Key Words Index 2000 – 2006 (Vol. 8 – 14) Locator format: vol. #: page #

This index was prepared and edited by Pilar Wyman, Editor, Key Words.


  • (conf rpt)—report of a professional meeting
  • (letter)—letter to the editor
  • (rvw)—review of a publication or product
  • (rvwr)—person listed as main entry reviewed the publication or product

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"Index Translationum," 14:137

Unfortunately, Cybill Wants to Tell All (Borrelli), 8:149

"University Challenge -- The Professionals" (Lennie), 12:31

University of Alberta

School of Library and Information Studies, 13:26

The University of British Columbia, Public Knowledge Project (rvw), 10:164–165

University of Illinois

Graduate School of Library and Information Science, 13:25

University of Kentucky

School of Library & Information Science, 13:25

University of North Carolina

School of Information and Library Science, 13:24

University of Texas Health Science Center (UNTHSC)

"Beyond MEDLINE" (rvw), 8:148

University of Washington

Information School, 13:24–25

University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

School of Information Studies, 13:26

Urquhart, Jody

"The Joy of Work ... for Information Professionals" (conf rpt), 11:91


"Introduction to Information Architecture and Usability" (Leise) (conf rpt), 14:91

"Usability of Web Indexes at an Academic Institution" (Kingsley) (conf rpt), 14:92–93

usability testing

"Index Usability Test Questions" (Lathrop), 8:203

"Indexes vs. Full-Text Search: A Usability Case Study" (Evans) (conf rpt), 11:88

"Library Terms That Users Understand," "Library Terms Evaluated in Usability

Tests and Other Studies," "Terms Found on Usability-Tested Library Home

Pages" (Kupersmith) (rvw), 11:125–126

"Usability Study of Web Indexes at an Academic Institution" (Kingsley) (conf rpt), 13:96–97

"Usability Testing at Macmillan USA" (Ryan and Henselmeier), 8:189, 199–202

"Usability Testing for Indexes" (Wyman), 8:192–193

"USDA Indexing Courses: A Panel Discussion" (Kells, Pope, Schroeder, and Wyman)

(conf rpt), 11:89

"Use of NLM's New MeSH Browser and other NLM Databases as Medical Indexing Tools

for Non-MEDLINE Indexers" (Ochej) (conf rpt), 9:121

"User-oriented Indexing: Accommodating Beyond-topical Aspects of

Documents" (Kim), 12:20–25

"Using DEXter an Indexing Add-in for Microsoft Word" (Lyon) (conf rpt), 13:89

"Using Faceted Classification to Assist Indexing" (Leise), 9:178–179