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Wild Clover Book Services
PO Box 13883
Tucson, Arizona 85732 USA

Amron Gravett

Amron Gravett

Full-time freelance indexer for Wild Clover Book Services (2011- present)

I fulfill spec, communicate clearly, and maintain a high level of professionalism with every client.

* Back of the book indexing: reference, scholarly, and trade
* Embedded and Ebook indexing: ePub, InDesign, Word
* Serials indexing: cumulative, name, and subject indexes

As a part of my indexing services, I provide:
1. Indexes that follow all specifications and delivered on time, every time
2. Clear communication throughout the project
3. A list of errors found in manuscript while indexing (per CMS 16.125)
4. Up to an hour of editing after the final index has been reviewed

My indexes are accurate, provide quick and comprehensive access to information, and reflect the aboutness of the text.

I abide by a code of professional ethics which includes adherence to copyright, privacy rights, and fair and honest business practices. Agreement specifications including deadlines are upheld.

I understand the pre-publication processes and am always flexible when unplanned circumstances arise.

I have indexed publications that included terms and concepts in the following languages:
Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, English, French, German, Greek, Hawaiian, Icelandic, Japanese, Korean, Pali, Persian, Spanish, Syriac, Turkish, Urdu, Vietnamese

* 2015 : Embedded Indexing and Indexing of Ebooks (UC Berkeley)
* 2014 : Taxonomy and Controlled Vocabularies, Periodical and Database Indexing (Simmons Graduate School)
* 2011 : Indexing Theory & Application (UC Berkeley)
* 2007 : Masters in Library Science (Texas Woman’s University)

The Alliance of Independent Authors
American Occupational Therapy Association
Anthem Press
Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training
Beacon Press
Belknap Press
Bender Richardson White
Brill Press
Brown Books
Buffalo Bill Center of the West
Cambridge Scholars
Cambridge University Press
Center for Civic Education
Columbia University Press
Cornell University Press
C & T Publishing
Dancing Chiva Literary Arts
Duke University Press
General Commission on Archives and History
Grand Junction Media
Harvard University Asia Center
Harvard University Press
High Plains Press
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Indiana University Press
Integra Software Services
Johns Hopkins University Press
Lexington Books
Macao Cultural Affairs Bureau
Martha’s Vineyard Museum
MIT Press
Morgan James Publishing
MorningStar Music Publishing
National Geographic Kids
New Academia Publishing
Northwestern University Press
Ohio University Press
Oxford University Press
Palgrave Macmillan
Pear Press
Perseverance Publishing
Potomac Books
Prentice Hall
Quarto Publishing Group
Rio Nuevo Publishers
Rock Point Press
Rowman & Littlefield Publishing Group
Rutgers University Press
Santa Barbara Conservancy
Southern Illinois University Press
Stanford University Press
SUNY Press
University of Arizona Press
University of California Press
University of Chicago Press
University of Hawaii Press
University of Michigan Press
University of Minnesota Press
University of Nebraska Press
University of North Carolina Press
University of Oklahoma Press
University of South Carolina Press
University of Washington Press
Walter Foster Publishing
Westchester Publishing Services
Yale University Press
As well as individual author clients

Recent Client Testimonials:

“Your work is superb.”
W. Nathaniel Howell, US Ambassador to Kuwait (1987–91) and Author, Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training

“As a retired writer-editor in the publishing office of the Library of Congress who has worked with several different indexers for a wide variety of books, I was most impressed by Ms. Gravett’s professionalism, efficiency, and wide cultural and historical knowledge. I could not have been happier with the index and it is already proving to be a prime asset to mining and understanding a complex narrative.”
Sara Day, Author, New Academia Publishing

“Amron tackled an unusual project for me: indexing an online course. She did an excellent job, delivering what she promised with accuracy, good humor, and expert ability. She was on time and she stuck to her estimate. She’s now first on my list for top-quality indexing.“
Mark Gage, Director of Publishing and Digital Content, Center for Civic Education

“A BIG thank you for the beautiful index! I was so worried about having to do that myself; I knew I wouldn’t do it justice. It is so thorough and detailed. Really, thank you!”
Heather Gregg, Author, University of Nebraska Press

