Find an Indexer

As a service to the publishing community, we provide two complementary ways to list a job or to find an indexer: the Indexer Locator and the Jobs Hotline.

Indexer Locator To find an indexer for a project you have ready right now, use the online Indexer Locator.

Not all members of ASI elect to be included in the Indexer Locator. The listings in this directory were prepared by the advertisers to aid publishers, authors, and other potential clients in their search for qualified, dependable indexers. ASI encourages each publisher to discuss projects with indexers and to confirm appropriate qualifications.

For information about working with freelance indexers, please see Advice for Editors & Authors. Prospective clients may also wish to view ASI's Best Practices Statement.

Search the Indexer Locator. You may search by:

  • last name
  • business name
  • state
  • subject specialty
  • language
  • type of material to be indexed
  • software desired

Before submitting your listing, check out 10 Tips to Make Your Locator Listing Work for You!

Jobs Hotline

Use the free Jobs Hotline to announce indexing jobs and projects to indexers who are interested in finding new clients or employers.

You provide job information to ASI, and job postings will be sent by e-mail to indexers who have signed up for the Jobs Hotline.

Once indexers receive the postings, they will review the job details and respond directly to the you if they wish to apply for the job.

Click here to post an indexing job on the ASI Indexer Jobs Hotline.

Indexers interested in receiving notices about posted jobs should refer to the ASI Indexer Jobs Hotline page.