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AAE (Association of Art Editors)

AAP (Association of American Publishers)

aboutness, On Aboutness: Determining What It's All About (webinar)

abstracting, professional organization for

Academic Info Subject Guides

Accidental Indexer, The (Badgett)

Accounting, Business Studies, and Economics Dictionary

Acquisitions Editor

Acronym Directory

address, ASI

ADE (Association for Documentary Editing)

administrative office, ASI

Adobe Acrobat Reader, PDFs in the Indexing Process (webinar)

advertising rates, Key Words

AEJMC (Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication)

AESE (Association of Earth Science Editors)

a.k.a. classification software

Alcohol Industry and Policy Database

aliaINDEXERS (discussion group)

Allen, Eileen, Webmaster Team

AllPages.com (business directory)

AllWords dictionaries


Ament, Kurt

America Online (AOL)

American Association of University Presses

American Library Assocation

annual meeting

contact information

American Medical Writers Association (AMWA)

American National Standard Guidelines for the Construction, Format, and Management of Monolingual Controlled Vocabularies

American Occupational Therapy Association database, The

American Society for Indexing (ASI)


administrative office

affiliated organizations

annual conferences

awards given

benefits for members

board members and officers, former

Board of Directors

contact information

*meeting minutes

*reimbursement guidelines



certificate course, information

chapter contacts

Chapter Relations Committee Chair


discounts for members


*financial reports



leaders, past

letters from president



past years

*member directory

membership information


officers and board members, former

past leaders

policies and procedures


available from ASI

available from Information Today

Special Interest Groups

*strategic planning

training course information

training course registration

vegetable (kohlrabi)

American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)

contact information

discussion groups

American Society of Business Publication Editors (ASBPE)

American Society of Journalists and Authors (ASJA)

AMWA (American Medical Writers Association)

Annual Conference Program Committee

Ansley, Delight

ANZSI. See Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI)

archaeology, Special Interest Group. See History/Archaeology Special Interest Group

architecture reference sources

architecture thesaurus (Getty)

Archivist (ASI)

Art and Architecture Thesaurus (Getty)

Art Libraries Society of North America (ARLIS/NA)

Art of Indexing, The (Bonura)

art reference sources

articles on indexing

artists names, thesaurus of

ASAIB. See Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB)

asiconference (mailing list)

ASI Excellence in Indexing Award



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


judging process


submission guidelines and form

ASI/EIS Publishing Award. See ASI Excellence in Indexing Award

ASI/EBSCO Publishing Award. See ASI Excellence in Indexing Award

ASindexing discussion list

ASIS. See American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)

ASIS&T. See American Society for Information Science and Technology (ASIS&T)

ASJA (American Society of Journalists and Authors)

AskScott (search engine guide)

Association Canadienne des Rédacteurs Scientifiques

Association Canadienne des Réviseurs

Association for Documentary Editing (ADE)

Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC)

Association for Women in Communications (AWC)

Association of American Publishers (AAP)

Association of American University Presses

Association of Art Editors (AAE)

Association of Earth Science Editors (AESE)

Association of Southern African Indexers and Bibliographers (ASAIB)

contact information


Astronomy Thesaurus

Australian and New Zealand Society of Indexers (ANZSI)


contact information


authority files

authority files, Creating Name Authority Files for Large Indexing Projects (webinar)

authors, resources for

Autoclassification: Information Management Strategies (webinar)

Automatic Text Processing: the transformation, analysis, and retrieval of information by computer (Salton)

Aviation/Space Writers Association

awards, indexing


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Badgett, Nan, books

Ballard, J. G.

Balzac, Honoré de

*banking FAQs, for chapters and SIGs

BBB (Better Business Bureau, The)

BELS (Board of Editors in the Life Sciences)

benefits of ASI membership

Bernier, Charles L.

Bertelsen, Cynthia D., article

best practices



Better Business Bureau, The

Beyond Book Indexing (Rowland and Brenner)


Bilingual Contextual Dictionary

Binder, Connie

How to Increase Your Business ... (webinar)

Indexer Locator (webinar)

Indexing Lives (webinar)

Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter

PDFs in the Indexing Process ... (webinar)

Sports-Fitness Special Interest Group

Biochemistry Glossary

biochemistry reference sources

Biographical Dictionary

Biographical Directory of the United States Congress

biographical reference sources

biographies, indexing (webinar)

biological science reference sources

Black Writers United (discussion group)

blogs, Building Your Blog (webinar)

board members and officers, former

board members, ASI

Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS)

Bonura, Larry S.

book indexes, history

BookExpo America convention

Booth, Pat F.

Borko, Harold

Botanical Glossary

botany reference sources

Boulder Writers Alliance

Brackney, Michael, Wilson Award

Bradbury, Malcom

Brawley, Meghan Miller

ASI Excellence in Indexing Award Committee

Building Your Blog ... (webinar)


Brenner, Diane, Beyond Book Indexing

Bridge, Noeline, Glory and Nothing of a Name (webinar)

Brown, David M.

