The Future of Publishing, Keynote at 2016 Conference

The Future of Publishing

Dominique Raccah, CEO and Founder of Sourcebooks

Saturday, June 18

9am to 10am: Keynote Presentation

DominqueRaccah1Dominique Raccah has a unique perspective on the publishing industry. Before starting Sourcebooks in 1987, she worked as a quantitative researcher at advertising agency Leo Burnett. Ms. Raccah and Sourcebooks embraced the digital revolution and have produced some extraordinary works, such as The Shakesperience, an interactive product which includes audio and video to enhance the understanding of Shakespeare's plays. Believing that the interface between readers and content is what publishers need to focus on - a position that is particularly close to the indexer's heart - Ms. Raccah will speak to us about the current transformation of media and where publishing is situated within that changing world.

Dominique Raccah is the entrepreneurial CEO of Sourcebooks which she founded in 1987. Today, Sourcebooks is one of the largest independent book publishers in the U.S. and is home to dozens of bestselling authors. Growing through small and large innovations, Sourcebooks has repeatedly created new ways for readers to interact with books, from Poetry Speaks (called the “definitive anthology” of poets reading their own work) to Put Me In The Story, the successful app and website that allows you to personalize bestselling books. Today, Dominique is fascinated by the digital transformation of the book and wonders what more the future might hold for books and readers.

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