“Thank you very much for a thoughtful and careful index. It must be very difficult to do that to someone else’s text. I am really impressed.” Rani-Henrik Andersson, Author, University of Oklahoma Press

“A pleasure working with you, and the result is a detailed, considered, professional index that really makes the book useful in so many more ways.”
Denis Crowdy, Author, University of Hawaii Press

“You are such a professional Amron. I am really happy I had the pleasure to work with you.”
Cesar Guillen Nuñez, Researcher, Macau Ricci Institute

“I’m so glad we decided to include an index. It makes the book 10 times as useful! Thank you for your thorough work.”
Nancy Rutman, Author and Editor, Perseverance Publishing

“I join the others in congratulating the indexer on a superb job on a difficult ms.”
Editor, Harvard University Press

“I was impressed by the quality of your indexing and would not hesitate to recommend you to friends and colleagues.”
Ayako Kano, Author, University of Hawaii Press

“You did an incredible job–and in a short period of time. It was a great pleasure to work with you. It was so easy to communicate with you, and the work you did was highly professional.”
Kristen Schade, Production Editor, MorningStar Music Publishing

“You’ve created an impressive index.” and “You’ve done an amazing job on an extremely challenging book!”
Margery Thompson, Editor, Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training

“I must say that I think it an excellent [index] you sent me.”
David J. Fitzpatrick, Author, University of Oklahoma Press

“I am very pleased with the thoroughness of the subjects and how you handled ship names, for example. Your fact-checking was an unexpected gift.”
Mark Rauzon, Author, University of Hawaii Press

“The listings for the China and Japan chapters seem to me to be comprehensive and thorough. Please thank the indexer for his/her care in spelling!”
Editor, Harvard University Press

“Thank you so much, this looks amazing! I’m very impressed with your work. I think you did a great job of capturing the conceptual ideas as well as key terms. I also appreciate you taking the time to flag the errors you came across.”
Holly Karibo, Author, University of North Carolina Press

“I met with our graphic designer this morning and she, too, was impressed with your index! Your work is just “as advertised” on your website, which is well-presented and interesting. The information you offer on-line dispelled any butterflies about collaborating from a distance. That, and your quick and detailed email responses.”
Debra McIntosh, Archivist and Project Coordinator, Millsaps College

“Amron is highly reliable and an expert at her craft. When I send her a book to be indexed, I know it will be done well and in a timely manner. She provides excellent service and follow-up. We have been more than pleased with her work.”
Stephanie Meissner, Senior Editor/Project Manager, Walter Foster Publishing

“Amron is a professional and creative indexer, who pays very close attention to detail. She is punctual, has wonderful communication skills, and is a joy to work with. Amron knows indexing inside and out and we couldn’t be more happy with her work!”
Tiffany Gibson, Managing Editor, Morgan James Publishing

“[It was] easy peasy to work with you.”
Nancy Curtis, Publisher, High Plains Press

“I want to thank you for taking such good care of my book. Your index is fabulous!”
Maya Ajmera, Author, Palgrave Macmillan

“Thanks so much for your excellent work on this title. This has been a tricky one, and we’re really pleased with your contribution.”
Edward Wade, Production Editor, Westchester Publishing Services

“Thank you for the quick turnaround and thorough job on the index.”
Debbie Masi, Production Supervisor, Westchester Publishing Services

“I was delighted with the index Amron Gravett prepared for my latest book. She is very professional and highly knowledgeable about indexes. I will gladly work with her again.”
C. M. Mayo, Author, Dancing Chiva Literary Arts

“Amron is a creative indexer and formed a key part of our team producing a prestigious children’s information book for an important client.”
Lionel Bender, Editor, Bender Richardson White

“I dreamed last night that your index was a Frank Lloyd Wright structure and all the rooms were headings with the cross-references as connecting doors.”
Catherine Stewart, Author, University of North Carolina Press

“Wow – what a work of art!”
Lou Latsha, Editor, Lycoming County Genealogical Society

“The index really looks super, and the indexer’s answers to our queries were excellent and educational.”
Douglas Goldstein, Author, Morgan James Publishing

American Society for Indexing Member since 2012

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