Browne, Glenda, Website Indexing

browsable directories

*budget (ASI)

Building Your Blog (webinar)

Burghart, DeAnna, Webmaster Team

Business of Indexing (course)

Business of Indexing (webinar)

Business Strategies for Indexers (webinar)


Building Your Blog (webinar)

client relationships (Wright)

Creating ... WordPress Website (webinar)


ethics (webinar)

Getting Started in Indexing (online learning course)

How to Increase Your Business ... (webinar)


references sources

strategic thinking webinar (Lobachev)

bylaws (ASI)

Bylaws Committee


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CAB Thesaurus

Calder, Moira

Periodical/Database Indexing SIG

Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies SIG

Can You Recommend a Good Book on Indexing? (Weinberg)

Canadian Library Association

Canadian Publishers' Council

Canadian Science Writers' Association

Card, Orson Scott

Carlson, Marcia, Wilson Award

Carroll, Lewis

Cataloging & Classification Quarterly (CCQ)

CBC (Children's Book Council)

CSE (Council of Science Editors)

Cell Biology Glossary

cemeteries, database of historic

Census Lookup

Center for Intelligent Information Retrieval

certificate course (ASI), information

Chapter Relations Coordinator


*bank accounts

existing, contact information and activities

checklist, Index Evaluation

chemistry reference sources

Chicago-Great Lakes Chapter

Children's Book Council (CBC)

China Society of Indexing and Database Management

CIA World Factbook

Cindex (indexing software)

Cindex Tips, Using Groups and Labels (webinar)

Cindexusers (discussion group)

City/Zip Code Directory

classifications, job, for indexers

Cleveland, Donald B.

client relationships (Wright webinar)

Coates, Sylvia, article

codes, employment, for indexers

Cohen, Sydney W.

Combs, Michele

SIG Relations Coordinator

Vice President & President Elect

committees, ASI


computer and Internet reference sources

computer terms dictionaries

Computer, Telephony, and Electronics Industry Glossary

Concise Columbia Electronic Encyclopedia, articles from

conference newbie article

Conference on Information and Knowledge management



*annual meeting minutes

annual meetings

mailing list (asiconference)



Congress, U.S., Biographical Directory of

Conrad, Randall, article

consulting, taxonomy (webinar)

contact information

ASI administrative office

ASI office holders and volunteers

e-mail addresses

contracts (Indexing Agreement), online version

controlled vocabularies

controlled vocabularies (NISO standards)

Controlled Vocabularies (Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies SIG)

Converting Legacy Print Book Indexes for Use in eBooks (webinar)

cookbooks, indexing



cookies, ASI Web site use of

COPYEDITING-L (discussion group)

copyright, notice of

corporate ASI members

Council of Science Editors (CSE)

courses and workshops. See also online learning courses; webinars

credentialing committee, *Indexing Body of Knowledge draft

Credo Reference (was xrefer)

Crewe, Candida

CSE (Council of Science Editors)

Culinary Special Interest Group

CUP/XML (Fuhr webinar)

Curry, Ray Davis Murdoch, New England Chapter


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Daly, Lloyd

Daniels, Nancy L.

Data Harmony (thesaurus management software)

database indexing

Database Indexing SIG (Periodical/Database Indexing SIG)

Defoe, Daniel

Dejanews Research (newsgroup research Web site)

Delphion Intellectual Property Network

Deminna, Patricia

Deutsches Netzwerk der Indexer (DNI)

contact information


DEXembed (indexing utility for Word)

DEXter (indexing utility for Word)


dictionary, bilingual

Dietrich, Wanda, conference newbie article

digital asset management, Tagging Digital Assets ... (webinar)

digital libraries, legal

Digital Object Identifier System (DOI)

Digital Publications Special Interest Group

Digital Trends Task Force (DTTF)

mission and goals flyer

news and resources

DIMUND (Document Image Understanding and Character Recognition)

Dineva, Nedalina

directories, browsable

discounts for ASI members

discussion groups, Internet

dmoz open directory project

Dogpile (metasearch engine)

Doyle, Arthur Conan, Sir

DragonNaturallySpeaking Discussion List

DTTF (Digital Trends Task Force). See Digital Trends Task Force (DTTF)

Dublin Core Metadata Initiative

DuckDuckGo (private search engine)

dues, ASI

Duhaime's Law Dictionary

Dunn, Linda, Creating Name Authority Files for Large Indexing Projects (webinar)

Duran, Theresa

Board of Directors

Golden Gate Chapter


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earth science reference sources

Ebbs, Heather, Ethics in Indexing (webinar)

eBook indexing

Digital Publications Special Interest Group

Digital Trends Task Force


Converting Legacy Print Book Indexes for Use in eBooks (webinar)


EBSCO Publishing Award. See ASI/EIS Publishing Award

ECHO Science and Technology Virtual Center

Ecological Glossary

economics dictionary

editing industry organizations

editing, SKY Index Pro: Minimizing Editing ... (webinar)

