Professional Development

The American Society for Indexing offers you a variety of opportunities to continue your professional development and grow in your indexing knowledge.

ASI Online Learning Courses are two- or three-part courses that dive more deeply into a particular knowledge area such as culinary indexing. Each complete course is viewable online, and after you subscribe, you'll have access to the videos and the handouts that accompany the course.

ASI Webinars are one-hour presentations on topics that help indexers do their work better. You might choose to watch these to further your education or you might discover just the one you need to answer specific challenges of a project you are working on. ASI has more than 26 hours of webinars to choose from, and our library of offerings is growing each year.

The ASI Training Course is available for new or beginning indexers. Perfect for those interested in an indexing career, the self-paced training course covers how to index via four self-study modules that are accessed online.

The ASI Annual Conference typically moves to various locations around the United States. No other event will provide you with a greater opportunity for both education and networking. You'll find there is nothing quite like being in a room full of people who actually understand the work you do. Though conferences have recently been produced online, we are looking forward to meeting in person again when the time is right.