ASI Webinar: Establishing Yourself as an Expert

ASI Webinar: Establishing Yourself as an Expert

Marketing Strategies No One Talks About

with Jen Weers and Gwen Henson

Wednesday, June 29, 2022

10 am Pacific; 11 am Mountain; 12 pm Central; 1 pm Eastern

A good marketing plan for indexers should include more than a letter-writing campaign and the dreaded cold calls. Even savvy marketers are often missing a key part of their plan: establishing yourself as an expert. When faced with a multitude of indexers in the mix for a single project, you need to be proactive in proving you are the right person for the job.

In this webinar, you will:

  • explore out-of-the-box marketing tools for establishing yourself as an expert
  • learn how to be seen as an expert even with limited experience
  • identify different audiences for your message
  • hear from experts who have successfully used this concept
  • explore imposter syndrome and ways to see yourself as an expert, even if you don't believe your own message

Join us to hear real-life examples of indexers who have established themselves as experts.

Jen Weers has been indexing since 2013 when she got her first job working on a monograph about public restrooms. At the time, she didn’t even know what a monograph was, but her client was convinced Jen was the perfect "professional" for the job. In the nine years since, Jen has continued to convince clients there was no one who could index their book as well as she could, even when she wasn’t so sure herself. She is continuously surprised by how many people tell her, "You are obviously an expert," based on her website alone. Her background in marketing has helped her secure a steady stream of projects throughout the years.

Jen lives in a suburb of St. Paul, Minnesota with her family (though her kids keep growing up and are starting to leave the nest no matter how hard Jen tries to keep them safely in it). She is a member of ASI’s Board of Directors, the chair for ASI’s webinar and online learning committee, and the past co-chair for ASI’s Upper Midwest chapter.

With more than 25 years of experience in association management and event planning, Gwen Henson has served as the executive director of the American Society for Indexing since 2013. An expert in small press publishing, she currently serves on the Workflow Committee of the Book Industry Study Group. She has spoken at national publishing conferences, served as a judge for national book awards, and was awarded the Korwin Award for Visionary Leadership. This fall she will be presenting at the International Indexing Conference in Berlin.

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