ASI Webinar Replay: Textbook Indexing—Basic skills and guidelines to create a good textbook index

Textbook Indexing

Basic skills and guidelines to create a good textbook index

Diana Witt

with Diana Witt

Learn the pros and cons of updating vs. original creation of textbook indexes. Understand how to handle non-text material such as glossaries, graphics, appendices, etc. Find out how to create multiple name, subject, and company indexes simultaneously.

Program covers:

  • Table of contents, and/or chapter titles as term sources
  • Highlighted boldfaced terms
  • Introductory matter relevance
  • Glossary, inclusion or not
  • Appendices, case studies, online resources and other nontext material
  • Multiple indexes (name, subject, and company name indexes)
  • Audience for the book, elementary, secondary, college, continuing education
  • New vs. updated indexes
  • Rates and fees: Current crisis for textbook indexers, reasonable charges for multiple indexes
  • Calculating for updated vs. original indexes.
This webinar was produced Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Diana Witt is a long-time professional indexer with many years’ experience in textbook and scholarly indexing.

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