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The ASI Training In Indexing course is available to ASI members. 
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Distance learners can explore indexing and learn how to index via four self-study modules that are accessed online from a secure Training Course Website:

  • Module A—Indexers, Users, and Documents
  • Module B—Choosing the Words: Term Selection and the Formation and Arrangement of Main Headings and Subheadings
  • Module C—Names and Numbers, Sorting Order, Proper Names and Locators
  • Module D—Finishing Touches and Beyond: Index Presentation, Specialized Forms and Applications

Each module provides self-assessment exercises with answers, as well as interactive exercises as you proceed through the material. Study time for each unit is approximately 40–50 hours.

Examinations that test acquired knowledge as well as indexing skill, must be taken at the completion of each module. Students must successfully meet the requirements of all four examinations to be awarded an ASI Certificate of Completion.

The Training in Indexing course brochure, containing the full course description, pricing, and application form, can be downloaded as a PDF file  or requested from General inquiries should be directed to

For more information, please read our FAQ and the brief statement from ASI officers regarding the formation of the Institute of Certified Indexers (ICI).

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