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Table of Contents: Current Issue
Volume 32 Number 1

Spring 2024


    • Paratext: Editing as You Go by Kendra Millis
    • ASI Conference 2024
    • The Importance of Conference Connections
    • Philadelphia Offers Culture, Food, Arts, and History by Sunny Blake
    • Crafting Thoughtful Main Entries in Gender and Sexuality Books by Shannon Li
    • Sensitivity and Empathy: Indexing as a Member of a Subject Community by Matthew MacLellan
    • Practical Steps in Building Bridges between the Author and Reader by Melanie Petcoff
    • Indexing Books in LGBTQIA2S+ Communities: Resources and Particulars by Amron Lehte
    • The Business Review Bookshelf: Juggling Elephants by Amy Hall


  • President’s Message by Theresa Duran
  • Editor’s File by Daniel Heila

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