Editorial Freelancers Association

Editors' Association of Canada


Cindex (webinar)

in indexing (webinar)

Macrex (webinar)

PDFs in the Indexing Process (webinar)

SKY Index Pro: Minimizing Editing ... (webinar)

EINet Galaxy, (browsable list)

EIS Publishing Award. See ASI/EIS Publishing Award

Electronic Journal Miner

Ellmann, Lucy

embedded indexing (Fuhr webinar)

embedded indexing (Wright webinar)

embedded indexing



Digital Publications Special Interest Group

Index Manager (webinar)

IXMLembedder (webinar)

online course (Haskins)

embedding software (Fuhr webinar)

employment, finding


Encyclopædia Britannica



English language terminology (dictionary)

environmental science references sources

Environmental Special Interest Group

eReader indexing

Digital Publications Special Interest Group

Digital Trends Task Force

ErgoWeb Inc. (ergonomic information resource)

ERIC (Educational Resources Information Center) Thesaurus

ERIC Thesaurus

Ethics in Indexing (webinar)

Ethnographic Thesaurus

European Association of Science Editors (EASE)

European Thesaurus on International Relations and Area Studies

European Training Thesaurus

evaluating indexes, checklist for

Excellence in Indexing Award (ASI), committee

Excite Netsearch (search engine)

Executive Director, ASI

Explorations in Automatic Thesaurus Discovery (Grefenstette)

extensions, filename


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Facing the Text (Stauber)

fact books, online

FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Faxon's list of Publishers on the Internet

Federal Bureau of Investigation

Federal Information Exchange List of WWW Servers

Feinberg, Hilda

Fetters, Linda, Hines Award

fiction, indexes and indexers in

Fifer, Anne

Medical Indexing (online learning course)

SKY Index Pro: Minimizing Editing ... (webinar)


FileInfo file-extension database

filename extensions

*financial reports, ASI


fitness, Special Interest Group. See Sports/Fitness Special Interest Group

Fix, Catherine

Flag Collection

Florida group

Focus Information Services (workshops)

Franken, Al

Free Dictionary (online site)

Free On-Line Dictionary of Computing (FOLDOC)

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Frontinus, Marcus Julius

Fuhr, Jim

Chicago-Great Lakes Chapter

WordEmbed (webinar)


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Gaarder, Jostein

Garden Writers Association of America

Gardening Special Interest Group

Gellius, Aulus

Genealogy and Indexing (Spaltro)

Genova, Richard

Wilson Award 1999

geographic maps

Geographic Nameserver

geographic thesaurus (Getty)

Geologic Glossary

Gephart, Ronald M., Wilson Award

German Network of Indexers

contact information


German/English Translation Service

Getting Started in Indexing (online learning course)

Getty Art and Architecture Thesaurus

Getty Thesaurus of Geographic Names

Getty Union List of Artist Names

biographies, indexing (webinar)

The Glory and Nothing of a Name (webinar)

Glossary, A (Wellisch)

Go.com (search engine)

Golden Gate Chapter

Golden Turkey Award

Google (search engine)

Google Maps

Gottlieb, Laura Moss, Wilson Award

Government Information Locator Service (GILS)

Graduate School indexing courses

Grant, Rose, articles

graphic material thesaurus (LC)

Graves, Michael A. R.

Gravitz, Ina, Hines Award recipient

Grefenstette, Gregory

Guilinger, Gina

Board of Directors

Membership Committee

Gutenberg, Project


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Hacker's Dictionary

Hamilton, Rich, Creating and Securing Your WordPress Website (webinar)

Harrison, Larry

Haskins, Lucie, Embedded Indexing in InDesign (online learning course)

headquarters, ASI

health and medicine reference sources

Heartland Chapter

Hedden Information Management taxonomies course

Hedden, Heather

online taxonomy course

Taxonomy Consulting (webinar)

The Accidental Taxonomist

Web indexing book

Heila, Daniel

See Also editor

Gardening/Environmental Studies SIG

Henson, Gwen, Executive Director

Hines Award Committee

Hines Award

nomination process


history of ASI

History/Archaeology Special Interest Group

history, indexing of

history of indexing

History of Science Technology and Medicine Biographical Dictionary

Hoffman, Ivan

Holbert, Susan

honors and awards, indexing

Hornyak, Becky, Training Course Manager

How to Create Brilliantly Structured Indexes ... (online learning course)

HTML Indexer (indexing software for HTML)


Human Languages Page

Humpty Dumpty index article

Hyslop, Marjorie


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IABC (International Association of Business Communicators)

IASC (Indexing and Abstracting Society of Canada). See ISC (Indexing Society of Canada)

ICRIS (International Committee of Representatives of Indexing Societies)

Illinois, ASI chapter serving (Chicago/Great Lakes Chapter)

Inc. Online

InDesign discussion group

InDesign embedded indexing online course (Haskins)

Index Evaluation Checklist

Index It Right! (Zafran)

