Key Words Index 2000 – 2016 (Vol. 8 – 24)

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This index was prepared and edited by Pilar Wyman, former Editor, Key Words, with the assistance of Laurie Hlavaty Holod, Vicki Austin, Amron Gravett, and Jean Bruce.


  • (conf rpt)—report of a professional meeting
  • (letter)—letter to the editor
  • (rvw)—review of a publication or product

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Jackson, Lisa

“Art, Works of, and the Art of Indexing Workshop” (Sassen) (conf rpt), 22:17 photo

Jackson, Michael

“Certification: a rational approach,” 18:123–124

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter,” 22:72 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Fall Workshops,” 20:9 photo; 21:7–8, 153 (December); 23:135 photos

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Fall Workshops” (Leise), 18:7 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Luncheon,” 18:48

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Spring Chat,” 20:43 photo; 21:80

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Spring Practicum,” 16:43 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Spring Workshop,” 18:78 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter” (Ste Marie and Jackson), 17:10 photos, 43 Correction

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Summer Chat,” 18:116 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Summer Practicum,” 16:81

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Winter Chat,” 19:44

“2014 Conference Reports,” 22:88, 103 photo

Jacobs, Christine

Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award, 23:93 photo

“Mapping the Meanings: The Indexing Challenge” (conf rpt), 11:86

“Stopping to Listen: Ethical Places, Ethical Spaces” (conf rpt), 14:97

“Ten for Ten: Perfecting Our Craft — ISC/SCI Annual Conference” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 18:138, 142

Janssen, Elske

"An Indexing Olympiad: International Perspectives" (Wyman) (conf rpt), 20:133–135 photo

Janusz, Ted

“I’ve Signed Up on LinkedIn. What’s Next?,” 19:57–58

Marketing Your Indexing Services, 3rd edition (Leach, ed.), 19:49

Jennings, Chris

“Collaborate and Innovate: SfEP/SI First Joint Conference, 5–7 September 2015, York, England” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 23:141–143

Jensen, Katherine

“An American in Glasgow Sings,” 11:122

“Index It,” 11:122

Jeopardy!, 12:45

Jermey, Jonathan

“AusSI Web Indexing Prize,” 10:44

Indexing: Enhancing Access to Information Within Websites, 2nd edition (Browne and Jermey) (rvw), 13:32–33

The Indexing Companion (Browne and Jermey) (rvw), 15:133–134

Jesensky, Jean

“Experience an Index Usability Test” (conf rpt), 18:79

“Marketing your Indexing Business – A Panel Discussion on What Works and What Doesn’t” (Dunn) (conf rpt), 18:79

“The New England Chapter Report,” 17:11–12

Jezer, Marty, 13:114

“JG Ballard’s ’The Index’: Information Retrieval as Autobiography” (Cullum) (conf rpt), 13:95

Jimerson, Kay

“Key Words in RFP Machine and RFP Express,” 18:100–104

Jobs Hotline, 11:74; 13:114

“Jobs Hotline: Tips for Replying to Job Posting,” 21:42

“A Time to Give Thanks” (President’s File) (Wyman), 20:112, 115

Johannesburg, South Africa

“ASAIB Conference, 13 May 2011: Ditsong Military Museum, Saxonwold, Johannesburg,” 19:27

Johncocks, Bill

“From the Editor of The Indexer” (MacGlashan), 16:68

“Publishing Technology Group Report” (SI), 20:65

Johns, Diane

“Searching PDFs: One Indexer’s Experience” (conf rpt), 18:45

“Using PDFs in Indexing” (conf rpt), 18:45

Johnson, Eric H.

Visualizing Subject Access for 21st Century Information Resources (Cochrane and Johnson) (rvw), 9:184

Johnson, Jonatha

“Mid-South Atlantic (MSAC) Chapter Report” (Binder), 18:44 photo

Johnson, Kari

“Mashed Kohlrabi,” 11:74

“Tea Time with the Southern California Chapter” (Barr) (conf rpt), 22:72 photos

Johnson, Maureen

“From the President’s Desk” (Mertes), 18:43

“Indexing May Be Hazardous to Your Health” (Hornyak), 20:56–57 illus

Johnson, Sharon

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter: Spring Workshop” (Jackson), 18:78 photo

Johnson, Steve

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter: Spring Workshop” (Jackson), 18:78 photo

“Joint Meeting with the National Writers Union Washington, DC Chapter, ASI (DC/ASI), September 22, 2005” (Wyman), 14:58

Jones, Alex S.

