ASI Webinar Replay: Indexing Geographic Place-names

ASI Webinar: Indexing Geographic Place-names—Information and Tools to Get Place-names Right with Bill Wheaton March 13, 2024 Bill Wheaton will provide information to help index geographic place-names. We’ll look at many aspects including: accurate spelling, identifying places whose names have changed, finding authoritative (and non-authoritative, but useful) sources of place-names, what sources to use to […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: CINDEX Streamlining and Refining

Creative Use of Tools and Functions for Improving Your Work Process January 17, 2024. Long-time CINDEX user and expert, Maria Sullivan encourages you to think about using CINDEX’s capabilities in ways beyond the obvious. Explore CINDEX techniques that can help you create an index more efficiently. Get an introduction to little-used tools and functions to […]

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ASI Webinar Replay: Using Diacritics in SKY
Character Map and Translation Manager in SKY v7 and v8

Working with diacritics while writing an index can be a challenge, but savvy indexers discover how to use their indexing program to best advantage. Once you learn how to handle diacritics efficiently, you’ll increase your speed, leading to enhanced production. Ælfwine Mischler will show you how troubling diacritics can be smoothly included in your index.

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ASI Webinar Replay: An Introduction to Abstracting

ASI Webinar: An Introduction to Abstracting—A Way to Enhance Your Indexing on September 28 with Lisa Ryan. Abstracting is an indexing specialty that adds value to a document by providing a summary and bibliographic detail of the work. Abstracts are formal summaries, giving a brief objective summary of the essential content of a book or […]

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Kelly Delevan Portrait

ASI Webinar Replay: “Sources: Evaluating for Reliability”
with Kelly Delevan, MSIS

Replay available now. “Sources: Evaluating for Reliability” with Kelly Delevan. With the rise of misinformation and disinformation on the open web, it is becoming increasingly difficult to determine the credibility of information sources. Kelly Delevan, Information Literacy Librarian at Syracuse University Libraries, will guide participants through a series of tools and techniques that can be […]

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Tim McNichols

Webinar Replay: Individual and Group Health Coverage Overview (Member Benefit Program)

THIS WEBINAR REPLAY IS FREE FOR ASI MEMBERS. Please watch this informative and educational webinar in which we review the basics of Individual/Family and Group/Business coverage options offered to ASI members through the partnership with LIG Solutions. You will be surprised to learn what options you have today for not only major medical but a […]

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