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Indexes in eBooks

ASI’s Digital Trends Task Force has often suggested that indexers ask their clients about eBook versions of the books they are working on. Will they have indexes, if not, why not? In an effort to help provide indexers some responses to what publishers or editors may say, this Executive Summary is being provided. It attempts More »»»

ASI Webinar: Autoclassification—Information Management Strategies with Seth Maislin


This webinar was presented June 25, 2014

Even the best information management strategies will fail miserably if you don’t get the keywording right. As amounts of valuable content proliferate exponentially, and requirements for precision and context-sensitivity skyrocket in complexity, it is nearly impossible for quality keywording to keep pace. Autoclassification is the only answer, but even machine-based keywording has its limits. In this webinar, Seth Maislin will speak about the pros and cons of autoclassification, and the critical role of the discerning human in an otherwise mechanical process.
From this webinar, you will learn: How autoclassification works; When autoclassification is most likely to be successful; How to work with an autoclassifier to get the best results More »»»

2014 ASI Conference—click to see photos

BETTER – FASTER – STRONGER – SMARTER May 1–2, 2014, Charleston, South Carolina Wednesday, April 30, Reception During a reception at the 2014 ASI Conference, John Bryans of Information Today, Inc. presented Enid Zafran with commemorative bookends, created specially by one of her favorite artists, in appreciation for her years of service as editor of More »»»

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