Committees and Representatives/Coordinators

Annual Conference Committee
Kendra Millis, Chair:
Peter Rooney:
ASindexing Discussion List Moderator
Michele Combs:
Bylaws Committee
Chapter Relations Coordinator
Shannon Li:
Hines Award Committee
Fred Leise, chair:
Indexing Award Committee
Amy Hall, chair:
International Representative
Devon Thomas:
Jobs Hotline Committee
Linda Mamassian, chair & moderator:
Key Words Editor
Sarahh Scher:
Marketing Committee
Christine Frank:
Membership Committee
Mamta Jha, chair:
NISO Representative
Anne Fifer:
Nominating Committee
Gina Guilinger, chair:
(chair is filled by Immediate Past President)
Publications Coordinator/Acquisitions Editor
Heather Dubnick:
Publisher Outreach Committee on hiatus
See Also Editor
Laurie Hlavaty:
Special Interest Group (SIG) Coordinator
Noalani Terry:
Training Course
Heather Pendley, Training Course Administrator:
Training Course Planning Committee
Shana Milkie, chair:
Webinar/Online Learning Committee
Jen Weers, chair:
Webmaster Team
Webmaster email address:
DeAnna Burghart:
Abby Reisner:
Laura Abed:
Carolyn Weaver, chair:


Each of the Committee representatives can also be contacted via the ASI Headquarters Office.