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ASI News
—Indexer Locator survey
—New ASI webinar “Establishing Yourself as an Expert”
—Annual meeting looks back, and ahead
—Join ASI awards-planning committee
Key Words takes in-depth look at conference
—Did you know…
Associated Industry News
—International Indexing Conference in Berlin
Business and Marketing
—New York bill could help freelancers
Spotlight on Theresa Duran

ASI News

Indexer Locator survey

ASI members, help enhance the effectiveness of ASI's indexer Locator by completing a brief survey. All members can participate in the survey, whether they have a current listing on the Indexer Locator or not. A Locator listing is available to ASI members who choose to add this option.

The Indexer Locator is key in informing potential customers about an indexer's areas of expertise, experience, and interests. There are currently four sections where indexers can indicate specialties: Subjects, Languages, Types of material, and Indexing/embedding software. Some of these lists have become lengthy and difficult to navigate, with some overlap and duplication. In addition, some newer specialties are not listed, and some terms are outdated or no longer in use.

It will be helpful to review the Locator's current categories before responding to the survey.

Your participation is appreciated. Email the ASI office if you have any questions.

New ASI webinar "Establishing Yourself as an Expert"

A good marketing plan for indexers should include more than a letter-writing campaign and dreaded cold calls. Even savvy marketers are often missing a key part of their plan: establishing yourself as an expert. When faced with a multitude of indexers in the mix for a single project, you need to be proactive in proving you are the right person for the job. In this webinar, you will:

  • explore out-of-the-box marketing tools for establishing yourself as an expert
  • learn how to be seen as an expert even with little experience
  • identify different audiences for your message
  • hear from experts who have successfully used this concept
  • explore imposter syndrome and ways to see yourself as an expert, even if you don't believe your own message

Jen Weers and Gwen Henson will co-present this webinar on Wednesday, June 29, 2022. To learn more and register, visit the ASI webinar page.

Annual meeting looks back, and ahead

The annual meeting of the American Society for Indexing, held via Zoom on May 20, 2022, gave an overview of how well the organization is faring.

"ASI has had a very good year by pretty much all measures," said Michele Combs, outgoing president. These measures include steady membership, international committee representation, and education offerings that were "as varied as they were excellent."

Combs reviewed the progress of the Strategic Plan, which focuses on ASI's mission of providing Advocacy, Education, and Resources for its members. "The Strategic Plan really is key to our functioning as a professional organization," she said. The full plan with updates is available here.

The annual meeting also included the treasurer's report from Anne Fifer, presentation of the Kohlrabi Awards to ASI volunteers, and recognition of new and departing board members.

Those leaving the board are Meghan Miller Brawley, Past President; Anne Fifer, Treasurer; and Directors Shannon Li and Rachel Shaw.
New board members are Cheryl Lenser, Treasurer; and Directors Amy Hall, Judy Staigmiller, and Amanda Wilson.
Returning board members are Gina Guilinger, President; Michele Combs, Past President; Theresa Duran, President-elect; Shelley Quattrocchi, Secretary; and Directors Eileen Allen, Heather Pendley, and Jen Weers.

The presidency was officially transferred to Gina Guilinger as the meeting wrapped up.

Join ASI awards-planning committee

To better recognize the diversity and breadth of outstanding work done by indexers, ASI is revamping its annual awards program (formerly the Wilson Award and then the ASI/EIS Publishing Award). Read about the full history of the ASI award here.

Would you like to be a part of the committee formulating the criteria for the new awards? Sandi Schroeder is heading the committee and is looking for ASI members to serve on the committee tasked with this mission. Meetings will be held on Zoom beginning this summer.

Contact Sandi if you are interested in being on the committee or if you have any other questions.

Key Words takes in-depth look at conference

The summer issue of Key Words will offer a full review of the presentations and keynote addresses of ASI's annual conference, “The Future of Indexing: A Mix of Art & Technology”.

