Key Words Index 2000 – 2016 (Vol. 8 – 24)

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This index was prepared and edited by Pilar Wyman, former Editor, Key Words, with the assistance of Laurie Hlavaty Holod, Vicki Austin, Amron Gravett, and Jean Bruce.


  • (conf rpt)—report of a professional meeting
  • (letter)—letter to the editor
  • (rvw)—review of a publication or product

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“NAICS Codes” (Mertes), 19:21, 34

naked indexing

“More Naked Indexers: Fred Leise and Margie Towery” (Kastern) (conf rpt), 18:84

“Name Authority” (Lopez), 20:131–132 illus

names. see also personal names

“Extracting Plant Names” (Ream) (conf rpt), 13:95

“Legal Names: 20 Questions and Answers on How to Enter Case Names” (Zafran), 21:139–142, 144


“Machine-Aided Indexing (MAI) at the NASA Center for Aerospace Information (CASI)” (rvw), 8:220–221

“The NASA Image Collection Visual Thesaurus” (rvw), 8:61

“NASCAR Indexing: Creating and Maintaining Speed” (Mertes) (conf rpt), 13:98–99

Natale, Marc

“Programmatic Aids for Indexers: Document Comparison” (conf rpt), 12:93–94

The Nation

“Indexing as Hard Labor: “Convict Indexing” in the 1880s” (Drazan), 16:22

National Agricultural Library (NAL)

“Mid-South Atlantic (MSAC) Chapter Report” (Binder), 18:44, 44 photo

National Information Standards Organization (NISO). see NISO

National Institute of Biodiversity [Instituto Nacional de Biodiversidad (INBio)], 10:83

National Library of Medicine (NLM)

“Dancing Backwards in High Heels: An Introduction to Database Indexing” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 10:70–74

“Frequently Asked Questions about Indexing,” 10:75

“Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter Workshop at the National Library of Medicine” (Shear) (conf rpt), 17:46 photos

“The NLM Indexing Initiative” (Aronson) (conf rpt), 12:97–98

“Use of NLM’s New MeSH Browser and other NLM Databases as Medical Indexing Tools for Non-MEDLINE Indexers” (Ochej) (conf rpt), 9:121

National Writer’s Union (NWU), 8:122, 124

“Joint Meeting with the National Writers Union Washington, DC Chapter, ASI (DC/ASI), September 22, 2005” (Wyman), 14:58

Nauman-Montana, Beth

“About Our Conference Report Contributors,” 18:81

“Bidding and Pricing: As Always, ’It Depends’ — Jan Wright and Janet Perlman” (Nauman-Montana and Sweum) (conf rpt), 18:85, 85 photo

“Showcasing Pro Bono Work and the Benefits of Collaboration” (Gravett and Nauman-Montana), 21:112–114, 116

“Navigating the Future of Technical Communication: STC’s 51st Annual Conference” (Wyman), 12:100–104

NEASI. see New England Chapter

Nedrow, Sue

Indexes in the News (column), 13:132

“New Products,” 12:70

“Online Resources for Foreign Names,” 11:109

negative indexing

letter to the editor (Russell), 18:5, 26

“Negative Indexing: Hands Across the see” (Bell and Wyman), 19:64

Netherlands Indexing Network. see NIN


“ASI Co-sponsors Networking Happy Hour at Tucson Festival of Books” (Perlman), 22:44 photos

“Networking Dinners Unite and Reunite Indexers from Far Corners” (Landes), 17:10

Social Networking 101 webinar (Chapter Report Twin Cities Chapter), 18:48

Network Notebook (column), 8:31–34, 64–65, 99–101, 142–145, 176–177, 215–216; 9:25–27, 61–63, 93–95

