ASI 2023 Conference Program

The Eyes Have It: The Indexer Perspective—Past, Present & Future

April 28–29, 2023

This meeting will be held virtually via Zoom.

Sessions are followed by a 15-minute break, unless otherwise noted.


Thursday, April 27

Pre-Conference Introduction-to-Indexing Workshop with Fred Leise

Friday, April 28

9:00 AM, Pacific / 12:00 PM, Eastern
What is it Like to Be an ASI Board Member? Board Members

9:30 AM, Pacific / 12:30 PM, Eastern
Coffee and Networking

10:00 AM, Pacific / 1:00 PM, Eastern
Metadata at the New York Times: Organizing and Leveraging News Content from 1851-Today. Jennifer Parrucci

Senior Taxonomist Jennifer Parrucci will show how The New York Times was ahead of the curve when it comes to metadata and how that legacy has turned into a thorough process for content classification. She will also give a peek into how The Times leverages this metadata to push content to consumers, pull analytics and make sure things are easily findable in the archive.

11:00 AM, Pacific / 2:00 PM, Eastern
15-minute BREAK

11:15 AM, Pacific / 2:15 PM, Eastern
Another Set of Eyes: How and When to Hire Someone to Edit or Proofread Your Indexes. Michelle Guiliano

Do you sometimes wish you could have a fresh set of eyes to look at your index before the deadline? Let Michelle Guiliano show you the ropes and discuss the benefits and pitfalls of hiring a proofreader or editor for your indexes. This presentation isn’t just for newbies–experienced indexers might find that streamlining their indexing process is just what they need to take their indexing business to the next level.

12:00 PM, Pacific / 3:00 PM, Eastern
30-minute BREAK

12:30 PM, Pacific / 3:30 PM, Eastern
The History of Stoplists: Lists of Words Not Indexed. Bella Hass Weinberg

Stoplists (lists of words not indexed) were thought to have been developed in the 1950s in conjunction with automatic indexing. The first Hebrew concordance (word index) to the Bible, entitled Me’ir Nativ (15th century), contained a stoplist that is similar to modern ones in that it consists of function words, such as prepositions. Me’ir Nativ was modeled on the Latin Biblical concordance of Arlottus. Two manuscripts of his concordance are in the library of St. Omer, France. Neither manuscript contains a stoplist. In this presentation, Bella will also discuss theological debates over the meanings of function words, and relate the concept of stoplist to indexable matter.

1:15 PM, Pacific / 4:15 PM, Eastern
15-minute BREAK

1:30 PM, Pacific / 4:30 PM, Eastern
Mapping Words: A Writer on the Mysterious World of Indexing. June Sawyers

What does it mean to be a writer and an indexer? Indexers who are also writers or writers who are also indexers are rare breeds. The patron saint of this rarest of breeds is inarguably Virginia Woolf, even though no one would identify her as such. This talk will discuss not only Woolf but also other examples of indexer-writers from the perspective of one who combines both professions herself. She will also describe what traits writers and indexers need to have in order to be successful while briefly discussing the history of this most humble and invisible of professions.

2:30 PM, Pacific / 5:30 PM, Eastern
15-minute BREAK

2:45 PM, Pacific / 5:45 PM, Eastern
Bonus Session 1: MACREX & Index Manager (Breakout Rooms). Do Mi Stauber and Pilar Wyman, Moderators

3:15 PM, Pacific / 6:15 PM, Eastern
Grab your favorite libation and come chat with your fellow indexers. Make a new friend. Celebrate the wonder of indexing by sharing a fun story about a recent project. Come relax and chat!

Saturday, April 29

9:00 AM, Pacific / 12:00 PM, Eastern
Bonus Session 2: CINDEX & SKY (Breakout Rooms). Maria Sullivan and Kamm Schreiner

9:30 AM, Pacific / 12:30 PM, Eastern
Coffee and Networking

10:00 AM, Pacific / 1:00 PM, Eastern
Changing Industries From the Inside: Learning from the HarperCollins strike. Olga Brudastova, President of Local 2110

Since the beginning of the pandemic, the labor movement has seen an increased interest in union organizing across different industries and sectors. The most recent news story comes from the Financial District of Manhattan, where over 200 employees of HarperCollins Publishers, represented by Local 2110 UAW, went on strike for more than three months to win a fair contract. What was the impact on the industry? What do we see now and what can we expect to see in the near future?

11:00 AM, Pacific / 2:00 PM, Eastern
15-minute BREAK

11:15 AM, Pacific / 2:15 PM, Eastern
Live Indexing Demo. Shannon Li

Peek through the lens of a scholarly indexer! In this session, Shannon will index several pages from a scholarly work. Get a glimpse of her thought process when indexing scholarly books as the index develops!

12:15 PM, Pacific / 3:15 PM, Eastern
30-minute BREAK

12:45 AM, Pacific / 3:45 PM, Eastern
New A.I. Tools and Indexing: Do We Welcome Our New Robot Overlords?. John Magee

Chat GPT, Dall-E, and a host of other new artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) tools have been introduced to the public recently. What are they? What can they do? And just as importantly, what can’t they do? Cengage Gale’s Director of Metadata Services John Magee looks at some of the new generation of information tools that have been in the news lately to see how they might affect the world of indexing and metadata. Are they our new friends or harbingers of doom?

1:45 PM, Pacific / 4:45 PM, Eastern
15-minute BREAK

2:00 PM, Pacific / 5:00 PM, Eastern
E-book Indexes: More Than Meets the Eye. Mary Coe

Readers expect more from e-book indexes than just hyperlinked locators. In this session, Mary will take you into the mind’s eye of the reader as she explains her research on how people find information in e-books. She will share her recommendations for making e-book indexes better and suggest ways that you can advocate for the inclusion of indexes in e-books.

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