This includes a look at Paula Clarke Bain's process in creating the amusing index for Dennis Ducan's Index, A History of the. During the conference, she discussed an unintended difference in the indexes between the UK (published in 2021) and the US (published in 2022) editions because of a change made during the publishing process. Key Words includes a look at her full presentation, as well as a review of Duncan's book.

In addition, look for these articles:

  • Starting a new freelance indexing business (feature article by Vickie Jacobs).
  • Indexing illustrations (Paratext column by Kate Mertes).

Watch your email for the latest issue of ASI's quarterly journal, out later this month.

Did you know…

There are ten regional chapters of the American Society for Indexing and a variety of Special Interest Groups. Events and networking take place throughout the year.

Tell us what is happening in your chapter or SIG by emailing See Also.

Associated Industry News

International Indexing Conference in Berlin

The provisional program for the International Indexing Conference “Continental Connections” in Berlin, October 17 & 18, is now available. Every three years, the indexing societies (ICRIS) meet at the Triennial conference. This year's conference is a joint effort of the German, Dutch, and British societies. The conference will be a hybrid of in-person and online.

Business and Marketing

New York bill could help freelancers

Self-employed indexers are likely familiar with the problem of not being paid on time, or with having to spend extra time pursuing the payment they already earned.

A so-called Freelance isn't Free bill introduced in the New York State Legislature this year addresses some of those issues. This bill follows a law enacted in New York City in 2017—and one considered in California. It would give independent contractors and freelancers additional protections through the State Labor Department, including mandates for timely payment and contracts.

Read the full Senate version of the bill here.

The Freelancers Union lays out the provisions of the New York City law here.

Spotlight on Theresa Duran

This month's Spotlight is on Theresa Duran, owner of Duran Editorial Services, and ASI's president-elect.

If you would like to be in the Spotlight, or would like to nominate someone for it, please contact Laurie Hlavaty.

Where do you live now? Where are you originally from? Do you share your home with pets or family?

I live in Fairfax, California, which is in Marin County—just north of the Golden Gate Bridge. My husband and I both grew up in the Midwest (Missouri and Kansas). We have two cats, Loki and Freyja.

What is your educational background?

I have a Ph.D. in English from the University of Kansas (go Jayhawks!). That's also where I did my undergraduate studies and met my husband.

Do you have any hobbies, travels, volunteer work, or other interesting things to share?

As avid hikers, we take full advantage of the many parks and trails in our country. I recently took up hula hooping. I have multiple hoops in different sizes. I watch YouTube tutorials to learn new tricks, but I'm not that good yet. I also really enjoy making playlists on Spotify.

What kind of work did you do before you studied indexing? Are you still doing that or other work in addition to indexing?

I started out as a staff editor at a small publishing house. My official duties included copyediting, proofreading, and writing promotional copy, but I also learned a lot about book production and sales. As a freelancer, I still do copyediting and proofreading, though I much prefer indexing.

What is a favorite strategy to help motivate or inspire when you are feeling stuck during a work project?

I struggle more with feeling overwhelmed than with feeling stuck. To combat that, I always make up a schedule for myself with daily work goals. If possible, I try to cut myself some slack at the beginning of a project because I usually gain speed as I go.

When did you start indexing? When did you join ASI?

When I worked as a staff editor, I occasionally had to supervise book projects, which involved hiring freelance indexers. Those interactions piqued my interest in the field of indexing. I enrolled in the UC Berkeley Extension course, which at the time (2004) was still being taught on the Berkeley campus. That same year, I joined ASI, attended the annual conference in Alexandria, Virginia, and became active in the Golden Gate Chapter.

For you, what is the best advantage of ASI membership?

The camaraderie that exists among ASI members. I really miss in-person events! They are so fun and inspiring (although our recent online conference was quite amazing). I've also gotten many job referrals from networking at conferences and volunteering for ASI.

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