Index Manager (webinar)

Index West (classes and tutorials)

IndexAssistant (software)

IndexCafe (discussion group)

IndexCheck (indexing utility)

IndexDeconstructor (indexing utility software)

Indexer Locator, How to Increase Your Business ... (webinar)

Indexer, The, publication information

Indexer Locator

*edit listing

online and print versions

*purchase listing

tips for maximizing benefits

Indexers' Discussion Group

Indexes Locorum: An Elegant Niche (webinar)

indexes, history of

Indexes: writing, editing, production (Thatcher)

Indexing Lives: Savvy Strategies ... (webinar)

Indexing with Index Manager (webinar)


articles and journals for

ASI training course in


best practices in. See best practices

books about

Creating and Maintaining Speed in Indexing (webinar)

embedded, Index Manager (webinar)

frequently asked questions about

getting started



ISO standards

news articles about

NISO standards. See National Information Standards Organization

publications (ASI), overview

publications (Information Today)

speed (webinar)


Indexing, The Art of (Knight)

Indexing and Abstracting, an International Bibliography (Wellisch)

Indexing and Abstracting in Theory and Practice (Lancaster)

Indexing Society of Canada (ISC/SCI), contact information

Indexing Agreement, online version

Indexing: a basic reading list (Wellisch)

Indexing: A Nuts-and-Bolts Guide for Technical Writers (Ament)

*Indexing Body of Knowledge draft document

Indexing Books (Mulvany)

Indexing Boot Camp (course)

Indexing Concepts and Methods (Borko and Bernier)

Indexing for Editors and Authors (Leise, Mertes, Badgett)

Indexing from A to Z (Wellisch)

Indexing Names (Bridge, ed.)

indexing organizations

Indexing-PNW discussion group

Indexing Software (Schroeder)

Indexing Specialized Formats and Subjects (Feinberg)

Indexing Specialties: Cookbooks (Nickerson et al.)

Indexing Specialties: History (Towery)

Indexing Specialties: Law (Kendrick and Zafran)

Indexing Specialties: Medicine (Wyman)

Indexing Specialties: Psychology (Hornyak)

Indexing Specialties: Scholarly Publishing (Towery)

Indexing Specialties: Web Sites (Hedden)

indexing standards. See also International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

indexing standards

Indexing: The Manual of Good Practice (Booth)

INDEX-L (discussion group and archives)

IndexPeers (discussion group)

IndexStudents (discussion group)

Infomine (search engine)



retrieval, history

Information and documentation—Guidelines for the content, organization and presentation of indexes (ISO)

information industry organizations

Information Retrieval (Van Rijsbergen)

Information Science Research Institute

Information Today, Inc.

Inside Indexing (Smith & Kells)

Institute of Certified Indexers (ICI)

Internal Revenue Service

International Affiliation Agreement

International Association of Business Communicators (IABC)

International Committee of Representatives of Indexing Societies (ICRIS)

International Conference of the Book

International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

contact information

index standards

International Publishing Management Association (IPMA)

International Relations SIG. See Politics/International Relations Special Interest Group

International Representative (ASI)

International Society for Knowledge Organization

International Thesaurus of Refugee Terminology (ITRT)

Internet and computer reference sources

internet indexing

Internet Law Library

Internet Public Library

Internet Resources Meta-Index (metasearch engine)

internet4associations, ASI Web host

Introduction to Indexing and Abstracting (Cleveland)

Introduction to Modern Information Retrieval (Salton and McGill)

IPMA (International Publishing Management Association)

ISC (Indexing Society of Canada)

ISKO (International Society of Knowledge Organization)

ISO. See International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

ITI (Information Today, Inc.)


IXgen (indexing software)

IXMLembedder (webinar)

Ixquick (metasearch engine)


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James, Clive

James, P.D.

James, Philip

Jermey, Jon (Website Indexing)

job classifications, indexing

Jobs Hotline

Jobs Hotline Committee

jobs, finding

Johnson, Rachel Jo

journal indexing (article)

Journal of Electronic Publishing, The

Journalism Education Association

journalism industry organizations

journals about indexing


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Kaminsky, Stuart

Kansas-Missouri Group, ASI

Kappler, Andrea, Marketing Committee

Kells, Kari


indexing instruction

Inside Indexing

Key Words: the Bulletin of the American Society for Indexing

advertising rates

articles (selected)

current issue table of contents


hypertext version of index


consolidated past issues

online cumulative

publication information

Kinsey Institute thesaurus

Knight, G. Norman

kohlrabi, official ASI vegetable

Kohlrabi, Order of the. See Order of the Kohlrabi


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Lamb, James

Lancaster, F. W.

language dictionary reference sources

language terminology, dictionary of

LC (Library of Congress) Thesaurus for Graphic Material

LC Thesaurus for Graphic Material

Leach, Anne

Hines Award

Southern California Chapter

legal digital libraries

Legal Indexing, online learning course (Williams)

legal reference sources

Legal Special Interest Group

legal subjects, indexing

legal textbook indexing (Zafran article)

