Mission Statement

We advocate, educate, and provide the central resource for indexing.


The American Society for Indexing, Inc. (ASI) is a national association founded in 1968 to promote excellence in indexing and increase awareness of the value of well-written and well-designed indexes. A nonprofit educational and charitable organization, ASI serves indexers, librarians, abstractors, editors, publishers, database producers, data searchers, product developers, technical writers, academic professionals, researchers and readers, and others concerned with indexing. It is the only professional organization in the United States devoted solely to the advancement of indexing, abstracting and database construction. ASI encourages the participation of all persons, groups, and organizations interested in indexing and related methods of information retrieval.

ASI is affiliated with indexing societies in other countries through an International Affiliation Agreement.

ASI has members from around the world and has chapters across the United States. The annual meeting occurs in the spring or summer. Chapter meetings and workshops are offered on a regional basis. Membership is open to any interested persons - writers, freelance and salaried indexers, librarians, editors, publishers, and organizations employing indexers.

ASI is committed to improving the quality of indexing and serving the needs of indexers. We work to accomplish these goals by:

  • Increasing awareness of the value of high-quality indexes and indexing.
  • Offering members access to educational resources that enable them to strengthen their indexing performance.
  • Keeping members up to date on advances in indexing technology and the expanding role of indexing through conferences, workshops, and publications.
  • Providing members with a variety of means of communication - through meetings, directories, publications, and electronic communication - with each other and related professionals.
  • Defending and safeguarding the professional interests of indexers.
  • Promoting index standards for indexers, editors, and abstractors.
  • Providing liaisons to other professional organizations in information science

ASI serves members whose expertise includes indexing print and electronic media, database indexing, abstracting, writing and editing in all specialties, information development, information retrieval, library science, training and professional development, and standards development.  Our members, including part-time and full-time professionals, benefit from programs and services at the local and national levels and from special interest groups. Such benefits include:

  • Annual conferences and regional meetings on topics of concern to indexers, including workshops, exhibits, training sessions, and discussion groups
  • Administration, judging, and presentation of the annual ASI Excellence in Indexing Award for excellence in book indexing
  • The Hines Award for distinguished service to the American Society for Indexing
  • KEY WORDS, ASI's electronic bulletin issued four times a year
  • The opportunity to be listed in ASI's Indexer Locator
  • Discounts on ASI publications and conference fees
  • An ASI Web site
  • Organizational promotion of public education about indexing
  • Opportunities to pursue mentoring relationships
  • Networking