Neumann, Mary

“An Indexer’s Reference Shelf” (Burt) (conf rpt), 11:56–57

“New ASI Indexing Awards” (Walker), 24(2):9

“New ASI Webmaster!” (Haskins, Lane, Weaver), 13:43

Newberry, Mary

“ASI/ISC-SCI 2016 Chicago Conference” (Arnold-Boyd), 24(4):8–9 photo

Ewart-Daveluy Indexing Award, 23:93 photo

“Indexing, The Art Of: Toronto Workshop” (Poplak) (conf rpt), 20:104

“ISC/SCI: Co-presidents’ Report” (Newberry and Watts), 20:103

“Ten for Ten: Perfecting Our Craft — ISC/SCI Annual Conference, May 26-27, 2010” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 18:142

Newbery and Caldecott Awards: A Subject Index (Goetting, Richard, Curry, and Miguez) (conf rpt), 13:96

“The Newbie and the Newspaper: A Field Trip to a Source of Indexable Material” (Barr), 23:78–80

Newbie Award

“New ASI Indexing Awards” (Walker), 24(2):9

“Newbie Conference Reports – What We Learned at the ASI Conference” (Milkie and Dietrich), 9:128

“A Newbie Gets Noticed” (Barr), 23:149–150

“A Newbie Gets Organized” (Barr), 21:66–70

“Newbie Indexing Contest Continues in Third Year,” 24(3):28

“Newbie Reflections” (Barr), 22:9–10

“The Newbies” (Zafran), 21:44–46, 50

New England Chapter (NEASI)

“Massachusetts Society of Indexers renamed New England Chapter of the American Society of Indexers,” 11:75

“NEASI Chapter Report for Fall Meeting 2010” (Dunn), 19:9, 12

“NEASI Fall 2009 Conference” (conf rpts), 18:45, 46

“NEASI Hosts Prize-Winning Indexer-Writer Glenda Browne” (Blough) (conf rpt), 16:10

“NEASI Spring 2010 Meeting” (conf rpt), 18:79

“The New England and Western New York ASI Chapters Fall Meeting” (Guiliano), 23:121–123 photos

“New England Chapter of the American Society of Indexers (NEASI)” (Dubnick), 15:41

“The New England Chapter Report” (Jesensky), 17:11–12

“Ten Principles for Creating Better Indexes” (Towery), 19:113

new indexers

“Behind Every Index is a Story” (Ehlers), 18:52

“Finding Direction: Reflections of a Once and Future Newbie” (Anderson), 18:19, 31

“Getting Started in Indexing with Madge Walls” (Delaney) (conf rpt), 20:91 photos

“How to Start Your Indexing Business: Sandi Frank” (Ewald) (conf rpt), 18:89, 89 photo

“New Member/First Time Attendee Orientation” (2012 conference) (photo), photo

“Part of the Indexing Pie: Q&A on Industry Entry Points” (Sweum), 18:130–131

“Taking a Deep Breath and Diving In” (Landis-Steward), 15:60

“Thoughts from a New Indexer” (Gordon), 16:134

"A Year in the Life of a Newbie: Kendra Millis" (Ewald) (conf rpt), 18:92, 92 photo

“The New INDEX-L,” 8:107

“New IndexStudents Era,” 13:60

New Mexico Chapter. see A to Zia New Mexico Indexers

“New Periodical/Database SIG approved,” 16:119

New Products (column)

Atlas™ Ergonomic Book & Copy Holders, 12:141–142

CatchTheWeb, 10:138

eXtend XML Search Engine, 10:80

Global Business Taxonomy (GBT), 11:61

Index Tools, 10:52

Index Tools Professional (ITP), 10:52

IXGen, 10:80

Machine Aided Indexer (M.A.I.), 9:65

MakeIndex, 9:185

MedicalLinguistics Update™, 12:70

Movable Type, 10:166

NewsIndexer, 9:65

TagGen Office, 9:29

Teragram TK240, 14:32

ViewWise™ 5.6, 13:70

Xindy, 9:185

XRefHT32, 13:141–142

“News from ASI’s Digital Trends Task Force,” 20:79

News from the Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB) (column), 14:34

News from the Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (column), 13:34

News from the Australian Society of Indexers (column), 10:109–110; 11:27; 12:62

“News from the Other Side of the Pond: The Cambridge SIdelights Review” (Mertes) (conf rpt), 8:172–173

