Hines Award Rules

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(as accepted by ASI Board)

    1. Purpose of the Award
      The purpose of this award is to recognize an individual who has shown continuous, dedicated, and exceptional service to the membership of ASI.


    1. Nature of the Award
      2.1. The award shall be given on an occasional basis.
      2.2. The award shall consist of a suitable plaque to be presented to the recipient by the Hines Award Committee at the ASI national meeting, and lifetime membership (without paying membership dues) in ASI.


    1. Eligibility
      3.1. Candidates shall be or shall have been an ASI member.
      3.2. Prior Hines Award winners and members of the Hines Award Committee in the year that the award is given are not eligible.
      3.3. Multiple awards in a single year are not possible.


    1. Administration
      4.1. The Hines Award is sponsored by the Society-at-Large and is administered by the Hines Award Committee.


    1. Nominations
      5.1. The Committee shall solicit and receive nominations from any member of the Society or jointly by any chapter, special interest group, or any other official unit of the Society. Hines Committee members, during their term on the committee, are not eligible to nominate candidates. The announcement seeking nominations shall be sent to all ASI members electronically and shall appear in the ASI bulletin, Key Words. The announcement will also be made on ASI-L, and at the Committee's discretion on other websites and listservs to which indexers may subscribe.
      5.2 Nominations shall be accepted electronically as PDF and/or Word-accessible files. Paper submission by U.S. mail or delivery service are also accepted. The cutoff date for the Committee's receipt of nominations shall be determined by the Committee, but will allow for at least 2 months from the time of the announcement to the final date. The date of the Committee's decision will also be at least 6 weeks prior to the event at which the award will be handed out.
      5.3 Self-nominations are not accepted.
      5.4 Each nomination shall be accompanied by documented evidence of service, which includes at least the following (see Addendum A for list of suggested activities):

        1. 5.4.a A letter of nomination with supporting reasons for the choice of the candidate; and
        1. 5.4.b Supporting letters that demonstrate one or more of the following:
        1. 5.4.b.1 Exceptional service as an officer, board member, or committee chair of ASI who has served more than one term, or who has served in more than one office;
        1. 5.4.b.2 Exceptional service on ASI committees for multiple or continuous terms; or
        5.4.b.3 Exceptional service, scholarship, or other activity through ASI or in cooperation with ASI for the advancement and improvement of the indexing profession.


    1. Hines Award Committee
      6.1. The Committee shall consist of three members, appointed by the ASI President with the concurrence of the ASI Board. One Committee member will be designated the chair. Appointees to the Hines Committee must be ASI members in good standing and have demonstrable qualifications of service to the organization at the national or chapter level. It is recommended that, whenever possible, Committee members be previous recipients of the Hines Award.
      6.2. Committee members will serve a three-year term with one member rotating off the Committee each year and a new member being added. This procedure will provide for continuity.


    1. Selection of the Honoree
      7.1. After nominations for the Hines Award are closed for the year, the Hines Award Committee acts as jury to consider nominees and potentially choose an honoree. Each member of the jury shall review and evaluate the complete file of all the nominees received. After all reviews are complete, a vote is taken on each nominee as to whether the amount and type of information in the nomination file meets the minimum criteria for supporting documentation (outlined in Section 5.3 above) for a Hines award. This vote may be taken asynchronously via email or other electronic process. After further discussion of the remaining eligible nominees, members of the committee move to the vote for the potential honoree. A unanimous vote is required for the award to be given. If no agreement can be reached, the award will not be given in that year.
      7.2. The Committee Chair shall notify the ASI President that a decision has been made at least six weeks before the start date of the national meeting or event at which the award will be presented.
      7.3. The Committee Chair shall provide a 50–250 word abstract, stating why the award was given. The abstract will be used to publicize the award. Materials for this abstract can be taken from the supporting materials accompanying the nomination as well as from the voting rationales provided by the members of the jury.
      7.4. The Committee Chair shall submit the nomination packets and the results of committee deliberations to the ASI President and Executive Director after selection of the honoree has been completed.


    1. Presentation of the Award
      8.1. The award shall be announced and presented to the honoree by the Chair of the Hines Award Committee at the National Meeting of the Society.
      8.1.1. Travel, lodging and registration fee to attend the National Meeting where the award is given are the responsibility of the honoree.
      The winner of the Hines Award will be announced prior to the event at which the presentation will be made as part of the publicity for that event.


    1. Publicity
      9.1. The award shall be publicized through the Key Words: Bulletin of the American Society for Indexing and in the newsletters of the chapters or newsletters of any organization(s) with which the winner is affiliated. In addition, press releases may be sent to the winner's employer, local newspapers, and other people/agencies suggested by the winner. Publicity is the responsibility of ASI.


ADDENDUM: Examples of exceptional service, scholarship, or other activity through ASI or in cooperation with ASI for the advancement and improvement of the indexing profession could include:

    1. National service
      a. Offices held at the national level
      b. Committee service at the national level
      c. Significant contributions at the national level


    1. Chapter service
      a. Offices held at the chapter level
      b. Committee service at the chapter level
      c. Significant contributions at the chapter level


    1. Mentoring new indexers
      a. Peer reviews
      b. Educational offerings


    1. Educational offerings, workshops, etc.
      a. Conference workshops
      b. External offerings
      c. Indexing topics
      d. Business topics


    1. Published works
      a. Key Words
      b. Indexing journals of other international indexing societies (e.g., Society of Indexers)
      c. Books
      d. Web site materials
      e. Training materials


    1. Significant accomplishments
      a. Creating indexing software
      b. Founding a chapter
      c. Co-founding ASI Web site


    1. Length of service
      a. In official positions
      b. As ASI member


    1. Offices and committee positions held
      a. Wilson Award Committee/judge
      b. Strategic Planning Committee
      c. ASI Training Committee
      d. Special committees appointed by ASI President


    1. Sharing knowledge
      a. Volunteering to mentor newcomers
      b. Participating in online discussions
      c. Offering technical help with indexing software problems


    1. Other awards


This is not an exhaustive list.