Legislative Indexing Vocabulary (LIV) thesaurus. See Legislative Subject Terms thesaurus

Legislative Subject Terms thesaurus

Leise, Fred

Hines Award recipient

metatopic online course

Successful Subheadings (webinar)

Lennie, Frances

Cindex Tips (webinar)

Hines Award recipient

Levitt, Ruth

Li, Shannon, Board of Directors



listing of

library associations

Library of Congress

Library of Congress Authorities

Library of Congress Legislative Indexing Vocabulary (LIV). See Library of Congress Legislative Indexing Subject Terms

Library of Congress Legislative Subject Terms

Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Material

library science indexing courses

life sciences thesaurus

Linzer, Naomi, South Central Chapter

listserver lists

discussion groups

tile.net search engine

Literature about Search Services

LitQuotes (literary quotations)

Lobachev, Sergey, Business Strategies for Indexers (webinar)

*logos (ASI)

LookWayUp (online dictionary, thesaurus, and translation)

Louisiana, ASI chapter serving (South Central Chapter)


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MacIndexers (discussion group)

Macrex (discussion group)

Macrex (indexing software)

Macrex, Making the Most of Macrex (webinar)

Magellan (search engine)

mailing lists

*ASI members

discussion groups

tile.net search engine

Maislin, Seth

Autoclassification: Information Management Strategies (webinar)

Tagging Digital Assets for Dynamic Context-Specific Delivery (webinar)

Mamassian, Linda, Jobs Hotline Committee

Mamma.com (metasearch engine)

management company

management, Business of Indexing (webinar)

MapQuest (mapping tool)

maps, Google

Marketing Committee

Marketing Your Indexing Services (Leach)


Building Your Blog (webinar)

Creating ... WordPress Website (webinar)

Getting Started in Indexing (online learning course)

How to Increase Your Business ... (webinar)

Martindale's Health Science Guide

Martindale's Reference Desk

Mauer, Peg, embedded indexing article

Maximus, Valerius

McCorkle, Rebecca, Training Course Committee

McGill, Michael

MediaFinder (directories of magazines, newsletters, and catalogs)

Medical Indexing, online learning course (Fifer)

Medical Library Association

annual conference

contact information

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Thesaurus

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH) Thesaurus, medical reference

medical subjects, indexing

Medicine and Science Special Interest Group

medicine, Special Interest Group. See Science/Medicine Special Interest Group

medicine and health reference sources

Medicine Net


meetings, ASI. See conferences, ASI

Megabit Macros (software)

Meisheid, William

Membership Committee





online renewal


Merck Manual (medical resource)

Merriam-Webster Dictionary

Mertes, Kate

ASI/EIS Indexing Award 2015

Business of Indexing (webinar)

Creating and Maintaining Speed in Indexing (webinar)

Hines Award

Indexes Locorum: An Elegant Niche (webinar)

job classification codes article

On Aboutness: Determining What It's All About (webinar)

Wilson Award 2013

MeSH (Medical Subject Headings)


basic information

and Web indexing


metasearch engines


On Aboutness: Determining What It's All About (webinar)

online learning courses (Leise)

webinar (Schlembach)

Mid- and South-Atlantic Chapter

Middlesex (MA) Community College indexing courses

Milkie, Shana

conference newbie article

Training Course Planning Committee

Millis, Kendra, Hines Award recipient

Milstead, Jessica

Hines Award

Thesaurus Management Software page

Minnesota, ASI chapter serving (Upper Midwest Chapter)

*minutes of meetings

Mischler, AElfwine, History/Archaeology Special Interest Group

mission statement, ASI

Missouri, ASI chapter serving (Kansas-Missouri Group)

Montague Institute Review Index and Thesaurus

Moody, Jeanne, Wilson Award

Morris, Carla D. and Steven R.

Mortensen, Mary, Kansas-Missouri Group


MultiTes (thesaurus management software)

Mulvany, Nancy C.

Hines Award


Murray, Meridith, Heartland Chapter

Music Library Association, Inc.


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Music Publishers Association


Nabokov, Vladimir Vladimirovich

NAGC (National Association of Government Communicators)

NAICS codes for indexers


Creating Name Authority Files for Large Indexing Projects (webinar)

indexing (book)

indexing (webinar)

NAPEC (National Association of Professional Environmental Communicators)

NAREE (National Association of Real Estate Editors)

NASA Thesaurus

National Association of Government Communicators (NAGC)

National Association of Professional Environmental Communicators (NAPEC)

National Association of Real Estate Editors (NAREE)

National Association of Science Writers

National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services (NFAIS)

contact information


National Information Standards Organization (NISO)

contact information

thesaurus standards description

thesaurus standards publication

National Rehabilitation Information Center thesaurus, The

National Writers Union (NWU)

Nebraska, ASI group serving (Kansas-Missouri Group)

Netherlands Indexing Network (NIN)

New England Chapter

New York chapters, ASI

New York Chapter

Western New York Chapter

newbie article

News Division


ASI. See Key Words: the Bulletin of the American Society for Indexing

*other indexing societies

NFAIS. See National Federation of Abstracting and Information Services, The (NFAIS)

Niederhoff, Barbara, Rocky Mountain Chapter

Nine Planets Glossary

NISO. See National Information Standards Organization

Nominating Committee

Nonprofit Organization and Program Classifications

Northcott, Gillian

NWU (National Writers Union)


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O'Connor, Brian C.

