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  • Key Words, the Journal of the American Society for Indexing (4 electronic issues/yr)
    Price: Free for ASI members, $40 for nonmembers. Nonmembers may subscribe online or subscribe by emailing the ASI administrative office. Current issues are available online (for ASI members). Additional Key Words information:

    Table of contents for the most recent issue
    Index for issues 2000–2016
    Index for issues 1994–1999
    Sample articles from past issues
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  • Key Words Index, by Joanne Clendenen, 1994.
    The index covers issues 61–110 of the ASI Newsletter (Mar/Apr 1983 through May/Jun 1992) and volume 1, issues 1–9 of Key Words (Jul/Aug 1992 through Nov/Dec 1993). The index makes it easy to trace the historical development of ASI as an organization, and its detailed subject coverage helps you find all the useful tips and techniques you remember reading but can't seem to find. (The index to issues 1–60 of the ASI Newsletter is also available upon request.)
    Price: $10 for ASI members, $15 for nonmembers
    A hypertext version of the index, prepared by Stephen E. Bach, is also available for IBM-PC compatible computers. Please state disk size and density when ordering.
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    Hypertext and print index: $13 for ASI members, $18 for nonmembers
  • Key Words and the Key Words Index, may be ordered from the ASI Administrative Office.

  • See Also
    Each month, we publish our online newsletter, See Also, to keep you up to date on ASI news, chapter events, and upcoming educational programs. The deadline for submissions is the 20th of the preceding month. Daniel Heila serves as the editor of See Also. Reach him at
  • The Indexer (4 issues/yr)
    The international journal on indexing, published by the [British] Society of Indexers on behalf of the international indexing community.

    archives — bibliography — databases — embedded indexing — history of indexing — index design — indexing methods — indexing societies — indexing software — indexing standards — information retrieval — information technology — thesauri — training and qualifications — usability studies — web indexing — all this and much more

    Visit for full contents, index and sample articles.

    Regular features include:

    • Articles — practical and theoretical coverage of indexing and information management — past, present and future
    • Indexes Reviewed — some of the best (and worst) examples of indexing in action
    • Around the World — reporting on how indexing societies are facing up to the present and future
    • Reviews — wide-ranging coverage of printed and electronic material
    • Centrepieces — pull-out reference sections


    Now published quarterly and available online.

    Subscriptions are available through The Indexer's website.

  • Indexer Locator
    A directory of freelance indexers and their areas of specialty.
    Now available online!

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