ASI Announces Kendra Millis is the Recipient of the 2020 Hines Award

Kendra Millis, recipient of the 2020 Hines Award

The American Society for Indexing (ASI) is pleased to announce that the 2020 Theodore C. Hines Award for continuous dedication and exceptional service to ASI is awarded to Kendra Millis.

The nomination packet submitted to the Hines Committee contained numerous supporting letters. These letters highlighted different aspects of Kendra’s many contributions to ASI and to the indexing profession in general.

Kendra was a member of the national Board of Directors and ASI president, serving for a total of six years. As a member of the board, she started the ASI Webinar Series and served as chair for two years. The Webinar series is one of ASI’s most productive and successful contributions to the indexing community. Kendra also served as chair of the Marketing Committee and formed the Publishers’ Outreach Committee. She also has written several articles for Key Words. All of these endeavors are part of ASI’s mission of education and support of indexers.

Kendra also organized the 2018 Strategic Planning event, where board members worked to establish a vision and course for ASI’s future.

Her commitment to education is evident not only in her work on the Webinar Series, but also in her role as a University of California-Berkeley course instructor, and her extensive service with the ASI Annual Conference. Kendra has presented numerous sessions at conferences throughout the years. She also served as conference planner for the 2019 “Bloom in the Desert” annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, and is currently serving as conference planner for the 2020 annual conference. Her calm presence and quick thinking have enabled a seamless pivot from an in-person to a virtual conference.

Kendra’s ability to handle difficult situations has served ASI well over the years. According to former ASI president and fellow Hines Award winner Ina Gravitz, her service to the board during the difficult management company transition several years ago was indispensable, as her “calm presence, questions, and comments during this process were very helpful in keeping the meetings on track and productive.”

Devon Thomas, former ASI president and board member, noted Kendra’s sense of humor and her ability to model “what it is to be a successful indexer who gives back to her profession, whether as an educator, a volunteer or a leader.”

All the nomination letters for Kendra noted her ability to connect to new indexers, and help them contribute to the ongoing health of ASI. Kendra’s leadership is an asset to ASI, past, present, and future.

With our appreciation, ASI is pleased to present the 2020 Hines Award to Kendra Millis.

Thank you to the Hines Award Committee, chaired this year by Meghan Miller Brawley.

For more information on the history of the Hines Award, visit this page.

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