Program for ASI 2020 Conference

American Society for Indexing 2020 Virtual Conference

Working Smarter to Stay Ahead

Saturday, May 2

Pacific Time: 8 AM to 2:30 PM
Mountain Time: 9 AM to 3:30 PM
Central Time: 10 AM to 4:30 PM
Eastern Time: 11 AM to 5:30 PM

8:00 AM, Pacific / 11:00 AM, Eastern
Stand-out Self-Promotion: Four Steps to Winning More Work Before You Start Chasing Clients JoAnne Burek
We all want clients coming to us, rather than us chasing them. That’s why we list ourselves on the society’s website—the marketplace where clients look for indexers. So, when a client searches for an indexer and you show up in the long list of candidates, will you be noticed? And if you make it to the shortlist, can you keep the interest alive, comfortably and naturally? Learn the four steps that help you win more business. Topic includes listings, websites, and email responses to clients’ queries. We’ll also delve into the client’s mind and find out what really sells.

9:00 AM, Pacific / 12:00 PM, Eastern
New Time Management Techniques for the Savvy Indexer Diana Witt
Diana will start with a review of the basics of time management. For this session, she will also focus on how publishing industry changes have impacted our ability to manage our time and workflow. These changes have had significant impact on our earning potentials and have greatly increased the amount of time freelance indexers must now spend on non-indexing tasks in order to run their businesses successfully. Learn the techniques Diana has implemented to make the most of her work day.

10:00 AM, Pacific / 1:00 PM, Eastern
The Naked Indexer Fred Leise
The Naked Indexer is back! Watch an experienced indexer work in real time. Fred Leise will index a work under the spotlight as you peek over his shoulder. Questions and discussion are encouraged.


11:30 AM, Pacific / 2:30 PM, Eastern
Tables of Cases Bonnie Taylor
Tables of cases and statutes can look intimidating to nonlawyers, almost as if they're written in a foreign language. These tables, however, follow some pretty basic rules. This session will give you an overview of these rules and the confidence you need to take on tabling work.

12:30 PM, Pacific / 3:30 PM, Eastern
Before You Say Yes (or No) Anne Fifer
We are all glad to see a request for us to index a book, but we should evaluate the project before accepting—or declining.  This will be a discussion of the questions to ask for an evaluation of the project—book as well as the people with whom you will be working. 

1:30 PM, Pacific / 4:30 PM, Eastern
Macros Gale Rhoades
Macros are powerful tools—when you execute a single key combination, your software implements dozens of individual commands. The first macro program was standalone, not part of any specific application. Today most macro functions work within your program. Microsoft Word uses this approach. Margaret Berson's Megabit Macros, on the other hand, is a standalone program. It works by highlighting and copying text from an open PDF to the clipboard, followed by pressing a pre-configured key combination to add it into your index. In this session we will discuss both Microsoft Word and Megabit Macros, and, time permitting, we will cover use of macros in dedicated indexing software.

Sessions will be 50 minutes followed by a 10 minute break. Your registration includes all six sessions. Program is subject to change without notice. Please register no later than 5 p.m. Eastern time on Friday, May 1.