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Upcoming ASI Events
  ASI Online Learning: How to Create Brilliantly Structured Indexes
  Webinar: Introduction to Embedded Index Creation Using IXMLembedder
Upcoming Chapter Events
ASI Members Are Honored with Awards
Recent Chapter Events
Other Upcoming Events for Indexers

Upcoming ASI Events

ASI Online Learning: How to Create Brilliantly Structured Indexes: A Metatopic- and Pan-Granular-Based Process

Three-Part Online Class with Fred Leise

November 3, 10, and 17, 2016

10 a.m. Pacific; 11 Mountain; 12 p.m. Central; 1 p.m. Eastern

FredLeise_4977_1Designed for indexers of all experience levels, including advanced indexers, this three-session course (each session is 60 minutes in length) focuses on the rarely discussed topic of index structure.

Index structure can make or break the usability of an index, and many indexers often spend inordinate amounts of time during the indexing and editing process revising and reworking their existing index structure. This course provides a nearly foolproof process for creating a brilliantly structured index from the ground up.

The course focuses the discussion of index structure using the lens of two important concepts: the metatopic and granularity. After a thorough exploration of those two topics, the course provides a detailed process using both “structural” and “textual” indexing to create highly structured indexes that mirror the structure of the text.

Read an interview with Fred Leise and the course details.

Webinar: Introduction to Embedded Index Creation Using IXMLembedder with David K. Ream

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

10 a.m. Pacific; 11 a.m. Mountain; 12 p.m. Central; 1 p.m. Eastern


IXMLembedder is software developed by Leverage Technologies, Inc. It allows indexing to occur in stand-alone indexing software and then embeds the index entries into the document(s). This will be an interactive demonstration of how to insert Identifiers (IDs) into Word, InDesign, and XML files and use the IDs in stand-alone software to create entries to be embedded into these files.

Learn more about the webinar in this interview with Dave Ream or register here. Note: The webinar will be available for replay. If you cannot attend on the day of the webinar, register now to receive the best rate.

Upcoming Chapter Events


New England Chapter
Lunch with the President-Elect, Kendra Millis

Friday, October 14, 2016, 11 a.m.–2 p.m.
Maine Audubon, 20 Gilsland Farm Rd.
Falmouth, ME

Join us for an informal indexers luncheon. Kendra Millis, new ASI President-elect, will give a few informal remarks with plenty of time for sharing and networking (and trail-walking if you’re so inclined) afterwards. Lunch/beverage is available for purchase @ $10.00 each. Please email by October 11 if you will be purchasing lunch.

Rocky Mountain Chapter
Fall Workshop — Indexing Narrative and Biography

October 22, 2016, 8:30 a.m.–5:00 p.m.
Englewood, CO

Details and registration information can be found on the ASI Rocky Mountain Chapter activities page. The hotel is offering a discount for attendees.

East Coast Regional Indexing Meeting

November 11–12, 2016
Philadelphia, PA
In order to accommodate a growing waiting list, additional seats have been added and registrations are again being accepted. See August See Also for details. Registration information can be found on the Chapters page under Mid- and South-Atlantic.

ASI Members Are Honored with Awards

ASI Member Wins Purple Pen Award

Sam Arnold-Boyd (L) receives the Purple Pen Award from Enid Zafran

Sam Arnold-Boyd (L) receives the Purple Pen Award from Enid Zafran

Sam Arnold-Boyd has won the Purple Pen Award for New Indexers from The Institute of Certified Indexers for her index of A Thousand Cuts: The Bizarre Underground World of Collectors and Dealers Who Saved the Movies (by Dennis Bartok and Jeff Joseph and published by the University Press of Mississippi).

Sam has had a varied career as a teacher and school librarian, retiring in 2015. She then completed the University of California Berkeley Indexing: Theory and Application course and Kari Kells’s tutorials as she launched her business, Cascade Indexing. In addition to her MLS, she has a BA in Linguistics and an MS in Interdisciplinary Studies: Teaching, both from the University of Oregon in her hometown of Eugene. Sam is active in the Pacific Northwest Chapter of the American Society for Indexing.

