ASI Cookbook


The ASI Cookbook, edited by Kate Mertes and indexed by Elizabeth Parsons, contains 79 pages of recipes contributed by ASI members who generously gave of their time, talent and personal recipes.

Indexers bring many of the same qualities to cooking that they use in their chosen profession: a passion for getting the details right, a strong sense of order, and a desire to devise a final product that is nourishing (physically and mentally), well-balanced, appropriate for its audience, and ultimately satisfying. To that end, you will find in this book recipes that are sophisticated, simple, light, rich, profound, and amusing.

This book is a must have for dedicated indexers who would like to cook as they index. The comments included in the book are well worth the read even if you aren't a cook!

Contact ASI administrative office for purchase.

Member/List Price: $3.00