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See Also—August 2021

In your August See Also, read why you deserve a hug, learn about a new health care member benefit, check out the Summer of ’21 webinar sale, hear what ASI chapters are up to, consider this awards competition, take advantage of member opportunities for work, and meet our member Spotlight! More »»»

ASI’s Summer of ’21 Webinar Sale

Webinars are $21 during the Summer of ’21 Choose from 28 Webinars on HOT topics for indexers. Need to increase your speed? Do you struggle with mastering the metatopic of a book? Want new tips on using your software? We've got a webinar for that—and for many other indexing challenges. During the summer of ’21, […]

President announces updated strategic plan for ASI

In one of her first acts as ASI's new president, Michele Combs has revisited the ASI Strategic Plan. The board developed the plan in 2018 and has accomplished many of the initiatives. Michele created an updated, easy-to-read version of the Strategic Plan, which was approved by the board. It has been posted on the ASI […]

ASI 2021 Conference
Get Your Indexing Shot in the Arm

ASI 2021 Conference Get Your Indexing Shot in the Arm April 30–May 1, 2021 Feeling peaky? Wan or listless in your indexing? Come get that needed boost with ASI's virtual conference! Six sessions on indexing practices and the business of indexing Preconference—Fred Leise will teach a three-hour New Indexers Course on April 29 Bonus—Free to […]

ASI Webinar Replay: The Way Forward—Current and Future Issues for Publishing and Indexing

As you launch into your 2021 planning, what do the current trends in electronic and print publishing mean for the indexing industry? What new markets can you tap into? For example, is the growth of self-publishing an emerging indexing market? Diana Witt takes a look ahead and helps you chart your course. This webinar will […]

Online Learning
ASI Online Learning Replay: Culinary Indexing—Food for Thought

Three-Part Series with Amy Hall | “I can make a good case for an intelligent index being the key to a cookbook; it should not be an obstacle course that the user has to figure out on an empty stomach.” Culinary indexing is an interesting field that requires expertise to do well. Join us for […]

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