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We do not post copyrighted articles without the express permission of the copyright owners. The content of this site is copyrighted; read our notice.

Privacy Policy

Member contact information submitted to the Webmasters by ASI Headquarters, any ASI Chapter or ASI Special Interest Group may be published on the ASI Website in the course of activities furthering ASI's objectives.

A Word About Cookies

Cookies are used by the ASI web site in order to validate access to the Members Area. Users who do not attempt to visit this area do not receive any cookies from the ASI site.

When a member logs in, the information is checked against a database of active members and passwords, and the validated information is sent back to the member's hard disk as a small file called a cookie. Each time the member accesses another members-only page, the information in the cookie is sent to the server again to confirm that there was a prior successful login. Because the web is a stateless environment, there is no connection between one request for a web page and the next. Without the cookies, users could not be recognized from page to page, and thus would not have the ability to access protected areas such as our Members Area. This is the industry standard way of maintaining state across requests, and is harmless, especially when used by an ethical organization such as ASI.

Links To and From Other Web Sites

DISCLAIMER: Web sites outside the domain are not the responsibility of ASI, and links to them do not imply ASI's endorsement or agreement with the content found there. ASI does not express any opinion about the accuracy or objectivity of information found at any site we link to. You must judge whether to use such information, and you bear all risk in connection with using such information. Caveat lector.

ASI does not accept paid advertising for the web site. It participates on a limited basis in commercial affiliations such as purchase links that have been approved by the Board of Directors. Other sites are welcome to link to the ASI site. However, ASI does not permit its web content to be displayed inside the frame of another site.

The ASI webmasters may choose to display a link to a web site if it meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • The site provides information of professional interest to indexers.
  • The site is that of a chapter, group, or SIG of ASI, or a professional society affiliated with ASI.
  • The site is that of an ASI member who has purchased a listing in the Indexer Locator and has given permission to be included in the on-line edition. These links will appear only when accessing the on-line Indexer Locator.
  • The site offers software products or training courses specific to indexing and abstracting. Custom software services, consulting services and individualized coaching do not qualify.
  • The site is that of a company or organization providing continuing services to ASI under contract. Contracts to present sessions, roundtables, or workshops at ASI conferences are not considered "continuing" and do not qualify.
  • The site is that of a company or organization offering discounts or other tangible benefits to ASI members.
  • The site contains information of interest to persons attending an ASI annual conference such as lodging, meals, entertainment, local transportation, attractions near the conference city, or discounted travel to the conference.

The interpretation of these criteria is the sole responsibility of the ASI webmasters, and their decisions are final.

Publisher Lists

While we do link to lists of publishers, we do not maintain our own list. If you wish to be added to one of these lists, please contact the list manager directly.

Job Notices

Use the online form to post an indexing job in the Jobs Hotline; contact the Key Words editor to place your notice in that publication. You can also announce indexing positions on the indexing mailing list, index-l, and search for indexers by specialty in the Indexer Locator.

Member Area

The member area of the web site is protected by a userID/password login. Information contained in the member area is for the personal use of ASI members in good standing. This information is considered confidential and must not be distributed to others or used for commercial purposes.