Key Words Index 2000 – 2016 (Vol. 8 – 24)

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This index was prepared and edited by Pilar Wyman, former Editor, Key Words, with the assistance of Laurie Hlavaty Holod, Vicki Austin, Amron Gravett, and Jean Bruce.


  • (conf rpt)—report of a professional meeting
  • (letter)—letter to the editor
  • (rvw)—review of a publication or product

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Kalley, Jacqueline A.

Bibliography: Dead Duck or Useful Tool? Proceedings of a Conference Held in Johannesburg on 26th June 2002 (Kalley, ed.) (rvw), 11:124

Kann, Paul

“Legal Indexing SIG Report” (Harper), 19:12

“A Note from Mary Harper” (Legal Indexing SIG), 20:13

Kaplan, Elaine

“SoCAL Medical Indexing Panel Discussion: Part 1; a panel discussion with Maria Coughlin, Elaine Kaplan, and Frances Lennie” (Wyman, ed.), 9:13–20

“SoCAL Medical Indexing Panel Discussion: Part 2; a panel discussion with Frances Lennie, Maria Coughlin, and Elaine Kaplan” (Wyman, ed.), 9:47–51

Kaplan, Suzi

“From the President’s Desk” (Weaver), 16:4

“Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter: January and February Round Table Reports,” 16:42

“Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter Workshop at the National Library of Medicine” (Shear) (conf rpt), 17:46 photo

“New York City Chapter Report” (Kaplan), 16:80, 82

“Report: ASI/MSA Chapter News April/May 08” (Swope), 16:81

Karpinski, Ken

“Client/Indexer Relations” (Matheu) (conf rpt), 15:88

“From the President’s Desk” (Mertes), 18:40

“XML Tagging” (Coe, Karpinski, and Shrout) (conf rpt), 12:94

Karpuk, Susan

“Indexing Clarissa,” 9:116–118

Kasdorf, Bill, 13:7

Kasirer, Katherine

“Ten for Ten: Perfecting Our Craft — ISC/SCI Annual Conference, May 26-27, 2010” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 18:136

Kastern, Bill

“About Our Conference Report Contributors,” 18:81

“ASI Training Course — Q&A: Seth Maislin, Sandi Frank, et al” (conf rpt), 18:90

“More Naked Indexers: Fred Leise and Margie Towery” (conf rpt), 18:84

Kawabata, Julie, 21:79

“Conference Pictures,” 15:70 photo

“ASI Elections, 2004: New Members of the ASI Board of Directors,” 12:79

Keay, Julia

“Indexing on the Mekong Delta,” 19:121, 128

“Keeping Your Indexing Business Alive” (Rogers) (conf rpt), 19:96

Keesling, Mary

“Benefits for New Members” (letter), 8:193

Kells, Kari

“Dancing on Cobwebs: Decision-Making in Our Indexes” (conf rpt), 14:90–91

“Editing in the Age of e-Everything” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 20:33–34

“How do I index thee? Indexers count the ways: Part I,” 12:54–57

“How do I index thee? Indexers count the ways: Part II,” 12:124–126

“Indexers as Authors” (Badgett), 23:50

Inside Indexing: The Decision-Making Process (Smith and Kells), 13:138–139 (rvw)

“Comparison of Textbooks and Specialty Books on Indexing” (Fetters), 21:156–157

“Practice Indexes and Learning Indexing,” 10:67

“Report: ASI/MSA Chapter News April/May 08” (Swope), 16:81

“Sky Index Shortcuts: Efficient Editing” (Kells and Schreiner) (conf rpt), 14:99

“SkyIndex Shortcuts” (Kells) (conf rpt), 13:98

“Solving SKY Index Puzzles: Connecting with Macros and Pattern Matching” (Kells and Schreiner) (conf rpt), 14:99

“USDA Indexing Courses: A Panel Discussion” (Kells, Pope, Schroeder, and Wyman) (conf rpt), 11:89

Kelsch, Susan

“Indexing and Vocabulary Development” (conf rpt), 12:95–96

“Indexing and Vocabulary Development Research at Graduate Schools of Library and Information Science,” 13:24–26

Kennedy, Mary Lee

Intranets for Info Pros (Kennedy and Dysart, eds.) (rvw), 16:138

Kent State University

School of Library & Information Science, 13:25

Kerntiff Publishing Systems (KPS)

“ASI Online Learning: Learning about KPS (Kerntiff Publishing Systems) Indexing-related Plugins for InDesign” webinar, 23:47

Kessel, Shirley, 10:110


“Power Wording or How to Get Umph into Your Keywords” (From A to Zafran), 17:47–48

