ASI Names Pilar Wyman 2017 Hines Award Winner

The ASI Hines Committee has selected Pilar Wyman as the recipient of the 2017 Hines Award. The Theodore C. Hines Award honors those members who have provided exceptional service to ASI. Pilar has made exceptional contributions to ASI, and through her leadership, commitment to education, mentorship, and empowerment of members, she has enhanced the future of ASI.

An advocate for excellence in indexing, she has been active on the chapter level, the SIG level, the national level, and the international level. As evidenced by the many letters of nomination received in support of Pilar, she is truly worthy of this honor.

As International Representative of ASI, Pilar has attended the Frankfurt Book Fair and has represented ASI at conferences held by many sister indexing organizations throughout the world.

“She has traveled extensively as ASI ambassador, and has been the face of ASI and indexing both within the profession, at our sister societies in other countries and continents, and outside the indexing world, at digital technology conferences and the Frankfurt Book Fair,” said Janet Perlman, former treasurer of ASI.

Instrumental in moving indexing into the digital age, Pilar has advocated for e-book standards. “As a member of the DTTF she helped ASI members understand and adjust to indexing digitally. With Dave Ream and Jan Wright, she represented ASI at important industry meetings and pushed for electronic standards for e-book indexes,” said Charlee Trantino, former president of ASI.

Publications have been very important in Pilar’s career. She has served as editor of Key Words twice and was largely responsible for moving it into an online publication. She is currently chair of the Publications Committee and has worked to turn many ASI publications into e-books.

As a member of the Mid-South Atlantic Chapter, Pilar served as chapter chair and editor of the chapter newsletter. She has also organized and participated in numerous programs and retreats for chapter members.

“Pilar’s commitment to mentorship and member development is evident in everything she does. At informal chapter events and networking time, I have watched Pilar patiently answer questions and gently guide new indexers in solving problems,” said Connie Binder, former secretary of ASI.

In addition to serving as an exam reviewer for the ASI training course, Pilar was an instructor for the USDA indexing course. She has worked with other organizations such as the American Medical Writers Association and the Society of Technical Communication, participating in numerous programs for these groups.

“Her advocacy for indexing has touched many people and made them aware of what indexers can do, and how we can help the publishing world,” said Jan Wright.

When Pilar sees a problem, she looks for a solution. While serving as ASI president, Pilar attended a chapter event at which members began discussing how to best handle indexing issues and lamenting the lack of a clear guide. Pilar formed the Best Practices Task Force, which created the Best Practices for Indexing guide.

Pilar has served on the national board several times. In 2011, she became Vice President, then served as President in 2012. She was involved with the selection and change of management firms. She has chaired many committees including nominations, Wilson, and Hines and is a member of the Order of Kohlrabi.

Connie Binder wrote, “I cannot imagine a more worthy recipient of the Hines Award,” yet Pilar was truly surprised to learn that her peers had selected her for this honor, responding, “I’m not done.” ASI can continue to look for remarkable things from Pilar.

Sandi Schroeder, Chair

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