ASI Announces Hines Award Recipient for 2014

Kate Mertes
The Hines Award Committee (Enid L. Zafran, chair and Frances Lennie and Janet Perlman, members) is pleased to announce that Kate Mertes has been chosen as the recipient of the ASI Hines Award for 2014.

Kate was nominated by two ASI members, Sandi Schroeder and Elizabeth Walker. Each nominated her without knowing the other person was likewise submitting a nomination. This simultaneous nomination attests to the worthiness of Kate to receive this honor from ASI which acknowledges "an individual who has shown continuous, dedicated, and exceptional service to the membership of ASI."

Kate has held numerous official posts within the ASI organization: twice she has served as ASI President, she was on the ASI Board, she served as her local chapter chair, and presently she holds the position of Conference Organizer. She has given many presentations to local chapters, at the ASI Annual Conference, and most recently via Webinar. In addition, she has written for ASI/ITI publications on such topics as theology, Greek and Roman names, law, and indexing advice for authors and editors. She also contributed a business course for new indexers (co-written with Enid L. Zafran) as a module for ASI's Indexing Training Course.

When asked to step up over and over again, Kate has not said "no." She has done so with good humor, through good times and lean times for the organization. When ASI had challenges, she righted its course with a firm hand. She participates in SIG discussions, offers advice to new indexers when they contact her, and has shown herself to be a model indexer by winning the Wilson Award 2013 for excellence in indexing. Her contribution to the profession has made her a well known name to her peers who value her leadership in the organization.

Please join us in congratulating Kate for her accomplishments and her contributions to ASI.

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