Key Words. see also Editor’s File

“ASI Seeks New Editor for Key Words, the Society Bulletin,” 14:83

“Checking In and Out of the Indexing Library” (Wyman), 11:101

errata, 14:77, 114; 17:43; 19:109

“Future Directions for Key Words” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 12:77

“Good Job!” (Zafran) (letter to the editor), 14:114

“Guidelines for Submissions to Key Words,” 8:44; 11:7; 12:6; 13:6; 14:6; 15:6, 38, 98; 16:19, 67, 116; 17:8; 18:67; 19:26, 47, 75; 20:44, 80, 143; 24(1):5; 24(2):6; 24(3):5; 24(4):5

Index, Volume 10, 11:12–16

Index, Volume 11, 12:9–14

Index, Volume 12, 13:9–14

Index, Volume 13, 14:10–16

Index, Volume 14, 14:118–142

Index, Volume 15, 16:130–132

Index, Volume 16, 17:49–50

Index, Volume 17, 18:50–54

“Journal Indexing” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 10:5

Key Words Goes Quarterly” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 10:145–146

“Kudos to Anne Leach!” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 11:69

“Kudos to Key Words“ (Charles) (letter) , 11:70

“Kudos to Key Words, continued” (Presley) (letter), 11:70

“Kudos to Key Words, continued” (Ste. Marie) (letter), 11:70

“Michael Thompson, Key Words’ New Managing Editor” (Wyman), 9:36

“A Time to Give Thanks” (President’s File) (Wyman), 20:112, 115

Volume 23 Index, 24(1):6–11

“Writing for Key Words,” 15:98

“Key Words in RFP Machine and RFP Express” (Jimerson), 18:100–104

“ASI Keywords Interview with Hugh McGuire” (Wyman and Ingle), 21:59–65

“Kick-Start Your Marketing” (Walls), 23:130–131

Kiesel, Jean

“From the Alamo to Zydeco Music: Create a Periodical Index for Your State/Region — Tips from the Experts” (Goetting, Ahrberg, Inouye, Kiesel, Kim, Minatodani, Stack, Stewart, and York) (conf rpt), 13:89

Kim, Michael

“From the Alamo to Zydeco Music: Create a Periodical Index for Your State/Region — Tips from the Experts” (Goetting, Ahrberg, Inouye, Kiesel, Kim, Minatodani, Stack, Stewart, and York) (conf rpt), 13:89

Kim, Yang-woo

“User-oriented Indexing: Accommodating Beyond-topical Aspects of Documents,” 12:20–25

King, Samuel P.

Broken Trust: Greed, Mismanagement & Political Manipulation at America’s Largest Charitable Trust (King and Roth), 14:106

King, Tom

The Operator: David Geffen Builds, Buys, and Sells the New Hollywood, 8:84

King, Trina

“Indexes in Fiction” (column), 10:79

“Indexes in the News” (column), 14:69

Kingdom, Ann

“Behind the Scenes,” 19:132

“Don’t Just Sit There, Give a Talk About Indexing,” 19:63

“Indexing Achievements Recognized: Wheatley Medal 2012,” 20:137

"An Indexing Olympiad: International Perspectives" (Wyman) (conf rpt), 20:133–135

“Publishing Technology Group Report” (SI), 20:65

“Society of Indexers Launch Online Course,” 18:135

“Standing Up for Indexing” (Wyman, Russell, Pincoe, Kingdom, and MacGlashan), 20:33

Kingsley, Ilana

“From the Editor of The Indexer” (MacGlashan), 16:68

“New Webmasters” (Lane and Harris), 12:43

“Usability of Web Indexes at an Academic Institution” (conf rpt), 14:92–93

“Usability Study of Web Indexes at an Academic Institution” (conf rpt), 13:96–97

Kingston, Andrea

“Editor’s File” (Reveal), 20:113

Kip, Judith (Judy)

“Adventures in Indexing,” 15:13, 45

“Conference Pictures,” 15:91 photo

Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine (KCOM)

“Beyond MEDLINE” (rvw), 8:148

Klefstad, Sue

“ASI Western New York Chapter Conference and Annual Meeting: Niche Indexing,” 21:123

“Heartland Chapter Fall 2013 Meeting: Playing the Marketing Game with Sue Klefstad,” 21:124

Klein, Babs

ASI 2000 Directory alphabetizing (letter), 8:74

“Humor in Indexing” (letter), 8:159

“The Joy of Cookbook Indexing: A Reader Responds” (letter), 9:138

“’Owed’ to the IRS Madams and SIRS From an Indexing Mind that Incessantly WhIRS,” 8:51