Occupational Outlook Handbook

officers and board members, former

officers, ASI

Oklahoma, ASI chapters serving

Kansas-Missouri Group

South Central Chapter

On Aboutness: Determining What It's All About (webinar)

One-2-One (thesaurus management software)

Onelook Dictionary

Online Books Page

Online Dictionary of Language Terminology (ODLT)

Online English Grammar

Online Learning Committee

online learning courses. See also webinars

online learning courses

embedded indexing (Haskins)

Getting Started in Indexing (Walls)

InDesign embedded indexing (Haskins)

Legal Indexing (Williams)


medical indexing (Fifer)

metatopic and structure (Leise)

taxonomy (Hedden)

online membership renewal

Oracle Thesaurus Management System (TMS)

Oran's Dictionary of the Law

Order of the Kohlrabi




ordering information, publications

Oregon, ASI chapter serving (Pacific Northwest Chapter)

organizational ASI members

organizational listings


editing industry


information industry

journalism industry

library associations

listing of


publishing industry

scholarly societies and scholarly communication

writing/communications industry

Ormesson, Jean d'

Osgood, Martha, Hines Award

OSHA's Ergonomics Page


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Pacific Northwest Chapter, ASI

Palmer, Robert (Hines Award)

papyrus scroll

Patent Searching

PDFs in the Indexing Process (webinar)

PEN Center USA West

Periodic Table of the Elements

Periodical/Database Indexing SIG

Perlman, Janet

Hines Award

Key Words editor

NISO Representative

Pesticide Common Names

phone directories

Phylogenetic Glossary

Physics Laws List

*planning, strategic

Plants Database (USDA)

Pliny the Elder

Policies and Procedures, ASI

Political Graveyard

practices, best. See best practices

Prentice Hall's Guidelines for Indexing Books

presidents (ASI)


letters by

press releases

private search engines

proceedings of annual meetings

Professional Activities and Salary Survey, executive summary

Professional Organizations in the Information Sciences

Professional Scholarly Publishing (PSP) annual conference

Project Gutenberg

Proust, Marcel

psychology subjects, indexing

Public Health Language thesaurus

Publications Coordinator

publications, ASI


titles available from ASI

titles available from Information Today

Publishers Outreach Committee

publishers, online lists of

Publishers and Books Page

Publishers Association (UK), The

Publishers Catalog Home Page

Publishers on the Internet

publishing and internet law information (Hoffman)

publishing industry organizations

Publishing Organizations in North America



Pym, Barbara


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Quattrocchi, Shelley, Secretary




Quotations Book (searchable online site)


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Ream, Dave

Converting Legacy Print Book Indexes for Use in eBooks (webinar)

Embedded Index Creation Using IXMLembedder (webinar)

Reeder, Josh

references sources, list of online

refugee terminology, thesaurus of

registration, ASI Training in Indexing course

Renault, Mary

RoboHELP, indexing for

Rocky Mountain Chapter, ASI

Rooney, Peter

ASI Archivist

history of ASI

Ross, BevAnne

Rowland, Marilyn

Running an Indexing Business (Perlman)

Russell, Janet, Wilson Award

Ryan, Sheila, ASI Excellence in Indexing Award 2019


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Sagebrush Association Management (ASI management company)

salary survey, executive summary

Salton, Gerard

Savvy Strategies for Indexing Biographies and Memoirs (webinar)

SCAD (Société canadienne pour l'analyse de documents). See SCI (Société canadienne d'indexation)

Schlembach, Kay, Taming the Metatopic (webinar)

Scholarly Indexing (discussion group)

scholarly publishing, indexing

Scholarly Publishing (SSP), Society for

scholarly societies

Schroeder, Sandi

Hines Award recipient


Southeast Chapter

SCI (Société canadienne d'indexation)

science glossaries

Science/Medicine Special Interest Group

science reference sources

science writing, professional organization for

Scott, Walter, Sir

search engines


effectiveness of

guides and evaluations

reviews and ratings



"Search Engines" (article)

Search Engines for the World Wide Web: A Comparative Study and Evaluation Methodology

search tools



See Also newsletter



self-employment reference sources


Shapiro, Joan, Publishers Outreach Committee

Shaw, Rachel, Board of Directors

Shopify (small-business resources)

SI (Society of Indexers)

SIG Relations

SIGs (Special Interest Groups)


*bank accounts

SilverPlatter's Internet Index

SKY Index (indexing software)

