ASI Webinar Replay: Converting Legacy Print Book Indexes for Use in eBooks

with David K. Ream, Leverage Technologies

David K. Ream

The webinar was presented October 30, 2013.

In the electronic realm, page numbers lose their meaning. What is a page? It can vary depending on the way you choose to display the material on your eRreader based on the font and type size. The index locators for page 10 have no unique meaning for two viewers of the same eBook.

A really simple solution is that eBooks should be linked not to pages but to more specific points within the text. New tools are likely to be developed to assist publishers with accomplishing this for new publications. But how can this be accomplished for already published books? This presentation will talk about a real-life project involving such a scenario and describe the workflow and software involved and the pitfalls and unexpected issues that arose.

You will:

  • Learn some of the issues to address with your clients
  • Understand the process used by ASI for their eBooks
  • Benefit from some of the pitfalls that have been uncovered
  • Think of this as a new potential revenue stream for your business

Join us when David Ream talks about how to convert legacy print book indexes so you can use them in eBooks.

David K. Ream is Leverage Technologies’ chief consultant for publishers. He has a M.S. degree in Computer Science from Case Western Reserve University. Mr. Ream has spent more than 30 years working with publishers in the areas of typesetting design and production, database creation, editorial systems, and electronic publication design and production.

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