“How to Be the Newspaper of Record” (Tifft and Jones), 10:23

Jones, Andrea

“Adventures of a Would-be Indexer” (Ross), 20:55, 63

“Breaking Into Indexing — Panel Discussion” (White) (conf rpt), 19:94

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Meeting” (conf rpt), 20:81

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Indexing Skills Workshop” (Ross) (conf rpt), 20:11

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Workshop Report,” 21:155 (December)

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Workshop Report” (Niederhoff), 22:140 photo

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Report” (Drialo), 16:43

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Report” (Walls and Jones), 18:8 photo, 13

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Spring Meeting Report,” 21:107

Between Urban and Wild: Reflections from Colorado (rvw), 22:6–7

Jones, Jennifer

“Looking Inside: Enterprise search offers companies several options to deal with data overload” (rvw), 11:29

Jones, Jessica

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Annual Meeting” (conf rpt), 20:81

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Meeting” (Walker) (conf rpt), 20:116–117 photo

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Workshop” (Niederhoff) (conf rpt), 22:140 photo

Jones, Lydia

“ASI/ISC-SCI 2016 Chicago Conference” (Arnold-Boyd), 24(4):8–9 photo

“Indexing Visual Image Collections: A Historical Overview,” 24(4):15–16

“The New York Public Library Digital Collection” (rvw), 24(2):24–25

“President’s Message” (Witt), 24(3):3

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Workshop” (Niederhoff) (conf rpt), 22:140 photo

The Joseph Smith Papers: Documents, Volume 3, February 1833 – March 1834

“2015 ASI/EIS Award for Excellence in Indexing” (Haskins), 23:46

“2015 ASI/EIS Award Remarks” (Waite), 23:72

“Of Dirt and Indexes” (Mertes), 23:71–72

journal descriptors

“Automated Indexing” (Humphreys) (letter), 8:157–159

“Automatic Indexing of Documents from Journal Descriptors: A Preliminary Investigation” (Humphreys) (rvw), 8:103

journal indexing. see periodicals, indexing

Journal of AHIMA

“More Than a Database: Mining Your Data for Decision-making Success” (Farishta) (rvw), 11:28

Journal of Healthcare Information Management

“Common Medical Terminology Comes of Age, Part One: Standard Language Improves Healthcare Quality” (Rose et al.) (rvw), 11:28

journal reviews. see reviews

journals, electronic

“Bibliometrics of electronic journals in information science” (Hawkins) (rvw), 10:164

Joy, Margie

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Meeting” (Walker) (conf rpt), 20:116–117 photo

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Report” (Greenblatt), 19:9 photo

Joy, Marjorie

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Conference” (Strange) (conf rpt), 17:9 photo

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Report” (Drialo), 16:43

“A Joycean Usability Experiment” (Towery), 16:26–27

“The Joy of Cookbook Indexing” (Wenzel) (conf rpt), 11:25–26

The Joy of Cooking (Rombauer)

“Indexes in Classic Cookbooks: An Analysis of the Indexes in The Joy of Cooking, 1931-1997” (Sassen), 9:9–11

“The Joy of Cookbook Indexing: A Reader Responds” (letter) (Klein), 9:138

“The Joy of Cookbook Indexing: The Indexer Responds” (letter) (Wolff), 9:138–139, 141

“The Joy of Work ... for Information Professionals” (Urquhart) (conf rpt), 11:91

Judge, Peter

“Thinking About Words: The Disappearing Adverb?,” 19:133

“Judging Excellence in Indexes: Demystifying the Process” (Perlman and Gottlieb) (conf rpt), 11:84

“Judging Indexes” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 13:77–78

Judgment of the Grave (Taylor), 14:142