SKY Index Pro: Minimizing Editing ... (webinar)

SKYIndexUsers (discussion group)

Skydsgaard, Jens Erik

SLA. See Special Libraries Association (SLA)

small business reference sources

Smith, Paul H., Wilson Award

Smith, Sherry

classes and workshops

Inside Indexing

SND (Society of News Design)

Société canadienne d'indexation (SCI)

Société canadienne pour l'analyse de documents (SCAD). See Société canadienne d'indexation (SCI)

societies, scholarly

Society for Scholarly Publishing (SSP)

annual meeting

contact information

Society for Technical Communication (STC)



contact information

Job Bank



Society for Technical Communication (STC) Liaison

Society of Indexers (SI)

Society of News Design (SND)

Society of Professional Journalists (SPJ)

software. See tools

software, embedding (Fuhr webinar)

Software & Information Industry Association

Solar-terrestrial Physics Glossary

Solow, Linda I.

Soranus, Valerius

Sosnowski, Maria, Legal Special Interest Group

Southeast Chapter

Space Flight Glossary

Spaltro, Kathleen, publications

Spanier, Jennifer

Nominating Committee

Past President

Webmaster Team

Special Interest Group (SIG) Relations

Special Interest Groups (SIGs). See also individual SIGs

Special Interest Groups (SIGs)


*bank accounts

Special Libraries Association (SLA)

specialized search engines

SPJ (Society of Professional Journalists)

Sports-Fitness Special Interest Group

Sprott, Joanne, Creating and Securing Your WordPress Website (webinar)

SSP (Society for Scholarly Publishing)

Staigmiller, Judy, Pacific Northwest Chapter

standards, indexing. See also National Information Standards Organization

standards, indexing. See also International Organization for Standardization (ISO)

standards, indexing

STAR (vocabulary control module)

Starting an Indexing Business 3rd ed. (Zafran, Shapiro)

Stauber, Do Mi

Facing the Text

Making the Most of Macrex (webinar)

Wilson Award

STC. See Society for Technical Communication

STC (Society for Technical Communication) Liaison

*strategic planning, ASI


metatopics (webinar)

On Aboutness: Determining What It's All About (webinar)

online learning courses (Leise)

subheadings (webinar)

webinar (Leise)


online learning course (Leise)

webinar (Leise)

subject-tree indexing

Susan Holbert, Indexing Services

Switchboard (phone and address search engine)

Synaptica (thesaurus management software)


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Tagging Digital Assets for Dynamic Context-Specific Delivery (webinar)

Taming the Metatopic (webinar)

Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies SIG


Autoclassification: Information Management Strategies (webinar)

Tagging Digital Assets ... (webinar)

Taxonomy Consulting (webinar)


3-part online course (Hedden)

5-part online course (Hedden)

Taylor, Bonnie, Board of Directors

Teach Yourself Indexing for RoboHELP Classic

technical writing reference sources

TECHWR-L (discussion list)

Tennessee Group, ASI. See Heartland Chapter

Tennessee Group, ASI. See Southeast Chapter

terminology, language

Texas, ASI chapter serving (South Central Chapter)

Textbook Indexing (webinar)

TExtract software

Thatcher, Virginia



management software


standards (online NISO site)

standards (printed NISO guidelines)


geographic (Getty)


Thomas, Devon

Annual Conference Program Committee

Chapter Relations Coordinator

International Representative, ASI

Thomas, Dorothy, Hines Award recipient


Timekeep for Windows (indexing business utility software)

Tolkien, J. R. R. (John Ronald Reuel)


Adobe Acrobat Reader: PDFs in the Indexing Process (webinar)

Cindex (webinar)

embedding software (Fuhr webinar)

Index Manager (webinar)

indexing, contact information

indexing, survey of

IXMLembedder (webinar)

Macrex (webinar)

PDFs in the Indexing Process (webinar)

SKY Index Pro (webinar)

thesaurus management

WordEmbed (Fuhr webinar)

Towery, Margie


Wilson Award (2002)

Wilson Award (2008)

Tradeshow Central


training course (ASI)



Training Course Committee

Training Course Planning Committee

transcription, Special Interest Group. See Genealogy Indexing and Transcription Special Interest Group

translation, online

Trantino, Charlee, Wilson Award

*treasurer's reports

Trollope, Anthony

Twin Cities Chapter (Upper Midwest Chapter)

Twitter widget

Typing Injury FAQ


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U.S. Army Center for Army Lessons Learned (CALL) Thesaurus

U.S. Census Bureau Web site index

U.S. Government Information Locator Service (GILS)

ULAN (Union List of Artist Names)

UNBIS Thesaurus

UNESCO Thesaurus

Union List of Artist Names (Getty)

Union List of Artist Names, The (ULAN)

Universität Dortmund, Informatik VI

University of California Berkeley indexing courses

University of Washington indexing courses

UNIXhelp for Users Web site index

Upper Midwest Chapter, ASI

U.S. Congress, Biographical Directory of

U.S. Department of Agriculture Graduate School courses

U.S. Government Printing Office, main site

U.S. Patent & Trademark Office

U.S. Small Business Administration

usability of indexes, testing

USDA Graduate School courses

USDA National Agricultural Library Agriculture Thesaurus


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Van Rijsbergen, C. J.