News from the Society of Indexers (column), 8:141; 9:23, 60; 10:25, 48, 76, 110, 161; 11:59, 93; 12:104; 13:28, 34, 62, 102–103, 133; 14:29, 59, 101, 106, 136

NewsIndexer (rvw), 9:65


Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter (MSA), 20:81

“New Southern US ASI Chapter Formed” (Witt), 18:79

newspaper indexing. see also periodicals

“Behind Prison Walls, a Considerable Indexing Project is Underway” (Dunham), 15:116–119

“How to Be the Newspaper of Record” (Tifft and Jones), 10:23

“The Indexer as Consultant: Collaborative Indexing of Community Newspapers” (Weaver) (conf rpt), 13:92–93

“The Indexer as Consultant: Collaborative Indexing of Community Newspapers” (Weaver), 14:18–23, 33

“Indexing the San Antonio Register; A Historical Source for African-Americans” (Fetters and Hanks) (conf rpt), 10:102

“A Model Retrospective Newspaper Index” (Hammer), 16:85–89, 106

“The Newbie and the Newspaper: A Field Trip to a Source of Indexable Material” (Barr), 23:78–80

“Newspaper Indexing Policies and Procedures” (Semonche) (rvw), 8:218

“Notes From a Newbie” (Barr), 21:16–18

“Oregonian Index Conversion Project” (Bear) (conf rpt), 13:91

“New Taxonomies & Controlled Vocabularies SIG website” (Hedden), 16:11

Newton, Karin

“Interview with Karin Newton, representative of ASI organizational member Matthew Bender” (Wyman, ed.), 12:116–118

New York Chapter

“ASI NY Chapter Conference” (Manner), 18:10

“Business, Ethics & Technology” (London) (conf rpt), 12:61, 69

“Indexing Tour of The New York Times” (London), 13:27

“Lunch Meetings,” 17:43 photos

“Mertes Talk” (Manner), 17:43

“The New York Chapter of ASI’s 3rd Annual Conference: ’Past, Present and Future Indexes’” (Tobin), 10:131

“New York Chapter Tours H. W. Wilson Company” (Fisher), 8:67

“NY Chapter History” (Mazefsky), 9:61–62

“Physical Fitness” (Manner) (conf rpt), 16:42

New York City Chapter

“Brian O’Leary a Hit in NYC” (Tulic) (conf rpt), 21:8

“Fall Workshop 2011” (Spanier), 20:10

“New York City Chapter Report” (Kaplan), 16:80, 82

“New York City Chapter Tours the Municipal Archives of the City of New York” (Linzer), 19:45, 48

“NYC ASI Luncheon on Tuesday, November 19th” (Linzer), 21:152

“Refine and Shine Conference; Editing and Marketing for Indexers” (Manner), 20:44 photos

“The New York Public Library Digital Collection” (Jones), 24(2):24–25

The New York Times

Ethical Journalism: Code of Conduct for the News and Editorial Departments, 11:53, 58

“Ex-Aide’s Book Corners Market in Capital Buzz” (Swarns), 12:83

“How to Be the Newspaper of Record” (Tifft and Jones), 10:23

“Indexing Tour of The New York Times” (London), 13:27

“Organize From A to Z at the Back of a Book” (Biersdorfer), 12:83

“Washington Books Bring Out Index Fingers” (Lee), 12:83, 85

New Zealand. see ANZSI (Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers)

“Niceties or Necessities: A Response to Peter Meyer’s ’Missing Entry: Whither the eBook Index’ ” (Wright), 20:17–18, 24

“Niche Indexing: Indexing for All Types of Indexers with Kate Mertes and Enid Zafran” (Klefstad), 21:123

Nickel and Dimed: On (Not) Getting By in America (Ehrenreich), 11:53

Nickerson, Alexandra

“Business Models” (Coughlin, Leise, Nickerson, and Patton) (conf rpt), 12:93

“Business Models/Practices: A Collaborative Discussion” (Leise and Nickerson) (conf rpt), 13:93

