June 19-21, 2003," 10:120

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

"10 Reasons to Plan Now for Vancouver in June 2003" (Weaver), 10:151

"Indexing Clothing at the ASI Conference," 11:80

"Northern Entries, 2003 Joint ASI-IASC/SCAD Annual Conference

Report" (Wyman), 11:82–93

"A Warm Welcome to the Canadian We(s)t Coast" (Pauls), 11:9

Vatovec, Bogo

"Connecting the Dots: Using Your Indexing Skills to Develop Metadata" (Brown,

Maislin, and Vatovec) (conf rpt), 12:102–104

Vegetables from Amaranth to Zucchini: The Essential Reference: 500 Recipes, 275

Photographs (Schneider), 11:23

ViaVoice Millennium (conf rpt), 9:150–151

video resources

"Indexing-Related Audio (and video) Resources," 10:41

ViewWiseâ„¢ 5.6 (rvw), 13:70

Villeneuve, Darren and Cathy

"New IndexStudents Era," 13:60

Virginia Henderson International Nursing Library

"Nursing Knowledge Indexes" (rvw), 8:147

virtual museum collections

Collaborative Access to Virtual Museum Collection Information: Seeing Through

the Walls (Callery, Ed.) (rvw), 14:61–62

visual image indexing

"Development of Controlled Vocabularies for Moving Image Documents

(MIDs)" (conf rpt), 8:131

"Indexing for Radio and Television" (Reale), 8:87

"The NASA Image Collection Visual Thesaurus" (rvw), 8:61

Visualizing Subject Access for 21st Century Information Resources (Cochrane and

Johnson) (rvw), 9:184

vocabulary development. see controlled vocabularies (CVs)

"Vocabulary Management Software" (conf rpt), 9:121–122

"Voice Recognition: A Golden Gate Chapter Conference" (Coates) (conf rpt), 9:150


VoiceXpress (conf rpt), 9:150–151