31st Annual Conference

June 9-13,1999
Crowne Plaza Union Station
Indianapolis, IN


Conference HighlightsRacing into the Millennium–what does that mean to you? There has been much discussion about what the new millennium will bring. Obviously change to the way we work and live. And how do we deal with this change? Hopefully by preparing ourselves with new skills and knowledge. Where do you get these skills and knowledge? One of the ways is by attending the annual ASI meeting in Indianapolis.Workshops. Continuing education knowledge can be gained by attending the workshops scheduled for Wednesday through Saturday. For the first time, these workshops have been priced according to factors such as the audiovisual equipment needed,  level of the workshop, and the length of the workshop.Roundtables. Another way of gaining knowledge and skills is by attending the roundtables on Wednesday and Thursday. Have your own Index-L discussion face to face with other indexers. No questions or answers are silly.  There are many new topics this year.

Friday Panel Presentations.  You will have the opportunity to pick from four topics and hear experts in the fields.

Networking, Networking, Networking, Networking, Networking, Networking. How else can you get a question answered?  By getting to know other indexers. How do you do this? By networking and socializing with your friends. You will have many opportunities to do that this year.

Take Me Out to the Ballgame

will be your first opportunity to network. Victory Field is located within walking distance of the Crowne Plaza Hotel. Playing Triple A ball on Wednesday evening will be the Indianapolis Indians (Cincinnati) and the Durham Bulls (Tampa Bay). Cost for the game is $7.00. We will meet in the hotel lobby and walk over to the stadium as a group. The game starts at 7 pm. Regular stadium fare will be available for individual purchase.  If you wish to attend, please mark the square on your registration form.

The Networking Suite, hosted by individual chapters, will be open most days from 1 to 4 pm and from 7 to 10 pm.  Drinks will be limited to sodas in the afternoon, but beer and wine will be available during the evening hours. So instead of hanging out in your room or the lobby, come to the networking suite and meet and talk with other indexers.

Indianapolis ArtsGarden Awards Reception and Banquet will be the opportunity to recognize indexers who have contributed on a national and local basis. ASI could not exist without its volunteers. We would like to take this time to recognize these people who give and give without asking why. We will be entertained during the reception by the Indy Singers, a blind quartet, and their guide dogs.

Saturday Morning Town Hall Meeting will be your opportunity to ask the board and other committee chairs questions about what has happened this last year and what is planned for the next year. You can find out what you can do to help.

Closing luncheon with Joe Queenan., author of Red Lobster, White Trash, and the Blue Lagoon (1998);Imperial Caddy: The Rise of Dan Quayle in America (1992), If You’re Talking to Me, Your Career Must Be in Trouble(1994);  and The Unkindest Cut: How a Hatchet-Man Critic Made His Own $7,000 Movie and put it all on His Credit Card (1995).

Queenan writes deeply funny indexes to his own texts, which are great spoofs on indexing style. Please note that he even knows about reverses. In addition, he uses indexes and admits to being upset when he can’t find an entry in the index for something he knows is in the book.

A couple of entries from his latest book include:

Farrow, Mia

questionable casting as Mother Teresa volunteer, 253

Griffith, Melanie

ability to turn a man’s saliva into gravy, 209, 211

Streisand, Barbra

large nose of, 99

His latest book will be available for purchase and autographing.

<Sandi Schroeder>
Conference Coordinator