PNW Names Two Sherry Smith Award for New Indexers Recipients

Amber DeDerick (L) and Anna Laube

Amber DeDerick (L) and Anna Laube

This year the Pacific Northwest chapter has inaugurated an annual award to help a new indexer attend the PNW fall conference. The award was named for Sherry Smith, who is known for her mentoring and encouragement of new and emerging indexers, and the goal is to bring more people into active engagement with the chapter. In honor of its 20th anniversary, the chapter decided to make two awards. One is to Amber DeDerick of Port Angeles, WA, who is taking the ASI course and came to her first chapter meeting last year. The other is to Anna Laube of Seattle, WA, who is also enrolled in the ASI course.

At Peninsula College, Amber was awarded a National Science Foundation Grant and conducted undergraduate research in microbial ecology. She spent five years in social services, then started work for Amazon back when they sold only books, learning cataloging and researching indexing. After buying Mulvaney’s book and going to dinner with a freelance indexer to learn more, she started taking the ASI training course.

Anna has a degree in Sociology and Anthropology from Carleton College. After working at Google, she left to pursue a career as a singer-songwriter and has been successful in Europe. She just released her fourth studio album and reached #6 on the Euro Americana charts. She discovered indexing from a friend who was putting himself through graduate school by indexing, and hopes to index along with pursuing her musical career.

Scholarship Awarded for ASI East Coast Regional Meeting

lori_holtzinger1The Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter of the American Society for Indexing is pleased to announce the award of a $500 scholarship to attend the ASI East Coast Regional Meeting which will be held in Philadelphia, PA, on November 11–12, 2016. Please join us in congratulating Lori Holtzinger. Lori has been a freelance book and journal indexer since 2008. Lori's niece introduced her to the idea of indexing and she completed her training through the USDA, with Kari Kells as her mentor. Lori works full time as an occupational therapist with special needs children in the school system, so her freelance business, Zinger Indexing, is truly moonlighting. She has indexed books in the areas of psychology, social work, nursing and allied health, talent development, and local history. A Pennsylvania native, Lori now resides in southern Delaware with her husband, Joe, and her feline administrative assistant, Betty.

Recent Chapter Events

Pacific Northwest chapter of ASI celebrates its 20th Anniversary

The Pacific Northwest chapter of ASI celebrated its 20th Anniversary with two days of workshops and a networking dinner, September 16–17, 2016.

The first workshop was “Indexing Narratives and Biographies,” presented by Enid Zafran. Both new and experienced indexers enjoyed the lively day-long session, which included hands-on exercises as well as a presentation detailing the analytical process a narrative text demands. Enid skillfully facilitated some general indexing discussions regarding subjects such as client relations.

pnw_meeting-attendees1On the second day, Carol Roberts presented “Marketing for the Shy,” an inspiring talk on marketing techniques suitable for new and experienced indexers alike. Most of the strategies she taught—using social media (especially searching for editors on LinkedIn), asking for referrals from existing clients, and using Amazon’s advanced search feature to research prospects—are free to try and only require a time investment, which she recommends at 2–3 hours per week. Find more of Carol’s suggestions on indexing in Marketing Your Indexing Services, 3rd ed., edited by Anne Leach.

pnw_dinner1In her afternoon session, Carol Roberts presented practical approaches for “Painless Index Editing.” Her time-saving techniques aim to streamline the indexing process, automate repetitive tasks, and focus the final line-by-line edit. When indexing initially, Carol makes a checklist and flags entries with questions so that she doesn’t lose her train of thought. Once she’s finished with the first pass, it’s much more efficient to solve these problems in groups. She also doesn’t want to recheck locators, so she is scrupulous about page numbers on this first pass. Carol creates macros for tasks involving repetition. Her final steps involve a methodical line-by-line edit in which she applies a checklist to each line.

Other Upcoming Events for Indexers

Frankfurt International Indexing Conference

October 20, 2016
9:30–11:00 a.m. and 3:30–5:30 p.m.

The conference is organized by ASI’s affiliates Deutsches Netzwerk der Indexer (DNI) and Nederlands Indexers Netwerk (NIN).
Several ASI members will give presentations. The conference is free but attendants must buy a one-day ticket to the Fair for Professional visitors. See the Frankfurter Buchmesse site or email to

The History of the Index: A Two-Day Symposium

June 22–23, 2017
Bodleian Centre for the Study of the Book
Oxford, UK

Proposals (250 words) for papers of 20 minutes are being accepted until November 30, 2016.

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