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ASI Webinar Replay—PDFs in the Indexing Process: Maximizing Your Efficiency

PDFs in the Indexing Process: Maximizing Your Efficiency with Connie Binder This fast-paced webinar will explore the use of Adobe Reader, Acrobat Standard/Pro, and Margaret Berson’s Megabit Macros in the indexing process, with the goal of increasing data-entry speed and accuracy. Topics will include: Find Advanced Search Setting Preferences Navigation and keyboard shortcuts Getting terms […]

ASI Announces Recipient of 2015 ASI/EIS Publishing Award for Excellence in Indexing

Kate Mertes earns award for The Church Historian’s Press title The American Society of Indexing announces that the recipient of the 2015 ASI/EIS Publishing Award for Excellence in Indexing is Kate Mertes for her index to The Joseph Smith Papers: Documents , Volume 3 (February 1833 — March 1834), published by The Church Historian’s Press. […]

ASI Selects 2015 Hines Award Recipient

The 2015 Theodore C. Hines Award for continuous dedication and exceptional service to the American Society for Indexing (ASI) is awarded to Carolyn G. Weaver. Carolyn has been, and still is, a constant, calm, and competent presence within the ASI ranks. She serves her local chapter (Pacific Northwest) admirably in various capacities, and has served […]

Keeping It Real: How Do You Find Your—and Everyone’s—Everyday Information?

Meet Our Keynote Presenter Everyday life information about health, community, employment, civics, relationships, shopping, culture, and more is intrinsic to existence—part of our social information fabric. For eons this has been created and shared socially per cultural norms and always affected by changing demographics, technology, and economics. This sort of everyday information is intrinsic to […]

Online Learning
ASI Online Learning: Learning about KPS (Kerntiff Publishing Systems) Indexing-related Plugins for InDesign

Learning about KPS (Kerntiff Publishing Systems) Indexing-related Plugins for InDesign with Lucie Haskins Step-by-step instruction on how to use the helpful KPS plugins with Adobe’s most popular desktop publishing program InDesign Once you’re familiar with InDesign’s native indexing module, you’ll appreciate the spiffy KPS tools that can shortcut some tasks or augment with functions completely […]

ASI Online Learning: Practical Taxonomy Creation

Practical Taxonomy Creation Three-Part Series with Heather Hedden “Practical Taxonomy Creation” is a 3-part ASI Online Learning course, taught by Heather Hedden. This is a terrific offering for indexers wanting to expand their skill set and create a wider vista for work. Where are taxonomies and controlled vocabularies needed? Periodical and database indexing and large, […]

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