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Brittany Vesterback


Javelin Editorial Services
Surrey, British Columbia Canada

Brittany Vesterback

Brittany Vesterback

I am a back-of-book and embedded indexer with experience indexing popular science, history, cookbooks and crafting/how-to books. My formal education is in literature and publishing, with brief forays into history, theatre, and political science. I’ve worn a few hats in the publishing sphere, including editing, design, and marketing. I studied indexing at Simon Fraser University and then participated in the Mary Newberry Mentorship Program to further develop my skills. My rates are competitive with industry standards and are calculated based on the length, density, and complexity of the text. I’m familiar and comfortable with publishing industry deadlines, and am deeply committed to the quality of my work.

I want to always be learning. I worked at an independent newspaper for a few years and for over a decade as a bookseller. The newspaper taught me the importance of investigating details and about the different lenses that can be applied to viewing or presenting any type of information. Selling books gave me access to information on any topic I might feel curious about and practical experience talking to readers about exactly the kinds of things they were looking for.

Curiosity has led me to develop a number of other skills. I’m a fairly adept cook, seamstress, knitter, and gardener. Less adept but still serviceable at carpentry and painting. I’ve camped in a fair swath of the Pacific Northwest and know enough edible plants to get by. I’m trying to become conversant in Suomi, in preparation for a family trip to Finland to visit the towns my grandparents grew up in. I run a weekly games night with friends.

Software expertise and production skills:
Acrobat suite
Index Manager
MS Word

Subject Specialties:
Art and Art History
Arts and Crafts
Culinary arts
DIY (do-it-yourself)
Folklore and fairy tales
Gardening and horticulture
Linguistics and language studies
Literary criticism
Military and naval sciences
Politics and political science
Wellness and self-help

Type of Materials Specialties:
Scholarly books
Textbooks and study guides
Trade books

Updated: November 4, 2023