Vanderbilt Television News Archive

vegetable, official ASI

Virtual International Authority File

Virtual Reference Desk

vocabularies, controlled

Vocabularies, Controlled (Taxonomies and Controlled Vocabularies SIG)

vocabulary, controlled (standards)

Vocabulary Control for Information Retrieval (Lancaster)

Vonnegut, Kurt


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Walker, Liz, Business Special Interest Group

Walls, Madge, Getting Started in Indexing (online learning course)

Wann, Jan, Upper Midwest Chapter

Washington, ASI chapter serving (Pacific Northwest Chapter)

Weaver, Carolyn


ASindexing moderator

Hines Award recipient

Webmaster Team

Web Dictionary of Cybernetics and Systems

Web indexing


Beyond Book Indexing (Rowland and Brenner)

Digital Publications Special Interest Group

discussion group

Indexing Specialties: Web Sites (Hedden)

and metadata

Website Indexing (Browne and Jermey)

Web Marketing Info Center

Web search tools

WebCrawler (search engine)

Webinar Committee

webinars. See also online learning courses


Autoclassification: Information Management Strategies (Maislin)

biographies (Binder)

Building Your Blog (Brawley)

Business of Indexing (Mertes/Zafran)

Business Strategies for Indexers (Lobachev)

Cindex Tips, Using Groups and Labels (Lennie)

Converting Legacy Print Book Indexes for Use in eBooks (Ream)

Creating and Maintaining Speed in Indexing (Mertes)

Creating and Securing Your WordPress Website (Sprott/Hamilton)

Creating Name Authority Files ... (Dunn)

Embedded Indexing: Working with Clients (Wright)

Ethics in Indexing (Ebbs)

The Glory and Nothing of a Name (Bridge)

How to Increase Your Business ... (Binder)

Index Manager (Wyman)

Indexer Locator (Binder)

Indexes Locorum: An Elegant Niche (Mertes)

IXMLembedder (Ream)

large indexing projects name authority files (Dunn)

list of

Making the Most of Macrex (Stauber)

memoirs (Binder)

name authority files for large indexing projects (Dunn)

On Aboutness: Determining What It's All About (Mertes)

PDFs in the Indexing Process (Binder)

Savvy Strategies ... Biographies and Memoirs ... (Binder)

SKY Index Pro (Fifer)

Successful Subheadings (Leise)

Tagging Digital Assets ... (Maislin)

Taming the Metatopic (Schlembach)

Taxonomy Consulting (Hedden)

Textbook Indexing: Basic Skills ... (Witt)

WordEmbed introduction (Fuhr)


ASI team members


Webopedia (computing terms)

Website Committee

Website Indexes: Visitors to Content in Two Clicks (Lamb)

Website Indexing (Browne and Jermey)

website policies, ASI


Building Your Blog (webinar)

Creating ... WordPress Website (webinar)

examples of indexed

Weers, Jen

Board of Directors

Upper Midwest Chapter

Webinar/Online Learning Committee

Weinberg, Bella Hass

Can You Recommend a Good Book on Indexing?

Hines Award recipient

Wellisch, Hans H.


Hines Award recipient

other publications

White, Martin, Wilson Award

WICI (Women in Communications, Inc.)

widget, for Twitter

Williams, Lynne, Legal Indexing (online learning course)

Wilson Award. See ASI/EIS Publishing Award

wINDEX (for DOS)

WISP-L (Women in Scholarly Publishing List)

Witt, Diana

Hines Award Committee

Hines Award recipient

Southeast Chapter

Textbook Indexing (webinar)

Training Course Committee

WNBA (Women's National Book Association)

Women in Communications, Inc. (WICI)

Women in Scholarly Publishing

contact information

discussion group (WISP-L)

Women's National Book Association (WNBA)

WordEmbed (Fuhr webinar)

Worden, Diane, article

WordIndexers (discussion group)

WordPress, creating websites using (webinar)

The Wordsmyth English Dictionary-Thesaurus

work, finding


World Bank Thesaurus

Wright, Jan

Digital Publications Special Interest Group

embedded indexing (webinar)

Hines Award

Wilson Award

writing/communications industry organizations

WWW Virtual Library

Wyman, Pilar

Hines Award recipient

Index Manager (webinar)

indexing FAQ


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XindeX (indexing software)

XRefHT32 Web indexing software


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publishers online

Web resources

Yancey, Trish


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Zafran, Enid

Business of Indexing (webinar)

Hines Award

legal textbook indexing article

life-of-indexer article

Zip2 Door-to-Door (mapping tool)

Zoology Glossary

zoology reference sources