“The New England and Western New York ASI Chapters Fall Meeting” (Guiliano), 23:121–123

“Professionalism in Indexing” (Coughlin and Nickerson) (conf rpt), 9:121

Nickle, Onni

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Fall Workshop 2009: Practice, Support, and Practice” (Leise), 18:7 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Spring Practicum” (Jackson) (conf rpt), 16:43 photo

“Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter Spring Workshop” (Jackson), 18:78 photo

Niederhoff, Barbara

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Meeting” (Walker) (conf rpt), 20:116–117 photo

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Fall Workshop” (conf rpt), 22:140 photos; 23:124 photo

Night, Riça

“Ten for Ten: Perfecting Our Craft — ISC/SCI Annual Conference, May 26-27, 2010” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 18:137


“Personal Tech: Nikon’s new swiveler should turn heads” (Mello), 11:53

The 9/11 Commission Report

“Writing The 9/11 Commission Report” (Wyman) (conf rpt), 13:128–132

NIN (Netherlands Indexing Network)

“SI 2010 Conference Goes Overseas” (Diepeveen), 18:33

“Website Indexing Comes to The Netherlands” (van der Laan), 15:121

NISO (National Information Standards Organization), 15:56

“About the National Information Standards Organization (NISO),” 15:56

“From the President’s Desk” (Mertes), 18:11

“Issues in Crosswalking Content Metadata Standards” (rvw), 8:220

“Karen Wetzel joins NISO as Standards Program Manager,” 15:56

“NISO Announces Initial Successes in Implementation of Strategic Plan,” 15:56

“NISO/APA/ASI/ALCTS Workshop on Electronic Thesauri: Planning for a Standard” (rvw), 8:103

“NISO Appointments,” 9:38

“NISO BICI (Book Item and Component Identifier) Standard” (Mertes), 8:27–28

“NISO Electronic Thesaurus Workshop Update,” 8:96

“NISO News,” 9:168; 10:35

“NISO’s Todd Carpenter Speaks on Altmetrics at TOC 2013” (Ingle) (conf rpt), 21:41

“Standards for Electronic Thesauri Report to the ASI Board on the Joint Workshop Sponsored by NISO, ASI, and ALCTS” (Mertes), 8:26

“Nitty-Gritty Marketing and Pricing for Freelancers” (Kowles) (conf rpt), 18:79

NLM (National Library of Medicine)

“The NLM Indexing Initiative” (Aronson) (conf rpt), 12:97–98

“Use of NLM’s New MeSH Browser and other NLM Databases as Medical Indexing Tools for Non-MEDLINE Indexers” (Ochej) (conf rpt), 9:121

Nocito, Gabriela

“2014 Conference Reports,” 22:105 photo

North American Industry Classification System (NAICS)

“NAICS Codes” (Mertes), 19:21, 34

North American Symposium on Knowledge Organization (NASKO)

“From the President’s Desk” (Mertes), 18:4

“Northern Entries, 2003 Joint ASI-IASC/SCAD Annual Conference Report” (Wyman), 11:82–93


“Do Notes Have You in Knots?” (From A to Zafran), 18:49, 66

“Hitting the High Notes” (From A to Zafran), 20:46–48, 54

“Notes From a Newbie” (Barr), 21:16–18

“Novels with Indexing -- a Warning” (Coughlin), 8:168

Nuchols, Marie

“Rocky Mountain Chapter Report” (Greenblatt), 19:9 photo

NuCompare (OpenSource Inc.)

“Programmatic Aids for Indexers: Document Comparison” (Natale) (conf rpt), 12:93–94


“The Numbers Game” (From A to Zafran), 17:13–14

“When Numbers Meet Letters” (From A to Zafran), 18:117–119

nursery rhymes

“Indexing Nursery Rhymes” (McMaster), 19:66

“Nursing Knowledge Indexes” (rvw), 8:147

“NY Chapter History” (Mazefsky), 9:61–62