Keynote Speaker



Writer, editor, technologist, and contrarian, Jeff Duntemann is currently editor-at-large for the Paraglyph Press in Scottsdale, Arizona. A published writer since 1974, he has written for PC Magazine and Creative Computing and has authored or co-authored over 20 technical books. His science fiction novel, The Cunning Blood, was published in November 2005.

Mr. Duntemann will offer an address on: "Can the Humble Page Survive the Ebook?"

The discussion will focus on the fact that thousands of years of evolution have made print books what they are today. Over the next twenty years ebooks will radically change the ways that we find, purchase, read, and study information, and there is no guarantee that a single industry will be able to bridge the gap between print and digital publishing.
For more information on Mr. Duntemann, see his website.