Key Words TOC


Table of Contents: Current Issue
Volume 30 Number 3

Fall 2022


  • Paratext: A Glossary of Common Subheading Phrases by Fred Leise
  • Eyes on Our World: Publishing Industry News by Janet Perlman
  • Getting to Know NISO by Anne Fifer
  • Launching a Freelance Indexing Business by Vickie Jacobs
  • 52,000 Card Pick-Up: Phyllis Diller at the Smithsonian by Amy Hall
  • Ask, Talk, Learn: Indexer Discussion Lists by Diana Witt
  • Taxonomy Creation and Facet-Aware Indexing by Heather Hedden
  • How-To How-Tos by Nan Badgett
  • Indexes in the Archive by Michele Combs
  • Shortcuts to Productivity by Daniel Heila


  • President’s Message by Gina Guilinger
  • Editor’s File by Daniel Heila

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