Sponsorship Opportunities for ASI & ISC/SCI Conference 2016

Looking to advertise your services effectively? Want to support your industry? The sponsorship opportunities listed below are great ways to do both. Whether you are an individual indexer aiming for a unique networking opportunity, a supplier who counts indexers among your customers, or a publisher who is always looking for good indexers, the ASI-ISC/SCI annual conference is the premier event in the indexer year.

If you would like to be a sponsor, have questions, or want to air some ideas of your own besides what you see here, please feel free to contact our executive director, Gwen Henson. Sponsorship submissions are due by May 13, 2016.

Bag Stuffers, $50. Let other ASI-ISC/SCI members know about the services or products your provide! Advertise your availability as an indexing subcontractor! Send us your literature or other advertising materials (pens, cards, bookmarks, etc.) and we’ll include them in every conference attendee’s bag.

Program advertisements, $100. Advertise your services, products, and programs in the ASI-ISC/SCI conference program – every attendee will be consulting it! All ads 1/8 page size.

Lanyards and Nametags for Conference Attendees, $150. Your sponsorship will be gratefully noted on the bottom of each attendee’s nametag.

IMG_2585_2Conference Bags, $250 Everyone carries them around throughout the conference and uses them afterwards. Have your chapter name, SIG, or business displayed for all to see!

Conference Souvenirs, $200. At every conference we try to provide attendees with a special token to remember their experience. We haven’t picked a souvenir for Chicago yet, so we’re open to suggestions. Souvenir sponsors will be appreciatively noted in conference literature.

IMG_1964_1_1Break sponsorships, $250. Indexers like their snacks, and we really want to provide high-quality and plentiful break food and beverages in Chicago. Sponsor a break and we’ll prominently display your name or organization next to the goodies! This is a great opportunity for chapters and SIGs to display their support for ASI and ISC/SCI.

Session sponsorships, $300. Have a look at the Conference program. Is there a session that’s particularly germane to you or your organization? Funds donated for this purpose will help allay the A/V costs of the session and allow us to continue providing the best programs we can manage. This is an excellent opportunity for SIGs to sponsor an event directly related to their special interest, and for SIGs and Chapters to fulfill their educational and professional mandates.

Reception sponsorship, $500. Receptions are a great way for indexers to network, exchanging ideas and swapping techniques. We’ll have a closing reception at this year’s conference, and sponsors will have their names or organizations displayed at the event.

Members enjoy the Underground Seattle Tour.

Members enjoy the Underground Seattle Tour.

Tours, $500. We’ll be running at least one tour the day after the conference. Tours have been chosen with an eye to ASI members’ special interests. Sponsors of tours will be advertised in all tour literature and on the tour itself. This is a great opportunity for a SIG to sponsor an event related to its specific interest, for a local chapter to celebrate its heritage, or a vendor to give existing clients and potential customers a special treat.

Contact Gwen now, as opportunities are limited.