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The Indexer Locator is a valuable tool that enables clients to find the indexers who can best help them with their book(s). It's an important benefit of membership, and a great way to let potential customers know your areas of expertise, working methods, and interests as well as helping them connect with you as an individual. We'd like your input on how we can make this service as valuable and useful as possible (whether or not you currently have an Indexer Locator listing).

Currently, there are four sections where indexers can indicate specialties from a list: Subjects, Languages, Types of material, and Indexing/embedding software. Many of these lists have become lengthy and difficult to navigate, with some overlap and duplication. In addition, some newer specialties are not listed, and some terms are outdated or no longer in use.

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IMPORTANT: Please review the current categories of the Indexer Locator here before responding to the following questions.

Your input is vital to our effort to improve the Indexer Locator's value to you and your clients. Please respond to this survey by June 21.

Thank you!
ASI Board of Directors

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