ASI Webinar Replay: CINDEX Streamlining and Refining

ASI Webinar Replay: CINDEX Streamlining and Refining—Creative Use of Tools and Functions for Improving Your Work Process

with Maria Sullivan

Long-time CINDEX user and expert, Maria Sullivan encourages you to think about using CINDEX’s capabilities in ways beyond the obvious. Explore CINDEX techniques that can help you create an index more efficiently. Get an introduction to little-used tools and functions to enhance efficiency. Learn how to use more common tools in ways that you might not have thought of before.

In this webinar, you will learn to:

  • Use keystroke shortcuts
  • Access extended characters
  • Create headnotes
  • Reconcile headings
  • Import and split entries
    and more!

Whether you are a seasoned CINDEX user or new to the program, discover the techniques that save time and increase efficiency.

Maria has been indexing since 1988 when she was hired as part of the in-house
indexing team at a major legal publisher, which was working with mainframe computers for large projects and Wang word processors for smaller projects. Her first assignment was to evaluate demonstration copies of two PC-based programs and make a formal recommendation. CINDEX was there from the beginning, although before she could index, Maria had to learn to do it on paper. Maria was designated the department “smart user” and, with a small team, helped to integrate the use of CINDEX into the main indexing production process and train the 26-member department. Since 1994, Maria has been providing support for CINDEX users directly—first with Indexing Research, and now with Scribendi.

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The live webinar was produced on January 17, 2024.

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