ASI Webinar Replay: Making the Most of Macrex
with Do Mi Stauber

Do Mi Stauber

Making the Most of Macrex

with Do Mi Stauber

Have you been using Macrex for a little while? Have you mastered the basics? You are creating main- and subentries smoothly, navigating the index with simple searches, and using your first set of style preferences.

But did you know that Macrex enables you to:

  • never type the same thing twice?
  • automate your repeated actions?
  • meet even the strangest and most complicated of client output requests?
  • set client preferences once and never look at them again?
  • manipulate the index using group mode with powerful boolean operators for easy searching, entry comparisons, and cross-checking?
  • load a previous edition index or an authority file into your current index?

It's time to go deeper and learn some of the many powerful functions of Macrex, functions that will enable you to work faster, increase your accuracy and the quality of your indexing, and produce any output that your clients prefer.

With software demonstrated live and a chat line open for participant questions, this webinar will introduce you to such Macrex capabilities as:

  • Keywords
  • Macros
  • Yank, underline, and other ways of duplicating entries or parts of entries
  • Table of authorities/autocomplete
  • Grouping and searching
  • Customizing output and meeting client needs
  • Tech support resources

You will also receive tips for adding new software functions to your working repertoire.

You will learn at least one thing that will pay for the webinar in saved keystrokes and time!

Do Mi Stauber is the author of the classic Facing the Text: Content and Structure in Book Indexing, and winner of the 2007 Wilson Award for Excellence in Indexing. She is a popular and beloved presenter on indexing and many other topics. Do Mi has been using Macrex for twenty-six years, and has assisted in tech support for the program.

The webinar originally aired November 18, 2015

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After you purchase the webinar, return to this page, refresh your screen, and view the webinar replay. You will also find the related PDF document.

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