Kleinfeld, Sanders

“ASI Key Words Interview with Sanders Kleinfeld” (Ream and Wyman), 23:7–15

“Five Reasons for Optimism about the Future of eBooks,” 22:168–170

Klement, Susan

Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting (rvw), 10:133–138

Klinke, Kristi, 16:77 photo; 20:114 photo

Knapp, Chuck, 20:89 photo

“ASI/ISC-SCI 2016 Chicago Conference” (Arnold-Boyd), 24(4):8–9 photo

“Indexes and the Google Generation: What You Don’t Know CAN Hurt You” (conf rpt), 16:95

Knight, Joan

“Saying Good-bye: Joan Knight” (Maislin), 19:43

Knight, Kathryn

“Indexes in Popular Culture,” 11:30

knowledge indexes

“Nursing Knowledge Indexes” (rvw), 8:147

knowledge workers

“Looking Inside: Enterprise search offers companies several options to deal with data overload” (Jones) (rvw), 11:29

Knox, Karen C.

“Implementing Technology Solutions in Libraries” (rvw), 19:102


Kohlrabi Indexers Day, 9:129

“Kohlrabi Recipes Wanted!” (Fifer), 24(1):5; 24(2):5; 24(3):5; 24(4):5

“Mashed Kohlrabi” (Johnson), 11:74

Order of Kohlrabi

2002 Entrants, 10:95

2003 Entrants, 11:74

2013 Entrants, 21:78

2014 Entrants, 22:69 photo

2015 Entrants, 23:74 photo

“History of and Criteria for the Order of the Kohlrabi Award” (Mertes), 12:82–83

“Kohlrabi Awards,” 18:97; 24(3):9

Members of the Order of Kohlrabi, 12:82

Kojm, Christopher

“Writing The 9/11 Commission Report” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 13:128–132

Kotler, Laura

“Parliamentary Indexing” (McClung, Kotler, Cartmell, Chan, Dunlop, Hudson, and Ream) (conf rpt), 14:96

Kowalewski, Sally

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter: Fall Workshops,” 20:9 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter: Spring Workshop” (Jackson), 18:78 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Fall Workshop 2009: Practice, Support, and Practice” (Leise), 18:7 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Fall Workshops” (Presto), 19:11 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Fall Workshops: Ctrl/Shift/Y,” 20:9 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Winter Chat” (Jackson), 19:44 photo

Kowles, Gracie

“Nitty-Gritty Marketing and Pricing for Freelancers” (conf rpt), 18:79

Kozak, John

“Fast Field Guide Indexes” (rvw), 11:124

KPS (Kerntiff Publishing Systems)

“ASI Online Learning: Learning about KPS (Kerntiff Publishing Systems) Indexing-related Plugins for InDesign” webinar, 23:47

Kristick, Laurel L.

“Analysis of Serials Indexed in Meteorological and Geoastrophysical Abstracts (MGA)” (rvw), 11:123–124

Krug, Steve

Don’t Make Me Think: A Common Sense Approach to Web Usability, 2nd ed. (Krug), 14:141

Krumholz, Phyllis

“Streamlining Our Work Processes: Connie Binder, Becky Hornyak and Bonnie Hanks” (conf rpt), 18:82–83, 82 photo

“Kudos for Pacific Northwest Chapter Pro Bono Program,” 11:72

“Kudos to Anne Leach!” (Wyman) (Editor’s File), 11:69

“Kudos to Key Words“ (Charles) (letter) , 11:70

“Kudos to Key Words, continued” (Presley) (letter), 11:70

“Kudos to Key Words, continued” (Ste. Marie) (letter), 11:70

Kunstler, James Howard

The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First Century, 14:69

Kupersmith, John

“Library Terms That Users Understand,“ “Library Terms Evaluated in Usability Tests and Other Studies,“ “Terms Found on Usability-Tested Library Home Pages” (rvw), 11:125–126

Kurson, Ken

Leadership (Giuliani and Kurson), 11:53

Kvern, Ole

“Indexing with InDesign” (Delaney) (conf rpt), 20:94 photos

Kwilos, Janina

“The Glory and the Nothing of a Name” (conf rpt), 20:88

Index It Right! Advice from the Experts, Volume 2 (Perlman and Zafran, eds.) (rvw), 18:141–142

“Southern California Chapter Winter Workshop Evaluating Indexes: A Fresh Perspective for Indexers,” 23:35, 35 photo

“Thank you!” (Reveal) (conf rpt), 20:86