ASI Online Learning Course: Getting Started in Indexing with Madge Walls


Getting Started in Indexing

Two-Part Series with Madge Walls

What attendees are saying about Part 1 of "Getting Started in Indexing"

" . . . even after being an indexer for decades, I learned a lot from your talk, especially good tips for recordkeeping. Looking forward to Part II!"
—Kathy Patterson

"I found your presentation today really down-to-earth, practical, and helpful. I've established some of my own routines, but your ideas will definitely reshape some."
—Eileen Allen

This is a nuts and bolts presentation for

  • beginning indexers who want to get organized and get their job stream flowing
  • experienced indexers whose business needs a kick start

We’ll explore where and how to get business when we rarely meet our customers in person and can only build rapport electronically.

Session I “Getting Ready to Get Busy” covers

  • Choose your office setup and equipment for maximum efficiency
  • Establish record keeping that is manageable and trouble-free
  • Create your marketing plan; identify your best target
  • Develop fees that are fair, fitting the market and your skill level
  • Standardize indexing agreements so you don't rewrite them for every client

Session II “Getting Busy” covers

  • Marketing to publishers, packagers, and authors
  • Phoning vs. emailing—what works best for you?
  • Prospecting and response emails—in the can and ready to go
  • Phoning strangers—ugh! Learn how to trick yourself into doing it comfortably.

Sessions I & II recommended for new indexers; Session II is beneficial for new indexers and for experienced indexers seeking a marketing jumpstart.

Let’s get ready to get busy, and then get busy!

After a many years in real estate, Madge Walls took up indexing in 2007 after hearing about it at a writers conference in Denver. It's the perfect "retirement" career, she often says. When trying to figure out how to get indexing business from publishers she would never meet in person, she created a marketing strategy that has worked well for her and many others. She has presented “Getting Started in Indexing” at numerous ASI national and regional conferences.

Madge has served as Vice President of the ASI Rocky Mountain Chapter, and is currently President of the Pacific Northwest Chapter. She was raised in Hawaii, raised her children on Maui, and now lives just south of Portland, Oregon, where she happily wakes up to a "mainland" experience every day. She also write novels, which keeps her off the streets and out of the stores.

The webinars were presented January 20 and January 27, 2016.

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